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Performed by Michael Jackson

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still loving u | Reviewer: najee | 8/20/09

Micheal jackson is one of the greatest song writters ever known and he will be missed deeply even though i never got to meet him i know that he would have been every thing i imagined he also one of the sexiest men on this world we that used to be on this world

p.s Have fun in heaven
hopefully it easier for
you to smile

You Will Always Be With Me | Reviewer: Janice | 8/11/09

Like so many others in my age group, I watched Michael Jackson grow up; he is a part of my life, of who i am, of who my children are &, by God's grace, will be a part of who my grandchildren are. They already love him, from the nine year old to the thirteen year old, & are perplexed at the way Michael was--& still is, in some circles--treated. I must say that i am here to set the record straight, for them at least. Thank you for the insight on these lyrics but i did not actually need anyone to tell me what they were about once i read them. My heart & soul still grieve for Michael Joseph Jackson & will for a very long time to come, i am afraid.

wow | Reviewer: pink222 | 8/9/09

i actually cried listening to this song you can tell michael had a truly king, gentle, and innocent soul. he was such a misunderstood human being everyone wanted to persecute him because he was different but if i ever had chance to meet michael i would tell him that i understand his pain

"Simply the greatest entertainer of all time" | Reviewer: lena | 8/6/09

THIS WAS THE KING FO POP. THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME. how come he was treated liket his? his records have BROKEN world records, thriller best selling album of all time and will be the first and only album to touch such success, love you mj, i wish life was easier for you, but at least youf inally in a happier place. miss you so much, been crying over you everyday. love you <3 RIP KING.

missing you michael | Reviewer: your fan | 8/7/09

Dear Michael I can not stop listening your music and watching your videos. I feel so sad in my heart you are gone, but then I know now you are finally happy where no one can hurt you where an amazing human being who just wanted to be happy and people didnt understand that you were just trying to be you.
You were so down to earth and so giving people took advantage of that. I dont understand how people can be so greety and cruel to destroy someones life for money. This world is never going to be the same without you. But we your fans will always keep you in our hearts.
God Bless you Michael R.I.P.
I love you

Simply Heartfelt | Reviewer: Renita | 7/31/09

I heard Stranger in Moscow for the first time on television when videos were being played in memory of Michael Jackson, and it stopped me in my tracks! Getting the name of he song from the DJ, I immediately located the song and video on Yahoo. The beautiful music with the immensely sad and lonely lyrics gave such a strong testament to Michael's perspective of his life. He is truly the King of Pop and will always be. I only wish that he could have had a much more joyful life So many people made up so many hurtful lies about him and other used him simply to make money. Such a talent- so sad his life. Such genus. RIP.

Cuando un ser humano se va... | Reviewer: cRISTIAn | 7/13/09

Todos hemos perdido a un ser querido alguna vez...Todos estamos de paso en este mundo, de eso debemos estar conscientes. Nunca se dara la coincidencia de ver la muerte y la vida desayunar juntas, pero si puedes dar lo mejor de ti mientras vives, dalo...

MJ! You did it, you were the biggest one and i am pretty sure you will. I danced because of you and i will came back too, because of you. You were, are and will be the inspiration of many guys in this world...

Now is the time for you to rest...thank you for everything you gave us...God bless you son!

"How Does It Feel..." | Reviewer: Beauty | 7/9/09

I just read up on this song and video on Wikipedia. The info shared on that site seems very accurate and bolstered by lots of references so I believe it. Please give it a read and then watch the video again (if you haven't seen the video, it is IMPERATIVE that you do) and try to contain yourself as you uncontrollably bawl your eyes out. Here's the link:

