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Performed by Michael Buble

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Everything | Reviewer: Jan | 12/5/10

My daughter and her husband had this song for the bridal waltz and I've been hooked on it ever since. One of your best Michael. What I would like to know is what album it appears on. Can't seem to find it on any album to date.

everything | Reviewer: karen | 10/26/09

>i totally love this song when i first heard it... HE'S MY EVERYTHING!!... i wish i was the one that he would say YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING!!almost all of his song i love listening to it everyday on my laptop...his voice so beautiful,cool and sexy... (",)

...everything... | Reviewer: chelsea | 3/28/08

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! michael buble is AMAZING! this song discribs what its like to have one person be your hole life your very beeing. this song also has a great music vidio if you ever have a chance to watch it...
i cant wait to see him in consert. my sister loves his music too. i bought her 2 of his most reasent CD's 4 her birthday and she loved it. =)

Love | Reviewer: Megan | 2/4/08

My friend introduced me to this song when she would sing along with it (she has the mp3 on her cell phone). I listened to her sing it, and immediately fell in love with it. This song makes me think of how I feel when I get around my crush, and I melt. It brings out the lighter side of me and brightens my whole day.

Bridal Waltz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/07

I absolutely fell in love with this refects our love and life for one another and when we finally marry we will dance this toghether. Thanks Michael

i love ur song!!! | Reviewer: flora | 12/12/07

my friend told me that this song is great. then i listen, and i also like this song!!! i want to dedicate this song for someone out there who will be theone in my heart (i am waitin for u!!). just waitin. coz i dont know who. i am just waitin the god send....

beautiful.. | Reviewer: ct | 11/10/07

every time i hear this song..i just don't realize i was remind me of all the good thing and it remind me of my boyfriend always!!

R.I,P | Reviewer: George | 11/2/07

a good friend of mine recently and unexpectadly died at the tender age of 16 and a video of our memories was put together for him and this was the song used. It puts into word everything tom ment to us.
We love you tom.
R.I.P. Always thinking of you, never stop loving you. xx

On track | Reviewer: Donna | 10/13/07

Going through a life changing experience at 61! Moving out of the negative into the positive and when the negative gave too much of a pull I would start singing Michaels' Everything. It worked every time - thanks Michael. PS: I live just south of Sudbury, Ontario and was brokenhearted to hear you had sold out! Coming back soon??

Beautiful Song! | Reviewer: Patty | 10/8/07

I loved this song the first time I heard it. It's a song that makes your heart smile :) The words are beautiful, his voice just floats through you, the music is nice. Great job Michael Buble!

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