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Performed by Michael Buble

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YEEESSSS!!! | Reviewer: Ashley | 7/16/07

Michael Buble and the song you and i. Two both exceptional things. This song is very romantic. It touches the heart and more. Michael Buble is a fine man, and His voice is exquisite. Lucky girl to whoever catches his eye (or if so, who has already) Well done to Michael, for making this song worth listening to...and his others xox

Wedding dance song | Reviewer: candice | 7/6/07

I really like this song for our first dance song. It doesn't really have a 'beat' to it though so I'm still unsure of how to dance to it.
Any suggestions?

someone from mexico | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07

this it is the most beautiful song that I have listened, is of the style of those that are danced in the weddings. that it is on the contrary of indifference it is about somebody that found to the love of their life and it is in love, he wants to pass the rest of their life with her. in the personal, I fascinate the song, I love it , the same as to michael buble

wow... | Reviewer: wedding singer | 6/15/07

I'm kind of shocked that this is viewed as a depressing lyric. I'm actually going to be preforming this selection at a weddding tomorrow, during the service. I guess it's all a matter of opinion and personal experience.

Really?? | Reviewer: april | 5/14/07

I'm surprised by the reviews of these lyrics. I think it is a beautiful song that is in no way depressing or indicative of love lost. It says twice that their love gives them the ability to conquer the world. I guess it just shocks me because I was thinking of this song for my fiance and my's first dance at our wedding...

Wa I Fink.... | Reviewer: Heartbroken | 4/14/07

this so makes me feel so low:(</3
all i can think about is loved ones that ive lost</3
but i still love da song alot!:)

honest | Reviewer: kris | 9/27/05

There is no certainty in love, but we always hope for the best. This song makes me feel a little sad, but I love it just the same.

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