Reviews for Childhood Lyrics

Performed by Michael Jackson

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Thank You - 06/30/09 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/09

Thank you so much Michael for sharing your talents and gifts with us. You will never be forgotten. I hope that you are at peace and I hope that you have found what you were looking for your whole life.

regained childhood | Reviewer: Leah | 6/29/09

That was a very touching song. You can now regain your lost childhood in the arms of our Divine Creator who knows your heart and spirit inside-out. Thanks for the gift of music that never fails to move me and your fans worldwide. The final curtain has been drawn, rest now, dear Michael.

Mourning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/09

Someone told me an hour ago to find and listen Childhood and read the lyrics - I just did and I am ashamed of myself - I never knew this humble, personal side of Michael - I have been breaking down in public, walking around with a stiff body as if I am no longer breathing since Thursday - Don't feel like talking to anyone -what saddens me is that I had suddenly become very interested in everything of Michael in just the past two months ( I am over 50 ) where was I all my life, I asked myself - was this an intuition - the only thing holding me is intense prayers for Michael and his three children. This man was full of love and no one realized it while he was alive. This man gave, gave, gave and gave - he worked overtime for people he didn't even know until he stressed out and could not do it anymore. Be like Michael if you love him - Read Man in the Mirror - that was his plea to all of us.

With Love to Michael and his Three Shining Stars.
Rest In Peace. God gives to those who gives and therefore God will give you the peace.

MICHAEL YOU WILL NEVER HURT AGAIN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/09

Michael I grew up on your music. I use to sang all of your Jackson5 songs. There will never be another YOU. Your pain is gone and I pray daily you have found your childhood. Your peace and love. These things were not available here on earth. I know you are floating across the heavens just as you did here. Peace and much love to you.

i love u and i'll always will | Reviewer: jessy | 6/30/09

i dreamd my whole life if meeting u but it was bad luck i didnt so i wished that one day i will but i didnt got a chance but when i heard this song i felt like u where siging in front of me so my dream came true
and i love and always will it does'n mean he passed away that we will not love him or litsening to his songs

Hearing again about Michael's childhood opens up my own can of worms again | Reviewer: Sally | 6/29/09

My mother was (is) like Joe Jackson - uncaring, cruel, greedy and INSANELY self-obsessed. I have 6 sisters, will turn 50 on August 29th this year (same as Michael's birthday) and you know what? the family dynamic has not changed.

I no longer see my mother *horrors at the thought* and can not relate healthily with my sisters because they are still collaborating in the same dysfunctional way. The family is shattered and toxic, just like when we were children. It's a crying shame and Michael, you must be so happy now in heaven. Enjoy your childhood there :)

Goodbye MJ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/09

Michael you've left the world in shock. you've left behind music that is so inspiring and so influential. you're work to make the world a better place will never be forgotten. it's so sad that the media always tried to bring you down. you're in a better place now but have left so many broken hearted due to your early departure. may you rest in peace michael <33333333

from Malaysia | Reviewer: CYDAL_BANKS | 6/30/09

yes i came here after watching the same interview.never paid enuf attention 2 d song till tat.wat a beautiful written song Michael.i gues u did compensated ur childhood for ours.mine wld have definately been so empty witout u.ur the greatest.every soldier dies in his glory,a legend lives for eternity.being as big of fan that i am,im yet 2 see u on stage.but i know ill be watching u on my screen for the rest of so proud to be your fan but first to even know u..thanks for everything u have left us.u will be remembered for generations to come.u have connected everything in this world through your music.may ur soul be blessed wit all d love we have for u. RIP Michael

Finally at peace.. | Reviewer: Jennifer | 6/29/09

It's so weird that there are millions of us that have sat back and watched Michael's life from the point of view the media wanted to portray to us, yet most of us believed; in spite of the junk they were showing us.. that Michael was innocent. His beautiful heart always shined through..and it feels like all the things we are saying now should have been said to him when he was alive. Maybe he wouldn't have had to hurt so much, maybe he wouldn't have felt alone. He was so persecuted. Treated with cruelty. It is such a tragedy this poor man had to go through so much struggle in his life. He deserved better than that. To have a childhood, a life filled with joy. But, I believe now he is walking with the Father in Heaven and is finally in the peace he truly deserves. Sorry we could not protect you in this life Michael. Godspeed. You are very loved and very missed.

you are always in my heart(MJ) | Reviewer: Fueben | 6/29/09

I really grown up listening to your tunes,if you were still alive i would have definitely met you one day, as you are a truly POP star and i am a great fan of yours and no one can replace you.I really dont have words to express my feeling towards you as you are such a nice person and your love towrds poor people and towards small childre..i am sure God will definitely rewards you for this and your children will be blessed.I love you and you will always be in our heart.God Bless you.May your soul rest in peace.

The Real Michael Jackson | Reviewer: Erin | 6/29/09

I truly believe this is the one song that represents the real Michael Jackson. Isn't it funny how this one seems to be buried among all the number 1 hits, but this one is the real boy/man Michael wanted us to understand about him?

Michael, rest in peace and when you return in your next life, no matter what or who you may be, I pray that you have a childhood full of love and wonder that you can see and feel.

stillness | Reviewer: lisa | 6/29/09

I did not know of this song until I saw a clip from one of your interviews, in which you said to the reporter, "Have you heard, childhood? That is an autobiographical song.." What a beautifully written son, Michael. I am still stunned you are gone; I have felt a sort of stillness in my heart since I learned you passed. It just doesn't make sense, your untimely death. Untimely death to us, I suppose. Not untimely in Gods world. I think you were much more than an entertainer/songwriter/pop star, you were a messanger, a vessel of hope and inspiration. You went beyond being a pop star; you fed hungry children, you made people smile, you touched hearts, and you broke racial boundries all over the world. Shame on those who persecuted you, there day will come. But even being persecuted you never said anything negative, you didn't lash out; you remained humble and sweet. I know you are in God's arms with angels surrounding you. Thank you for the memories, Michael. My childhood is filled with your songs, with your videos, with your dance moves. I am proud to say you were a part of my generation. God bless you, Michael. You were an angel. We will miss you. Rest in peace, Michael. Rest in peace.

R>I>P MJ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/09

Michael Jackson was by far the greatest solo music artist of all time. It is a shame that he has passed but we are lucky to say that we lived in the same lifetime. He will be much missed by evryone who enjoyed him and his music. It still has not fully dawned upon me that he will not be will us any longer, but he will remain in a special place in all our hearts.

MJ | Reviewer: Leanne Collins | 6/29/09

I first heard of this song whilst watching an interview with Michael he said "If anyone wants to know me, what i'm all about then this is it,this is the song..Thats what brought me here. I was never a massive fan of him however i always enjoyed his music. I don't believe he done anything to those kids but love and cherish them. MJ you are an absolute legend and i'm sure you will live on in alot of peoples hearts for a very long time.
Rest in peace, you so deserve it. Much love x

Michael my angel | Reviewer: Carlina | 6/29/09

I will alway love Michael. People need to know that what happen in your childhood will affect your adulthood. Michael Childhood was scarifice by entertaining the world. It is sad because we take for granted that we can choice, and go where we want. Michael was so famous he could not have the freedom of choice. Let us learn and live though Michael by loving all people regardless of race. We are the human race let love each other. What wrong in helping and caring for others. Let us pray for Michael and his family. Lets the media leave him alone and let Michael rest in peace.

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