Meaning of unforgiven II in my eyes | Reviewer: Ricardo Galindo | 6/12/11

After i've read multiple meanings of this song i really can't disagree with any of them. It does seem to be about a man who has been emotionally betrayed in the past and thus is uneasy about loving again. After his last relationship he figures he won't find someone that can be true to him, but the woman he is talking to seems to have had a similar feeling hence the 'tell me what they've done' refering to those who betrayed her. This similarity is also seen through 'we share this pair of lives' or of constantly being betrayed. Through their similarity he seems to see the 'sun' or hope for actual love and asks if she would be the one who would be there for him. Throughout the song he goes back to remebering his past by things like 'she'll be there when i'm gone' so she, his ex, wouldn't follow him when he left to maybe another town but instead followed/found someone else who was, in her opinion, better but most likely physically since the lyrics 'she loves me not' (not enough to stay) 'she loves me still' (now she realizes the man she left him for has no capabilities of loving as sincerely as he had loved her) 'but she'll never love again' (because she is with the one she no longer wants to be with). He then asks the new woman to tell him what he had done [wrong] but realizes it wasn't him who did anything wrong. Finally he (forgive the seemingly corney saying) gives the key to his heart to this new woman because he sees that she (most likely) likes him how he likes her and both would not cause the pain they've experienced to the other, and he will be the 'one who waits' for her which is most likely a promise.
Now i'm only 16 tell me if you find something thats off there please.

no one kills anyone, Christ | Reviewer: Valeria | 11/29/09

The song is about a man who cannot trust, who screws up all his relationships. He loves the girl, but he feels so damaged, so unable to be "good" for anyone. He wants her love, but he feels sure he will hurt her horribly if he continues. When he starts to love someone, he feels so engulfed by the emotion, he can't tolerate how vulnerable and swallowed it makes him feel, so he self sabotages. This girl has been different, he loves her entirely and knows she loves him entirely, and he knows she sees what he does and who he is...and he knows his leaving is going to scar her terribly because she's fought so hard to be different and love him. He also knows that in her confusion and pain, she will give up on everyone else has (closing her eyes to him at last). Hence, he is the one doing the leaving...but she is unforgiven too, and since she will never love again...he has continued the cycle. Making her unforgiven...just like he is. He burries his last chance in her, he gives up on feeling anyone can love him. He doesn't want to be the bastard he has become...never free, never me....but he's so badly damaged he has no choice. Now the girl is badly damaged, too.

Unforgiven II | Reviewer: Ihilani | 7/9/09

"well this song is actually about a boy that loves a girl , but the girl doesn't love him .. so the boy kills her" <--- I could agree with that person. It makes complete sense to me...

1. "Speak the words I want to hear, to make my demons run" - Maybe he wants her to tell him she loves him so that he could get over his pain.

2. "The door is locked now but it's open if you're true" - He wants to love her but doesn't want to let her in unless she's honest.

3. "The door cracks open but there's no sun shining through" - He wants to let her in, but perhaps the feeling isn't mutual, which is why thre's no sun.

4. "Black heart scarring darker still, but there's no sun shining through" - His heart is dark and scarred, and because the feeling isn't mutual, it's getting "darker still".

5. "Behind the door, should I open it for you?" - He doesn't know if he can trust her.

6. "Come lay beside me, this won't hurt, I swear
She loves me not, she loves me still, but she'll never love again" - He kills her. Probably makes it quick ;) Whether or not she loves him, she'll never love again, because she's dead.

7. "She lay besides me but she'll be there when I'm gone
Black heart scarring darker still, yes, she'll be there when I'm gone
Yes, she'll be there when I'm gone
Dead sure she'll be there!" - Obviously, she'll be there when he's gone because she's dead.

8. "Lay beside me, tell me what I've done
The door is closed, so are your eyes" - His heart is closed shut again, and she's dead.

But now I see the sun, now I see the sun
Yes, now I see it!" - Maybe killing her gave him peace in knowing she'll never love anybody else.

I LOVE this song!

Cause She's Unforgiven Too | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/09

its about two people that had a relationship in the past and it ended sour with both of them getting deeply hurt because they had both been deeply hurt in the past by others and would not open their hearts to each other for fear of being hurt again. however, they both love each other but shut each other out (behind the door) to avoid getting their hearts broken again. "cause you're unforgiven too" means neither person was able to forgive the other for breaking their heart the first time. so they don't trust each other anymore because they are too scared to get their hearts broken again because they don't know if their love will be returned, or if they will be just shut out again (behind the door). At the end of the song the speaker says he sees the sun shining through which is the love for her in his heart, he has forgiven her, but he will not open the door for her because he is too scared to get hurt so he "burys the key in her" because she is the one he loves, so if she really does love him in return she can come back to him and open his door.

The True Meaning | Reviewer: The Unforgiven IV | 6/4/09

We need to head back to the early 90s with The unforgiven,Now,James was in a EXTREMELY religeous family. His sister died of cancer,due to his parents not 'beleiving' in modern medicine. They are the Unforgiven, "You Labeled me,Ill label you." ,James was labeled as a strict christian. He labeled his parents as The unforgiven. Unforgiven II is him trying to "Escape" to his sister.And he couldnt forgive himself for what he became before Metallicas first "break"

Cool... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/09

I think the same thing as Squirrelloid, just not that she dies. Or it could be figurative, as in she's over and done with him but he now feels it, hence "Now I see the sun." However, the beauty of a song changed with the viewer's eye, and Metallica has perfected that art.

like it | Reviewer: kena | 9/29/08

great song, i think its about this:
they were in a mess when she died, he wants to get her back and finds out they can only be together again if he dies too (she'll be there when i'm gone).
at the end he kills himself and gives his life (his key) to her.

Theories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/08

A very powerful song, this one touches a lot of people. I've read a lot of theories on what the story being told here really is and I believe that the main subject is talking about two separate women.

The first is someone he loved, or tried to love desperately, and the relationship fell apart. A rocky one to be sure, it seems like she left him for one reason or another, claiming that she loved him, couldn't be with him, but would never love anyone else. He is rightfully bitter about that and closes the door of his heart to her.

The second woman enters into the song almost as someone he's talking to, trying to reach out with his pain and find understanding with her. Or at least a one-night-stand, some way to find comfort after what he lost, maybe even using her, at first.

He talks about his former love in a third person sense, and while she is sleeping (hey, optimism is awesome ^^) he finds with her what he could never see with his former love, the 'sun' in his very dark and embittered life. Though even then, the door to his heart is closed to her and he might not feel he can open up to anyone again after being hurt in his last relationship. So he takes the key and 'buries' it in this second woman, giving her the power to open that door that he had previously locked his heart behind.

Am I unforgiven too | Reviewer: Navin | 6/26/08

Great song.. a great question posed.. Are you unforgiven too? nice... but then, we got to find the answer! just try to listen to this song and shift YOU to I/ME and I to YOU.. It does seem to be a love song.. well lets say a love song with a dark meaning.. but doesnt it make it a hate song? love song: if I understand the YOU will you understand the ME... not a love song: If you understand the ME, will you understand the YOU..
But i love this song.. coz it poses a great question.. we as humans must find a solution and not be satisfied with the mere question!
and try it with love :) it wont hurt anybody:):) have a great day guys!!

Absolute attitude | Reviewer: shagun | 4/2/08

This song is all about kick ass attitude towards people who have hurt you. Give them damn if they can't understand you and just don't let them hurt you anymore. Its about being skeptical towards who wanna hurt you... or you have taken advantage of you..its about living life....its life... the best song...Metallica rocks.. Prodigies..