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I adore Michael Buble | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/07

Discovered Michael on a TV special in Omaha,Nebraska. I now own all his discs and play them constantly. My favorite right now is I'm Your Man!!!!! At 86 I know a good voice when I hear it

The ultimate fascination in musical enjoyment! | Reviewer: Fred Gartner | 7/10/07

As an airline pilot, retired at 73, I've always made an effort to hear & see the gigs of the greats of the past. Wether at Las Vegas, Rio, or Avalon(Catalina-Island) - my entirelife revibrates with songs of people like Sinatra, Stan Kenton, Bing Crosby, et al. But when a friend suggested "Michael Buble" I just rushed-out to by the DVD/CD immediately, 'cause Michael has absolutely convinced me with every vibe he airs that he's a once-in-a-century-talent with more than just "special charisma!" I watch and listen tohis songs EVERY day! ....And want ever more! Fred Gartner

wow | Reviewer: Destiny | 6/29/07

i just heard him singing on a programme called Rove (Australian programme) i love his voice... and his personality he is a person i would love to meet

FAR OUT! | Reviewer: ximena | 6/30/07

It's difficult to find new words to describe one's feelings when you hear his voice.....almost everything has been said...this is just mixed feelings.....the past and the present in one voice...(Don't ever change Michael)'s also another difficult thing to ask... He is such a sweet and humble young man......let's hope he doesn't become spoiled and rotten.....vicious and doped like other singers....I wish him the best, because I want to continue watching his hilarious and funny comments wherever he goes.
a Kiss from Chile

AMZAING!!! | Reviewer: Christina Collins | 6/28/07

I have fallen in love with his voice it just calms you. His music is a great change to some of the other stuff out there. I have all of his cds and I am not disappointed with one of them. I hope he is around a long time to come!

love his music | Reviewer: rebekah | 6/26/07

i fisrt fell in love with michael bubles music when my sister first heard about his tour here in australia a while back when iwas round about 10 and since all the tickets were sold out she went and got michaels cd and when imheard it i loved it i now am 12 turning 13 and i still love his music i love his type of music not all rap and rab songs i like cuz its always got swearing sum i do but i love jazz music. i really want to be asinger but im extermly scared of singing infront of anyone hes a real inspiration to me. and my brothers name is michael.your have a mad voice one day i wish me and my sister can go to one of your concerts in nsw. you have a excellent voice keep it up.

michael & band are terrific!! | Reviewer: baba bodnar | 6/15/07

The first time I saw him on TV I couldn't believe his beautiful voice...I couldn't
wait to buy his CD...Now, I have everything Michael has
recorded!!!CDs & DVDs...I have his music playing all day!!!

michael buble | Reviewer: vina | 5/22/07

michael buble, i love him very much..
his voice so sexy and make me cozy

Enjoyable | Reviewer: marlene davis | 5/21/07

I have just started to listen to you about 6 months ago, and I really enjoy your voice.
You are one of a kind and don't change the way you present yourself or your voice for anyone. Stay just the way you are..very nice to listen to, relaxing and consoling.

I am 70 years of age, met the Mills Bros and other performers while having a business in New Orleans, and at that time, music was great to listen to also. Enjoy listening to you.

May God be with you and protect you

Marlene Davis

A new connection | Reviewer: Keisa | 5/20/07

This is a new connection of yesterday and today, his voice that makes your heart fill with emotions and your toes tap with delight, I love it in everyway!!!!!

trying for success | Reviewer: sharon white | 4/28/07

my daughter has been gigging for four years singing the same type of songs as buble she needs to be heard please get in touch or maybe meet up in manchester england one song with michael would be her dream, her talent is exceptional please email back she needs her break thanking you laura whites mum xx

good looks, good music, simply addicting | Reviewer: Cynthia B. Soriano | 4/23/07

His good looks and good music is anti stress and anti depressant. Beware though, coz, he's really addicting. I was not into jazz music until I heard Michael. I really enjoyed his performance at the Wiltern Theater.

Great! | Reviewer: Anonymous#2 | 4/13/07

I love jazz so much like Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennent. This swingin kid is awesome! At the age of 24, I am shocked at his strong voice! I can't stop listening to him. Amazing!

american idol appearance | Reviewer: bling | 4/5/07

Was he drunk or something?
Talk about "pitchy."
OMG. I am so upset.
I am a huge fan, but hey dudes, what was going on with him?

Are his Cd's "fixed in the mix" or something?

Amazing | Reviewer: rossella | 12/24/06

I saw his concert on the 31st May 2006 in Cologne, Germany and it was great. It impressed me when at the end of the show he left his micro off and sung...this voice is fantastic. I wish someday he plays aduet with Cristina Aguilera. Big kisses

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