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Performed by Michael Jackson

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FOREVER | Reviewer: ines | 8/10/13

What is the BEST OF JOY?
Joy is the highest feeling, as being in an ecstasy, bliss, great pleasure or delight,
like lovers feel in the very beginning and their love blossoms.
like the smile of your child.
like knowing there is someone you can rely on.
like a break of dawn, pure and fresh, a brand new day.
like maturity of strawberries or grapes.
like a midnight sky full of stars.

Here, Michael confirms his reationship to someone. He shows how meaningful this realtionship is. This one can trust, rely on and count on MJ. He gives his promise. You can take it to the bank. It´s forever. This song is maybe written for his children, a lover or/and a friend.
This is LOVE!

Best of Joy | Reviewer: ched | 1/23/11

I've read some articles saying "Best of Joy" was the last song he recorded in 2009 before his world shocking death. Thank God, He put the words "I am Forever, We are Forever" into this heart touching song before he left us! It's like a promise of keeping in touch with his fans (who never leave him through thick & thin) for life, in the form of music. This song is a promise of his eternity. I also read (by some articles) that MJ will be performing this song in the last concert of This Is It, the last track to be performed.
Recently, this song is now very special to me, the lyrics & the vocal harmony, everything in it, his falsetto here reminds me of his song Butterflies.
The lines "I am the one who came when you fell down, I was the only one around", means so much for me, so heart breaking... (^_^?

A Vocal Masterpiece | Reviewer: Lenin | 1/11/11

I gravitated to this song immediately, absolutely loved it. The harmonies that Michael does on this track are mind-blowing, its a beautifully written song by MJ himself, brings tears to my eyes, so uplifting a gem on the Michael CD. I love it.

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