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Performed by Michael Jackson

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Alwayz live on,,,,, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/14

I realy luv michael jackson i mean evrythn abt him,he wz jst lyk a loss that i cnt replace ,2 me he wz jst lyk brthr,ma mentor,a heanv haz nw gained a new angel,tym will nver change,the thngz that he shared wth us aftr all wer meant 2 be luv,wil u bring us back 2 u if only u cud see,ur momery will alwyz lives on,i luv M,J

M.j my hero | Reviewer: kennedy maria julius | 11/8/13

in greek myth they say midas was d only king who could turn anytin into gold with his touch but i guess he wasn't not the only one with such gift/talent cos you've got it all michael.your words/lyrics ought to be cast in eternal bronze and placed on every standing wall,every mountain top and in the skyline for all to see.the hearts that u've touched are the proof that u lived,that u made a difference that this world would were here,u lived and u loved.u will forever be bristling on a thousand pages of history and willl forever be in the memories of men.michael.jackson u'll 4eva be in my heart.

Legends of Kings | Reviewer: Ronaldo Fernandes | 4/27/13

M haapy,,,Becoz god gaves me as same as face too me,,I love him so much when i was 9 year old,,I love his songs each and everyone,,,like A to Z,,i love the ways he dance,,you are always in my heart til i die,,,michael.....

you'll live on | Reviewer: GYEKYIWAA | 12/1/12

wow m.j you're best without you life would be a boring you're forever in my heart and forever you'll live in me.dear Michael Jackson i wish you were still alive and watch you're children grow .I've been you're best fan and forever will be .R.I.P.FOREVER IN MY HEART

In memory of Michael Jackson | Reviewer: Karol XXXIII | 11/28/12

Mj missed the word. I'm really happy when I heard or sing the Michael Jackson's songs. So, it's wonderful but the world didn't understand that. Indeed, Michael Jackson was a most of famous musician. Even if, he is died, hi is for always in the mind of the word.



thanks for all beautiful comments... | Reviewer: nima | 1/2/12

i was just reading the comments here about michael jackson and tears came to my eyes...i'm so proud to be a michael jackson's fan when i see there are people all around the world who express their love and passion to him this powerfully.and yes,this is just for the pure love that michael shared with matter where we live,we are a big web made of love around the world.thank you all m.g fans.and thank you m.j.miss you every hour.

A great man... Author of emotions... M J | Reviewer: kingsmac | 6/21/11

though i've never come across with u b4, u still remain a mentor... Ur song (will u b there), is a bridge that links u to the greatness n power of emotion, sometimes i cant repel the thought of how emotional u felt b4 penning this song down. Michael, u will always b complimented by me. Rest in peace. Missing u .My guy.

L.O.V.E | Reviewer: çağla | 6/14/11

when i first listened i didn't understand anything.but i felt in my heart something powerful,when i watched it on the internet i cried no matter what. i was not alone but i didn't care others and just cried.cuz is is full of love and i know mike you sing this song to God.i hope you are now with your Friend ..i wish i could be with you two one from çağla...TURKEY

ultimate friendship song | Reviewer: Sam | 11/24/10

I've been listening to this song now for a while and I e-mailed my friend this song. He and I both love the song because it's about friendship and what it means. The perfect friendship song for a really good movie about friendship "Free Willy"

Michael Jackson lives on. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/10

He once said, the creator dies but his works live on. Michael was the most creative man I have ever seen. He was very emotional and sensitive but the world is not. MJ that's all and THIS IS IT. Rest in peace.

One of the Greatest & Powerful Songs of All Time | Reviewer: Priscilla Fumero | 6/30/10

This song touches my heart all the time. Michael I love you and I hope that the angels are taking care of you and protecting you everyday. My favorite part of this song is the ending when Michael Speaks. This part is extremely moving & powerful.

In Our Darkest Hour
In My Deepest Despair
Will You Still Care?
Will You Be There?
In My Trials
And My Tribulations
Through Our Doubts
And Frustrations
In My Violence
In My Turbulence
Through My Fear
And My Confessions
In My Anguish And My Pain
Through My Joy And My Sorrow
In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
I'll Never Let You Part
For You're Always In My Heart

you will live even if you are gonne | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/10

hey men i feel like i lost a loved one,Michael Jackson was brother to me i truly loved him with all my heart his music will always be my mentor he told that it is time i stop existing and start living. thanks men may your soul rest in peace

I miss him!!! | Reviewer: christina | 6/12/10

it has already been one year since the most talented person passed away. i miss him. i live this song and hopes that it will spred the word of loving our world and taking care of our childern i am only 12 yo and love him so much. i live you michael!!1

My life. My goodbyes. ♥ | Reviewer: EM! | 5/5/10

This song relates to so much in my life and listening to it makes me feel better because in a way I feel like i'm saying to those animals and poeple that I have lost and I feel like i'm asking them to be there for me and they are FOREVER in my heart and this song and also 'You are not alone' by MJ,
Michael was a truely admired man by me and many others, he was extreamly talented and I loved everythin' he did. Thank you MJ, rest in peace you beautiful man ♥

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