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Performed by Michael Jackson

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Gone Too Soon/Michael Jackson | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/09

Thank God for computers, I have been driving everyone crazy trying to find who sang Gone Too Soon at Caylee Anthony's memorial. This was such a haunting melody and lyrics I was near tears. A wonderful choice for this beautiful little child. I am on my way to buy M.J's Dangerous album and hope against hope I have found it.

sweet song of farewell to heaven | Reviewer: Ched | 1/29/09

I want someone to sing this song someday on my funeral. I believe when Michael is gone, many artist will sing this song for him (i wish not now) for being an inspiration to the world! He's a heaven sent! I believe someday, the haters and the media will realize how they treat Michael so cruel and how they prejudged him, misinterpreting him to public in wacky and dehumanizing way! Long live Michael!

Greatest Music | Reviewer: Phuong Vu | 12/10/08

This song is over of all music levels. Michael, you are the only music idol in my heart. Thank you so much b/c you are there. I always love you. If someone lost their friend to Aids, they can feel completely the meaning and the soul that you have sent to it. I can deeply feel it.

You have made my world and this world better, Michael. Never gone..never...

Enchanting | Reviewer: joe hammond | 11/3/08

This song is breathtaking; an absolute gem in the midst of all the violent lyrics of the world.
Michael Jackson, you are such an inspiraton, to me and others around.

Songs as perfect as this,
really are,
gone too soon.

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