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Performed by Michael Jackson

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I love you Micheal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/09

rest it peace Micheal. Words get begin to describe how your music makes me feel.It bring tears to my eyes. I love l M J and u wil lbe forever be missed and never forgotten may god bless u, and rest in peace.

Very sad!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/09

What wonderful thoughts around Michael, it feels good to read he had so many fans and opened so many peoepls eyes...thank you all for sharing as it makes us all out there feel a little better but at the same time remind us that we need to look at the whole picture and not judge and not to wait for someones death to awaken us to someones pleas.....

how much ii luv u | Reviewer: zahra | 7/6/09

i luv u michael jackson...this song iis sucha sweet song ii luv thiis song ii thiink iit iis a beautiiful song... ii wiil miis u soo much iits unbeliievable...we have lost a true lengend...and you were soo worthy of the name kiing of pop...your alwaiiz goiing to be iin my heart ii wiill neva eva forget you iin my whole lyf...ii fiink whaa eva the mediia sed about you ii fiink iit a whole load of shiit you were a legend nd the mediia cudnt take the fact that you were the best...luv u more than aniiwun nd iin peace michael jackson <3 <3 <3

This song, Childhood, and Ben | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/09

I grew up listening to the Jackson Five's music and Michael's. However, this is my first time to hear this song and read the lyrics--I've been out of touch with his music before his death... I haven't been paying attention. But when I heard Michael Jackson passed away, I was in disbelief… All of a sudden I felt some coldness, and I realized that he was a great, great part of my growing up years… I cried to a point as if I knew the person, that he was a personal friend---As if and How I wished... I turned on the radio, while driving, and all his music were being played. Too many fun memories to mention that involved many, many of his songs. All these flashed back with tears in my eyes. I sobbed in my car just saying “Oh Michael, Michael…” I never thought I’d cry this way, this much, for him. It really hurt me. And so I posted how I felt about this great loss of “ours” and downloaded many of my favorite MJ songs on Facebook, including Too Young, Happy, etc., and of course Ben. I posted on FB about how all of a sudden that song Ben is so significant. I wondered and pondered as if "Ben" was a symbolical figure of Michael, and his alter-ego talking to him saying, "Ben, most people would turn you away; I don't listen to a word they say. They don't see you as I do; I wish they would try to. I'm sure they'd think again. If they had a friend like Ben." Now that I just newly discovered his other song Childhood, I couldn’t help but cry and cry and cry, replaying the song and reading the lines over and over and over. And as I’m writing all this, I still am crying just like you and me, grieving.
As I read the lyrics of Childhood, in my sincere heart, I want to tell him, I understand it more clearly now, why and how you were, Michael. I don’t have to pardon you for kidding around like a child… You were looking for your childhood and many didn’t understand. I wish I knew what was going in your mind… I wish you and I became good friends. I would be true to you. I could’ve been there for you, snuck you out to play with me during your break times from rehearsals, and goofed around the playground, or shared my shoulders for you to cry on… How I wish we played, sang, danced, shared happy stories and tears together… Michael, you’re entitled to have that kid in your heart… Misconstrued for your eccentricities, but You---You are a gentle soul. You’ve touched us all so much with your songs, your music, your dance steps, your loving & caring ways for the children and the people of the world, especially those who are in need, sick, and dying. As far as you are now in heaven, please know how you’ve touched my heart and how I wish I was able to touch your heart during your lifetime… But how could I? You and I didn’t know each other. But don’t worry, I’ll defend you from people who condemn you. I still want to be your friend Michael… I am your friend… and I will be your friend… I’ll continue to share the good things about you… I will always pray for you, AND your family whom you loved, but left behind because… you had to go to a place where you could finally be free. We know deep down, you had been very tired. So please rest… Rest in peace. Thank you so much for everything! We love you Michael.

R.I.P...I love you | Reviewer: buterfly | 7/5/09

I LOVE YOU MICHAEL with all my heart,and I hoppe that now you are on better place and having everything you didn't while you were with us!!! people,you who are judgeing him..I do not have any kind of words for you,and I think that that is enough!!!!!!!!one more time rest in peace..and just know that on this world there are much more people who loved you and still do than people who do not have their own life so they have to live yours..LOVE YOU

Lost But Not forgotten | Reviewer: Akeem | 7/5/09

This is the first time i find myself feeling deeply sadden by the loss of a celebrity.i truly understand how everyone who knew michael and loved him must be feeling.I never even got the chance to see him perform.Michael i never once believed the lies that was said about you and i know you're happy where you are.St Lucia Misses You Also.Much love coming from the small island.

I understand you, Michael | Reviewer: Esmeralda | 7/5/09

I can't believe you've gone and can't stop crying when I listen to your music again and again. Everybody knows you are the king of pop, but I didn't pay attention to your music until now. It's too late to love you, but really really i do. The first English song I learned is "We are the world" becaused it really touched my heart and I was 12 years old. I understand you from your music and believe your heart is so clear like an innocent child. Michael, I love you so much...really really I do. Rest in peace with our're not alone.