This song is so beautiful and hauntingly soulful yet reaches that part of your soul that has ever felt alone, isolated, lonely, outcast, rejected, longing and sad because for whatever reason you couldn't/didn't "fit in", find companionship or true friendship, or someone to truly "get" you. I'm sure on occasion most of us have felt this way. It's just so, so sad that Michael Jackson felt this way for the majority of his 50 years he blessed us with on this earth. I really, really, really hate to know that a man who gave so much of himself got so, so little in return. If anything at all. I couldn't help but feel after downloading this song from Amazon, reading about it on Wikipedia and watching the video that if he ran across me one night while taking one of his "friendship search" walks, I would have been his friend. I would have wanted nothing more in return than his friendship also. I wouldn't have grabbed some random kid and brushed them against him for a lawsuit, or asked for "favors", or otherwise exploited him. I just would have listened. And laughed. And exchanged heartfelt stories and perspectives and helped him experience what it was truly like to simply live and just BE. I miss MJ and my heart is truly hollow and heavy for his loss!!! Hopefully now he is getting the rest and peace he so desperately needed in his lifetime. May GOD rest his soul. What a friend he'll have in Jesus!

will be missing you :( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/09

I grew up to his music like most of you who posted your sentiments here. It's such a big loss to the music industry.

Rest in peace MJ. You're now in a place where no one can bother and make fun of you.

It will not end here.
Your legacy will live on.
I'll make sure my children and their children will know your name and achievements and that I've lived to see a legend.

Thank you for everything.

Grieving Inside | Reviewer: DNP | 7/9/09

Dear Michael,
Sadly now, we no longer have your physical presence here with us on earth. Your beautiful spirit and legacy will live on forever. We have been in so much pain inside after learning of your untimely passing. Words can't really explain how your true fans and people who knew and love you feel right now. Grieving is a process and it's going to take some time for us all. This song is so beautiful, yet it haunts me. I tear up and feel your pain every time I hear it. You were a musical genius, brilliant songwriter and a flawless performer. The world will never see the likes of your talent again. I'm glad I lived in this era to experience the pure genius that is, Michael Jackson. We love and miss you dearly! Rest in peace sweet, Michael.

You will never be alone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/09

Never before in history did the Life and death of a Person have such a deep Impact on People's minds and feelings.
Nobody can fill the gap you Left!
You were on of a kind.
I truly believe we will meet again.

RIP Michael. You can finally find peace now. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/09

I've always liked this song, but I've never really paid attention to the lyrics. It's literally a response to the false allegations made against him and how he felt it was such a quick fall from grace. It's heartbreaking. I don't understand how anyone can be dumb enough to believe all the negative things that have been said about him. This man was truly an angel that sick people tried to take advantage of and crucify.
Michael, know that your true fans love you, always loved you, and always will. Please rest in peace now. You have no more worries, and you will never have to hear another lie being told about you. People may have contributed to your fall from grace here on Earth, but now you have been restored to eternal grace in the highest place of Heaven where you belong.

DEVASTATED! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/09

Dear Michael. Its with so much pain and sadness that I write this. I grew up knowing you, loving you as a person and as a musician and entertainer. I don't even want to turn on the TV for fear I will hear more about your sad passing. For days I was in denial but I guess it finally hit me. You meant so much to the world but unfortunately there was the few that didn't understand you well enough to know your true worth. Everytime I hear this song I cry and cry and cry. I don't understand why you left us so soon but my only comfort comes from the fact that I believe you are in a better place. I hope you find all the peace you didn't get here on earth in Heaven. We bleed so much but in time we will heal. You will always be missed and you will remain in my heart forever. I never met you but here I am feeling like I lived with you.
I truly miss you and MAY YOU REST IN ETERNAL PEACE. AMEN. Now they cannot bother you anymore. Ciao King of Pop!!!!

The swansong of the master | Reviewer: Diogo | 7/5/09

Even though I'm not a good english speaker I would like to left here all I think and feel about this eternal genius...
Michael was the best one, there will never be another one like him. He had always been a great songwritter, as he has penned "heal the world", "will you be there", "the girl is mine", "billie jean" but in this incredible song he tops the mountain of his compositional skills and becomes one of the greatest songwritters in the history.
Simply the Beethoven of pop, who was very similar to Michael in several aspects: a suffering private life, and an incredible musical geniality as well.


The world knows now how you felt... | Reviewer: Natasha | 7/2/09

Dear Michael, you were an inspiration to me since my childhood, i was just 12 when this song was released but i've loved it always and even at that age i knew you were hurting.lonely is what i summed up.the world does not appreciate great legends until they are's sad though.we will always love you and never forget the way in which you changed the world.Rest in peace till we meet in Armageddon!

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