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Performed by Michael Jackson

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For ever | Reviewer: Lillie | 9/15/09

Michael Jackson is a truly inspirational human.... He changed this world not only the music industry but far more then he will ever know. I am doing a project on Michael and everyone was joking around that I could say about how he was portrayed by the media. But why thats not him he is the man who wrote this song while sitting in his giving tree. He is still touching people even while he's not on this world. And he will be doing that till the end of the world... Thank you so much Michael for healing the world... I am in debt to you.

Love you Michael Jackson | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/09

R.I.P Mj

When I lesson to this song is like I siging next to you cause this musin is of makin a better place and that's what we need a better place to live and I better place be. When I hard this song for the fist time I was like O-M-G this is a beutiful song and it dosent matter that you not with us here we still gonna love you Michael I mean the King of pop u are a King and allways well be the 1 and only King Of Pop


a wonderful song | Reviewer: kayla | 9/11/09

Hi Micheal I know this the beautiful song Heal the World is the best i ever heard and sing i am so that you are died know pest in peace micheal jackson:( we all miss you very much :)
we are you number 1# fans kayla blackwood and ashley chafe we love micheal jackson and we miss you from you number 1# fans kayla blACKWOOD:)$$$$$ AND ASHLEY CHAFE :)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

R.I.P MICHAEL JACKSON | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/09

heal the world is my favorite song what michael jackson done right next to we are the world . words can not discribe the way i feel about his death if im just a fan i dread to think bout what his family and friends feel michael will live on forever in all our hearts but mostly mine and i will let my children listen to him and also tell them about all the thing`s he did for us as fans R.I.P Michael Jackson i love you for always and forever REST IN PEACE

i can neva stop lovin dis song | Reviewer: sammy | 9/2/09

Good things coms and at times vanised unprepared for.Mikooooo,i can neva stop lovin u.u can neva b deleted from my heart.i hav to go cos ur memory makes me cry.stay kool,u healed the world to ur best.

Problem | Reviewer: Anonymous 2 | 8/14/09

All people that non-Muslim go to hell that we Muslim believe but I really like this song I don't care what the religion of Michael Jackson. MJ is the person that love peace that make me proud of him. MJ I hope you still alive.... ISK

for you.... | Reviewer: esther leong | 7/30/09

Micheal i have a lot of things that i would like to say.... first of all that i'm actually not your biggest fan... but now i thing i am and my friends are... they keep asking me to write your songs... cool! And you wrote this song is about saving the earth... the children everything. woh! u are a very caring person MJ... you totally rock.... just want to cry... bless u...

u have healed me... | Reviewer: tejeswini | 7/20/09

if tears could build a stair way n memories were a lane i would walk straight upto the heaven to bring u home heart still aches in saddness n secret tears still flows in me... what it meant to lose u??? no one would ever know.
hope u r definitely in a better place.. love u lots michael

Hi micheal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/09

Hi Micheal
I believe souls like you never die and are born once in million years. Where ever you are, today, in which ever part of the entire galaxy, called the UNIVERSE, you will continue to rule the hearts of millions and the coming generation.
Your songs will continue to pay homage to you every time they are played.
Neha arora

Heal the World | Reviewer: Kee-kee | 7/16/09

OMG! Heal the world is a very touching song. It made me think about all the wars in Iraq and it also remind me when we had segregation back in the day. I considered this song a christian song because only god can heal the world. I just hope that we can comprimise and not fight or have a debate about everything that would or have happen in the world. The sad thing is that we sometimes take things for granted because people that died in the war fought for us so we can have freedom, we don't read books , newspaper, magazines, and etc. like we should we sometimes ripped pages out of books the people that fought for us would cry if they would have saw some of the things we have took for granted. I just hope that we all can make the world a better place by not taking things for granted. Listening to this song almost made me cry. I hope Michael Jackson is in better place. R.I.P (We love you)

Heal the World | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/09

I dont know about his idea to create this song especially. But when i played this song, i heard the best lyric to make a better world.
there's no the best word to discribe this song for me.
I hope, this song always Bring good effect for us to make love and care witht other people.

I know this the beautiful song and i'm sure a lot of people like his music.
Now, The King of Pop has gone.
may He rest in the peace of our God and the Angels.
I love you, Michael Jackson

The great song | Reviewer: susiDanistha | 7/15/09

some of my friends was talking about this song when i came to school n met them. I didn't know who the singer of this song is before n i never heard this song. But, after my friend let me listen to this song, i like that. And finally i know he is michael jackson. The King of Pop in the world. i proud of you MJ! Rest in peace, jacko! :(

R.I.P MJ | Reviewer: Daniel DJ | 7/12/09

one of the best songs that i can't never and ever get sick of is Heal the world. When ever i listen to this song i always think of MJ and once i again i listen to his music i feel like hes still live. Rest in Peace Bro

nesha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/09

i love his performance at the super bowl with all the only regret is that it was only after his death i really learned to appreciate his makes me really sad to know that he is gone but his music will forever live on in the hearts of all his fans...

OJ | Reviewer: ojjohnson | 7/9/09

Frankly speaking, this song so muc touched my mind when ever i listen to it, micheal is an icon and i love him so much though great pple die and no one understands or even cares, but when they die no calamity can hurt them, those who live good lives find peace and rest in death, death is stronger than us and is no respecter of human beings, oh death were you human a dialogue with you would have been neccessary. I love you micheal and i missed you too, rest in peace.

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