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Performed by Michael Jackson

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my immortal angel | Reviewer: branka | 10/28/11

Dearest Michael,,,
u live trough me, u r the sence of my existence,,,,
all i do in my life , i do it in your name,,, u were my strenght when i was weak,, u were my smile when i was happy,, u r the part of my soul and my life as long as i breathe,
i beleave in u, u r my guider for last 15 years of my life and will be till the end of it, my soul belongs to u Michael ,,, u r someone in the dark for me,, for all time,,
i love u with all i am,,, forever.

Michael, my someone in the dark.. | Reviewer: Annie | 9/19/10

Dear Michael,
Whenever I listen to this song, it helps me feel you. I love this song very much. Your sweet voice makes it an absolute master piece. Whereever you are, may God bless your immortal soul. I love you, I miss you and I'll look up in the dark for the rest of my life for you..

MJ MY IDOL FOREVER . <3 | Reviewer: Lauren's#1MJfan<3 | 6/28/10

This song is so beautiful . Michael Jackson helps me get through each & everyday . He is my someone in the dark , & he always & forever will be . God Bless you Michael Jackson , i love you forever & ever . <33

I love this | Reviewer: James W. | 12/24/09

At first I didn't really like it but after so many times of listening to this I grew to love it. Now it is one of my favorite songs. I love this he has a great voice and I just love the lyrics. I can really feel that Michael Jackson and E.T. go well together

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