Unforgiven - Metallica | Reviewer: Matt In The Hat | 5/20/07

'The Unforgiven' from Metallica's self-titled album is a dark and moody song both lyrically and musically.
The lyrics convey the sense of a man beaten by the rules and laws of the system around him. the song is written in both thrid and first person; during the verses the writer uses third person sying 'him' or 'his' to describe the subject, whereas during the chorus the lyrics are in first person e.g. 'I've' and 'me'. This enables the song to describe the man's battle during the verses and then to make a more emotional statement during the chorus.
Musically the song uses heavy drum beats with tom fills to create a dark and rhythmic beat. The picked guitar pattern during the chorus and intro juxtaposed with the heavy distorted chord structure during the verses makes a song with two moods, both reflecting the atmosphere of the lyrics. The powerful guitar solo in the second half of the song is an uplifting and overwhelming experience live.
In my opinion this is a memorable song from an album that is full of classic Metallica. certainly one of their finest works

Metal-lulaby | Reviewer: Jai | 5/18/07

Unforgiven is dark, and is an all around awesome song. And i am proud to say, it was my lullaby as an infant... \m/ ROCK ON!

Dark, Vicious and challenging, a masterpiece ! | Reviewer: Emil Kehlet | 2/21/07

With constantly changing tempo, this song surrounds you with darkness and mystic..
The song has, after my opinion one of the greatest guitar riffs Metallica has made, and that says a lot, cuss Metallica has made unforgetable guitar solos and riffs such as the in "ONE", "The God that failed" and last but not least "Nothing else matters", and of course dusins of others... The text gives a perfect interplay with the music and makes this number dark, vicious and eclipsed.