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Performed by Michael Jackson

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Beautiful | Reviewer: Rocío | 7/20/13

This song is so beautiful. I'm dancing around the house at this! I like Paul at this, but Michael, my sweet heart, I lvoe him. He is the embodiment of perfection. Will always be. No one will touch him ever. He is the King and the most gifted entertainer of all times! I love you, Mike!

The Legend | Reviewer: thuly (South Africa) | 6/4/12

MJ. forever, The legend. I cant even rembr the 1st time I herd de sng and the man and was hooked foreva. Cause mst have bin in primary, Im de biggest fan I Loved Michael so much, can evn sing lik him bt cant danc tryd but just culd'nt.the bigest gift from frm gd.

Long live the king | Reviewer: mpho motsepe | 5/4/11

Well, well, well, I feel for this song first time I heard is which was on Trace while watching Legand. I was already into Paul Macartney's music bt when I sa Micheal in the video I knew it was going to be good. I'm a huge fan of Micheal's ad I'm glad that ppl are seeing what a kinfld loving ad careing person he was. We will all miss him bt let us remeber the joy he brought nt jst world wide bt to us as indivuals ad rmenber he ny be gonre bt he is here in spirit bt also in memory which is the one thibg that can nt be taken from us. I would like you guys to watch a video on youtube called Matrin Luthet King Jr ad Micheal Jackson truely a moving video for those wgo love Micheal. Thx ad God bless you all.

I love u Micheal jackson... U r in me. | Reviewer: Tashu | 2/27/11

Hye micheal u r alive, In all d hearts. I tashu just wants to say dat u r only one who wants to connect music to dis universe... U reach out dat palace. Where blood couldn't. U r only one who thought for dis world. And sung many songs 4 this planet.. U toches huminity to love...dis is ur's world micheal...and u r alive in alll d hearts.... Thnax micheal....i love u..... I love u micheal.....

MJ | Reviewer: Nadia | 11/2/09

El sábado fui a ver This Is It y simplemente no puedo creer que se haya perdido una estrella con mucho talento, como lo era Michael, que amaba lo que hacia y lo hacia con mucho A.M.O.R y dedicación, nunca dejaba pasar alguna pequeñez ya que el podia trasformarlo en algo grande, cuidaba cada detalle, ese era su don, ser perfeccionista y cuidadoso, detalles que solo pocas personas lograron notar, ya que la mayoria estaba tan interesada en escuchar lo que los ignorantes decian, por no ver su sacrificio y esfuerzo, destruyendo su vida poco a poco. El 25 de Junio del 2009, ''Jacko'' dijo BASTA, y esos ignorantes son los que ahora se dicen llamar FAN de el Rey del Pop, porque ahora les entro en la cabeza que el se preocupaba también por esos putos ignorantes, que vergüenza.
Ahora, si se lo extraña, no?. Yo si, y mucho... mucho. pero viendolo bien, él esta en un lugar donde no va a sufrir más, y podra cuidar de sus tesoros, que son Prince, Paris y Blaket.

Neva can say goodbye | Reviewer: Nashon mohabeer | 10/11/09

Michael Jackson is my bigest fan of all to tell you dha truth wen in dwn I listen too michael jackson music and I'm all good again .. I always wanted to perform with michael because I'm also a now comin up singer ..... My name is nashon jamil mohabeer and it realy hertz to hear wat happen to a man that I look up 2 the 1 that keeps me goin wen I wake up and michael yu'll always be my ensperation ... My 1 and only dream was to meet u and to show u wat I got ;( I think Im gonna cry rite now as I rite this....I I just wish u was her......and I'm also a dancer I think I can become the new m.j. The master of the moon walk......I just wonna say that even tho I Neva met u I just wonna say that I luv u and I always will........

My love for Michael Jackson | Reviewer: kirsty | 9/12/09

I love you Michael Jackson!People i may only be 13 but i know what im saying!!I love Michael with all my heart and that is why I look up at a star at night and I sing in my head to Michael.
Michael is a massive Idol to me and a sexy guy but he's not just all that.He's a dad to,he's a brother,a son and most of all King Of Pop!!!
Love you always Michael Joseph Jackson!! Love,Kirsty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtimes the galaxy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MJ the great one | Reviewer: Natu | 9/8/09

No one can replace u never in the life, but everybody has to remember that Michael is not dead he lives in our hearts & minds, that makes him to keep on living. His body is in a grave but his soul is alive and he will never, ever die for the entirely world

Thanks alot Michael | Reviewer: duane goodwin | 8/28/09

you michael jackson, have had a bigg impact on my life, like at times when iv felt at my lowest all i had to do is just listen to some of your lyrics and they realy did help, i as a person will always remember you as an artist, solong my mann, n we will meet again.

One of my favorite MJ songs! | Reviewer: g-race | 7/25/09

No music created in the past/present/future will ever come near Michael's musical genius. I still can't believe he's gone. I hope he's looking down now and seeing how everybody is finally appreciating him now.

I will miss him and love him forever...

MJ the MOST talented men who walked on earth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/09

MJ is maybe the best artist that our world are gonna see, its amazing the way he used to dance, i cant say that i luv him cuz i never got the chance to even met him, but im really gonna miss his music and videos, for MJ RIP and hopefully are dancing around heaven making wow uo there.

I'm so sorry... | Reviewer: Lonnette | 7/26/09

Michael...I know youre up in Heaven looking down upon us on earth... I feel horrible though because I never relized how big of an influence you have had on me until you were gone... when you were alive I never really took you seriously...and I would joke about your dilemmas... but now all I can think about is how I became one of millions who critized your every move instead of enjoying what you did best...
I truly do love you, Michael....and it's a terrible shame that I couldn't see how much you meant to me until it was too late... May you rest in peace
Forever yours, Lonnette

~~King of Hearts~~ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/09

Agreed with ur comments guys. Specially with Ayiana... But im sure even from heavens he's enjoyin his triumph on earth.

And hopefully God will receive him in His wings...

Peace Be Upon You Michael!!!

Michael | Reviewer: Pamela | 7/12/09

The world has lost a real king, but I'm sure you will be living in every heart, in every song. God bless you Michael. You were, you are ad you will be the most important pop singer of this planet.
I love you.

RIP Michael Jackson :) | Reviewer: Angel | 7/11/09

I absolutely love you Michael, forever and ever and forever and ever! I'm glad I got to live in the same generation with a true genius, I'm sorry you endured the quirks of that genius and I forever regret not seeing you live, may be in the next life. May Our Father hold you forever. Rest in Peace.

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