I love Michael Jackson | Reviewer: Linda K | 7/5/09

I cried when I read the lyrics to this song. I have always been a fan of Michael Jackson. Always..All he ever wanted was for people to understand and accept him the way he was. Why was that so hard for the media to do. He never hurt another living soul. The emotional pain he experienced in life far outweighed the physical pain he had. I read the lyrics to "They don't care about us" and I cried. This song too expressed how much pain he felt. Pain and Anger at being so misunderstood.. There will never be another Michael Jackson. I believe what his brother said "The World was not ready for Michael" A gentle,gentle soul. I will not read the negative about him. I don't care how eccentric people thought he was. I'm just so happy to see how much outpouring of love the world is showing him..I wished he could see it but then again he can.

heartbreaking... | Reviewer: Sherry Salzman | 7/5/09

well this song prety much explains Michael=
people need to stop callinghima pedophile .read the transcripts like i have do the homework before you say that agin its all here ikn this song. he was a sweet ,gentle soul, who gave back love he never received as a kid

You're safe now... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/09

I've cried over and over since I heard the news...But there's one thing that makes me calm, You are safe now, Michael...And Heaven will give you all the things that you deserve and never had...You will never hurt again Michael.

We will always Love you...

Michael and the media | Reviewer: DB | 7/3/09

I can't stop crying!
I just read the transcript of Michael's 60 minutes interview in which he references the lyrics of this song. In that interview he says if you really want to know about him, read "childhood". In reading both the lyrics and the transcript it is so clear to me that with all his money and power, Michael really wanted to make children happy and fulfill their dreams.
It's a relief reading some of these kind remarks from other fans because the media's portrayal has been so salacious. I decided to look up interview transcripts because I'm tired of the latest Michael "breaking news" stories.
I wish instead these reporters would really take in what they are seeing around the world - people mourning the loss of an incredibly charitable man, who touched millions of hearts, and instead convey the magnitude of what we've lost.

a fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/09

I'm a 19 year old kid who just descovered Michael for the first time. Oh I heard his music before but I never paid any attention to the man behind it, but never will I make that same mistake again. I did not know him personaly or as fan before his death and let me tell you every song so far manages to make me cry, something only my father managed to do. there everything i ever wanted to hear, there the hug I wish my parents would give me, the approval and understanding i look for in both my father's and mother's eyes but doesn't find.Its rather strange that a man from a diffrent background and generation can reach out and make you feel loved and special with one song when those of your flesh and blood fail to do so. The lyrics of childhood are unique and no mater how strange they may seem, they truly represent a child in need of love. May he rest in peace where he is.

before you judge me, try hard to love me... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/09

I still make tears in my eyes when talking about my idol's death.

I have read so many comments of many online news articles about MJ's death and found many people still making fun of him, addressing him the pedophile, the freak, wacko jacko, the black man turned white lady, blah blah blah! Really hurts me so much!
Why people always spend their time making fun of someone's eccentricities without knowing the reason first.
My little sister is suffering from cerebral palsy, makes her hard to speak, unable to walk, and her left hand is abnormally bended. When kids around makes fun of her speaking, I am hurrying to kick their butts away from my sister.
That's why I am so relating to Michael. He was a victim of prejudice. Even after when he got acquitted from his child molestation case for prooving the allegation was false and untrue, people still call him a pedo.
Why people can't understand that he was unaware of sacrificing his childhood to make quality music and rock the world?
People always associate his love of children in sexual motives?
I really can't believe the haters have totally polluted their brains from buying false news about Michael.
They are questioning Michael, why he give help to others.
but why they don't ask their selves for not giving help to others?

But if haters really want to know the freaking mystery behind the life of Michael, this is the simple answer:

"Before you judge me, try hard to love me."

If they do, they will easily understand Michael without asking further explanations.

I wish this beautiful lines from the song will engraved in his epitaph to remind a lesson to us. People must learn to love and understand rather than prejudging.

I recommend to you guys to watch the music video of this song "Childhood". It's a tear jerker.

We love you Michael. You have suffered enough. Sleep well and when you wake up, a shuttle across the moon river is waiting to bring you in paradise. You will find your lost childhood in the playground of heaven. Goodbye. We'll miss you Michael...

"Never Can Say Goodbye" | Reviewer: Holly | 6/30/09

Michael Jackson's contributions to motown, pop music and to music in general within the last 4 decades will never be matched. Not only has he redefined aspects of dance, music videos, and the music itself, but his music was about creativity, expression, and above all else, talent. I feel that most pop stars today stand for little, and rely on their sex appeal and the teenage target market to make their money. You really know you've got a true artist when young and old people, of every race on every continent are in love with the music as well as the child and the man.

You are missed by the world, Michael. May you find the things in death that you so longed for in life. We love you.

The Greatest Tragedy Ever Told | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/09

I truly believe in my heart that this is a story which exemplifies the great failure of human beings to have compassion for one another. So many people ignored what this man had to say and tore him apart as though he were not even human. I grew up abused and neglected and throughout my twenties I adopted a persona to cope with the pain of living. I was judged and treated badly. Sometimes I behaved badly in response, then I self medicated and mutilated. Finally, I was graced with the ability to seek help and stick with spiritual and psychological guidance...but it's been a hard road, almost impossible at times. I hope I can do something to help others who live with this pain. Michael will guide me forever in my heart. peace to all.

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