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Performed by Michael Jackson

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Anyways, Michael is a Muslim now. Period. Neo-cons, shut up! | Reviewer: Fitzgerald | 8/2/07

Hi there! Is it Michael, Is it someone else? Well, everybody knows he's a muslim. So, his artistic expression of his beliefs should not appear so strange, so untrue as some wouldd want us to think. They just can't deal with the fact that he's a muslim now.

about the song give thanks to allah | Reviewer: heena | 7/28/07

it is relly very beautiful song,and it is the inspiration for all the muslim. i really love the song.

woooooooow | Reviewer: ahmed yousef | 7/5/07

i am not sure that it`s michael or not but i will be realy proud if this song for Michael i can say that the voice is typicaly for Michael however, i like this song and it`s my mobile ringtone .Michael, welcome to our nation

Beautiful islamic nasheed | Reviewer: B.Ghazi | 7/5/07

hey everyone ,,,this is truly a beautiful nasheed,,,unfortunatly it isnt by michael jackson its by a munshed(nasheed artist) called zain bhikar

although it does sound like mj its not him
May Allah swt guide him to the right path and us all,,,,ameen

TO Michael Jackson | Reviewer: HALIMA TUNKARA | 7/4/07

dear MichaeL Jackson!!!
Iam real happy about your song also all of the
AFRICANS thinks it the most popuarl!!!
songs for our curtle

give thanks to allah | Reviewer: aramatfi | 6/11/07

I think the song give thanks to allah is great because it leads other muslim children to become muslim.

About the song Give thanks to Allah performed by Michael Jackson | Reviewer: pamil_Lentera | 5/30/07

Hello. Cum on since wen did wacko jacko become muslim. No offence but i really respect him and da as a musicain but i dnt think he has accepted islam and if he has den he wouldnt have had all da tons of surgery etc.Actaually, I liked the song, I liked the voice and felt it's Michael Jackson's. And I was glad to hear abt his conversion.

Give thanks to Allah Performed by Michael Jackson | Reviewer: omayma | 5/3/07


the song was a beautiful and the pronounciation was perfect.good on you.and good luck with the futher

give thanks to allah | Reviewer: haydar | 4/18/07

give thanks to allah is not sung by michael jackson. i wish it was, but it aint. it is sung by Zain Bhikha who is a nasheed singer and is very sounds like michael jackson evan i though so to but it aint. There was a global unity event held in london and zain perfromed this song. i evan have the cd ... michael has not yet converted. He has been studying as he loves to read. And in one of jermaines interviews you can view on youtube or any video site...he says he wants michael to convert....but michael just loves reading it.

inshallah he converts to islam. If noone believes me search for zain bhika and type in give thanks to allh..

allah hafis!

thank God | Reviewer: zahara | 4/15/07

michael have nothing to do with this song, but he did indeed converted to nation in 2003, and to sunni in 2005, may Allah bless him. his brother is muslim for 20 years now mashaallah.

Filipina from Philippines | Reviewer: Noronsalam | 4/3/07

Who ever sang the song either Michael Jackson or other singer the important is what this song can bring into the minds of people especially the young ones. I'm glad to hear an islamic song like this, reminding us Muslims about the creation of ALLAH.

i dont believe.... | Reviewer: jamshid | 3/14/07

Is this really michael Jackson? Is that true that he became a muslim? Well I really dont believe it cause his voice sounds different ??????

Doc | Reviewer: Pa Modou | 12/21/06

Asalamu alaikum, in Islam its HARAM to accuse anyone of doing anything that the person didnt do. no real muslim will accuse MJ for singing this song if he didnt. so just do the MATH.

Give thanks to allah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/06

listen mj may not have written the song or been the first to perform it but he is just covering the song he just sings it so that other people may hear it as many people may not even know that the original artist even exists he wants to show that he is a Muslim and that he is a believer in Allah i see nothing wrong with that . and it is great that he is a muslim even if he has done bad things in the past which i do not believe but he is a Muslim and that is a great thing and he is not afraid to say that he belives in allah and if he did commit gunna may allah forgive him

allamdulillah | Reviewer: aisha | 11/29/06

heard the song it was beautifully done and l am so happy that mj is a moslem!!! hey no doubt the voice is his.

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