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Performed by Michael Jackson

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God bless you michael | Reviewer: rhoda shaibu | 5/11/09

i luv your songs and they make me cry especially the will you be there lyrics cos they touch the heart. even a heart as hard as stone will be touched by this song. when i look around me i see many things being done the wrong way and when i think of it all i feel like crying. michael jackson, i love you for your songs, for who you are and no matter what i will never judge or condemn you. i love you. God bless you and please michael don't stop preaching peace to the world.

a tear jerking song in a superwide vocal range | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/09

OMG! I guess this is MJ's song where he's lovely voice sung from lower notes (Hold me like the river Jordan..) to his breath taking highest notes (I'll feel blessed...)in his full vocal range (no falsetto). The back up choral vocals add power to the song. I found myself crying when I first heard the song, it makes me remind of my high school friends whom I dearly miss. It is until now, regular on my i-pod! MJ never proclaimed himself the King of Pop, but his indeed, and no doubt, the King of Pop. Not even Justin Timberlake, Usher, Chris Brown or Ne-yo can grab or inherit his throne. Watching MJ singing and dancing (like in his Dangerous Tour singing "Will You Be There")is just like you see God singing and dancing with angels. Long live Michael!

that is awesome | Reviewer: Samuel Arbuah | 1/15/09

What a maaaaaaaaaan!! people mistakenly judge you Micheal, please forgive them because they do not know what they are doing. People like your type are very few in this world. keep up the fire burning........ we will surely be ther for you, Peace to the world

Ilovemichaeljackson! | Reviewer: gangsta-girl | 9/6/08

This is defintily one of my favourite songs of all Michaels songs! Michael Jackson my favourite artist ever and my one and only idol! I love u Michael Joseph Jackson! You ROCK! I LOVE ALL OF YOUR SONGS! YOU*RE MY FAVOURITE SINGER, DANCER, PERFORMER, WRITER and so on! I pray for u, ur children, family, friends and the united children of the world every day Michael! You're making the world a better place for each and every one of us!

how I feel | Reviewer: ikeisha | 3/16/08

michael is a very loving person with a lot of pain,im happy he was able to express some of his feelings through his music,sometimes when I'm in pain and sorrow I cry when I hear this song,he is that good,thanks to the grace of God.i love you micheal no matter what you did or did not do in the past.

I LOVE YOU MICHAEL | Reviewer: Hamsa | 1/5/08

everybody should listen to this song so they'll understand what mike is, he is a body full of feelings no one has i love you michael you are the best and you will always be....i wish my ex boyfriends has 1% of your feelings!!

I'll Be There | Reviewer: DannielleMalczewski | 12/12/07

No matter how much crap people give Michael, i love him, he is one of the best singer's ever and this song is amazing and it's stupid that one thing can make people forget that. I'm not even part of that generation, my mom was and I like him more than she does. sad. LOVE YOU MICHAEL!

what can be better than this? | Reviewer: sara | 10/7/07

i always wonder that how can mike putforth his emotions soooo perfectly & effortlessly, that goes straight to anyone's heart? he writes so gracefully, simple like ABC. dats y he is different frm any other artist. he is always TRUE to himself. he is d real KOP. YOU ROCK MIKE....LOV U

sweet comes after sweat | Reviewer: ManuelAndrade | 8/23/07

DonĀ“t wt he has done but surely he is my best prefered single man till now"will you be there" is indeed a great music, MJ was a who marked my generation i can not deny that"MJ I LOVE YOU"

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