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Thank you | Reviewer: Kathariya | 11/29/08

I would like to thank you MLTR for being my English teacher. I am Thai, who has Thai as Native language. The first English song that I could sing ever was "Sleeping Child". After that I tried to learn english more by trying to remember the lyric of "25 mins". I am now 26 years old, who is having american boyfriend. Thank you for inspiring me to learn English! (is it too weird to learn English from Danish band?) hehe

MLTR is the best | Reviewer: frant | 11/28/08

Hi, MLTR, especially Jascha Richter.
I am Frant, 16 years old. I am very love all your song, for me, there's no nicer song than your songs. I like your voice, jascha. It's so sweet.
May you create a new album soon.
And good luck.

Burmeses Favourite you | Reviewer: kyaw myo oo | 10/16/08

Hello dear MLTR
Your songs were so move to me.Do you know you are my benefactor.Now i have been learning E as i can't help understanding your all songs to our mother language.As well,so many my friend,Bermease, felt in that way.Your words of useing in songs are fixed in our Asia Culture.I've seen you in Thailand one of your MTV sine I was 9 years old.At those day,i really don't know English at all ,but i was amused by listening upon your songs.Now i thank to God as he sent you as a music messanger of English song for many burmar music fun.One day if i have a chance , i would like to meet you face to face to tell you how i like singer in my life your are.

May you be happy and healthy.
May continue releasing your alblums which so move for us.

All songs from Mltr | Reviewer: Sufranto | 3/4/08

Hi,MLTR.Do you know,you are my favourite artist.I have heard 59 songs from all of your songs.I very like all song that I have heard.It's really touch my heart.And i always hear your song everyday.I hope you will make a new album again.because,i'm very very like your're the best group band from all group band in the earth.and now,i try to make my searching last.i want to collect all of your songs.thanks for all songs you have released for me.

admire you so | Reviewer: lac | 1/11/08

do you know before I did not know about u but when I heard one of the famous song of u ,it is sleepping child .I like very much .since I have heard many good songs of you ,now Iam trying to learn E ,I want to hear songs enough

touch my heart and soul really | Reviewer: sara | 9/30/07

i just wanna tell you that you're really an artist that touch my heart with your wonderful songs and all the words can't give me the true mening of my hapiness when i listen to your songs really continu you' re the best MLTR

U r the best | Reviewer: navneet | 8/11/07

yesss!!! Michael U r the best.the lyrics awesome.
You really rock!
God Bless.waiting for more to come from ur side man.

Life.......... | Reviewer: Raghu Gupta | 7/21/07

One day I got to listen MLTR song some one of my frndzz car...until then I doesnot knw who was MLTR..After listening the songs...I felt that this song is someway related to my life or an incident....

After that I collected 30 lyrics and songs of MLTR from my friends and every song is so amazing..that atleast song of MLTR will be a real incident in anyone's life...

Also let me tell you all...MLTR lyrics are the best lyrics on this earth..

something in my soul... | Reviewer: Hanh Hoang | 6/21/07

have a nice day, my band, my music...
when I feel the sky's so grey, the wind's so cold, the sun not shine and my heart's lonesome... your songs, your music always make the sky have rainbow, the wind comes warmer, the sun still shine and my heart find back the happiness... Thankyou.

The Actor | Reviewer: val ubiadas | 5/29/07

Hi! I'm val i'm 38 yrs old and single. One thing I like about MLTR is their chemistry . They seem to found a way to jell with each others views and thoughts to create top ten songs which I myself can attest. Songs like The Actor, Paint My Love, Breaking My Heart, Nothing To Loose, and so many proud hits of MLTR. So here goes, CONGRATULATIONS TO MLTR AND MORE HIT SONGS IN THE NEAR FUTURE!!!

Blue night | Reviewer: Petelo Soakai | 5/17/07

Hi MLTR,Your music inspired me all through the years.I keep playing your songs cause its touches me deep inside.Its also express whats curl inside me.

fra fra rieux | Reviewer: ly na le | 5/4/07

hi MLTR,
I'm a brand new MLTR fan.The first time Ilistened to your music was in Sept ,2006 and I liked it so much.Now I always listen to your songs ,Iknow thatI can't live without your voice.Thank you for stepping to my life.
Hope you have a successful and happy life.
Thank you!

nothing to lose | Reviewer: maxwell matinyadze | 4/12/06

hie MLTR

lm a great fun of your music lm Zimbabwe, l was reading your biography and you indicated that you want to break through the Europian market why not the African market cause l've listened to almost all of your albums and they all have helped socially and morally escially with special mention to my marriage.

may continue releasing soul touching rock music

be blessed

maxwell matinyadze

You really Rock | Reviewer: Olyvin Dmello | 12/25/05

You are my favorite Artist. I always listen to your music and they have a deep meaning in them. The song that you sing like 'The Actor', 'That's Why' really touches my heart.

You really rock.


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