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Performed by Michael Jackson

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mj the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/11

iam only 12 year and love mj so much .he is like my uncle and when i saw this video i feel so much impressed by him the way he danced .iam an indian girl and love him so much ,at last i only want to say him that rest in peace uncle!

Good Song. One thing, though.... | Reviewer: KS | 1/20/11

Isn't he saying 'dabbit' and 'walkin', not 'dammit' and 'fuckin'? It doesn't really fit him to be cussing in his lyrics. He always says something thats close to them, but I'm pretty sure he says "walkin on me", at least...

Other than that, definitely one of my favorite songs of his.

R.I.P,Michael | Reviewer: laxmi gurung | 6/29/10

I don't think this song is agressive rather i consider it as one of the best song of MJ.In fact,it is perfect reply to those who always tired to ruin MJ.I love Michael very much not as a artist only but as a pure and beautiful person.

help us stop the film | Reviewer: jockergirl | 5/23/10

please help to stop the mj hater film!!!!!!!!!!!!! too many lies,like mike is gay,or he was high of drugs,etc.please a lot of fans create pages,to stop it,and they are doing a fantastic google about how to stop the haters film 4 more info.thanks.Michael Joseph Jackson 4ever!!!!

Sessee... | Reviewer: Joe | 1/24/10

Good for you. I completely agree with everything you said. Stick up for what you believe in. I admire Michael too. I do, however, say that Americans believe the first thing they hear, and the accusations against Michael did cause stress on him. But the 9/11 things "Ixo" said in that comment were completely unnecessary.

Damn Austrailians. Keep your fucking didgeridoos in your own underdeveloped desert.

wtf | Reviewer: Sessee | 11/18/09

Excuse me, Ixo, but you are a stupid fuck. I am madly in love with Michael and have admired him ever since I was a little kid, and guess what? I'm an American.

Not all Americans think Australians "play didgeridoos, live in an underdeveloped desert and say Paul Hogan quotes in a dodgy accent". That's just the ignorant bunch. You're a hypocrite. You say all Americans are "selfish, dumb, dropout pig loving, flapjack munchers". Some Australians, like yourself, are ignorant. Every country has ignorant people. Quit acting like your shit doesn't stink.

Michael jackson ....... x | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/09

im 13 years old and in love with michael jackson, his voice and dance moves were/are AMAZING!!!!!!!
michael`s children i hope you are reading this because you are so lucky to have a dad as amazing as michael he is so loving and careing and anyone who hate`s michael jackson they just have not hurd his music or seen his moves

MJ is legendary. don't wreck that america | Reviewer: lxo | 10/21/09

This message of this song is an example of how americans treat people because they are selfish, dumb, dropout pig loving, flapjack munchers. You wonder why UK got the This is it tour. If it was in the Uf'nS, it would be the WACKO JACKO 'HIDE YOUR KIDS FROM PEDOPHILE MICHAEL ' TOUR. America deserved 9/11 more than any country. *Karma* struck them with 9/11. They think us Australians play didgeridoos, live in an underdeveloped desert and say Paul Hogan quotes in a dodgy accent.MELBOURNE IS PRONOUNCED "MEL-BURN" NOT "MEL-BORN" Michael was a great man who would never do such a thing as bleach his skin or rape a child. He took drugs because of you, america, you gave him 200 tons of stress because he is black and you thought he did that for that one reason. He was kind, innocent, a great dancer and singer. MJ was an example of the 1 in 1 000 000 good americans who was hated for that.

You Know... | Reviewer: Alice | 10/14/09

I've never really paid much attention to Michael. I know it sounds bad, but I'm a punk kind of girl, but I heard this song this year on the 2009 VMA's as Janet danced along, and I fell in love with it. Looking at the lyrics, I find it sad to know Michael's gone. It all clicked after I heard this song. "Stop Pressurin' Me// Just Stop Pressurin' Me// Make Me Wanna Scream" I Feel So Touched When I Hear This Song. Why? I'm Not Sure.

The first time I saw Scream | Reviewer: Piper | 8/17/09

You know, I remember (back in 2003) when I was about 12 or 13 and this song's video was on VH1 and they were talking about "bad" songs... hence this being one of them. I had previously heard that this was his worst song, saying that it had too much screaming, anger, too strange, and that they were just too aggressive. I heard what they were saying. But, I also saw the video. I liked the video and the song. Yes, it's intense. But being fully aware at the time of the Michael Jackson current/past scandals and of his popularity (since before I was born), I think that song had every reason to be intense. And it sounded good! I like rock, anime, and Michael Jackson... so... it had me at hello. Ultimately people had to choose. All I have to say is that same VH1 channel that was talking hot water, was praising him for at least a month.

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