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Performed by Metallica

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handicaped english lesson for: metallica and one of my favourites - even if its not that "true" ;-) | Reviewer: #RBL | 5/20/08

yeah.. this song is great ... a great song to sing while working out ones voice for the next own band session AND a great song just to feel ..

i actually didn't know the original version until i searched for it after listening to the cover version. i really HAD to be interested in it - cuz i really fell in love with this song (I'm 21 years old and in-between my friends I where the first person who actually started listening good music and even my "pre-generation-representatives" (parents^^) where'nt that much in music - so i hardly could enjoy the "classics". Like the older generation surely also did, i'm almost only into my generations music - like i said: almost^^)

But i'll have to say, even if the older version of the song is more classic and of course also one of these nearly untouchable "originals" ... i will never prefer this one.

I mean: cool - it has it's own sound .. it's own worth .. its own charm .. of course ..

but like y'all said (don't know what the spanish guy said^^).. the metallica song fits to me much better, too.

I know the real songwriter and owner of the song is of course this "Bob Segar" (wouldn't even know his name definitly in connection with this song i guess :-/ )

but metallica are the .. lets say ... better "tune"-er (great word .. its all about tuning before making good music, isn't it?^^).. the better performer...

great song


great song

greetz from germany
greetz rubbel

Better than the original | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/07

This song is definately one of the best on Garage inc. The added power chords make it even better than the original, adding a kind of epic feeling to the song.

Metallica- Turn the Page:Review by Cameron Bastien | Reviewer: Cameron Bastien | 11/17/07

This song is a classic, written by Bob Segar, and Metallica managed to make it even better. Adding power chords to this tune remastered it to make it a classic for a second time. The vocals work wonderfully with the melody aswell. Not to mention, Metallica kept the same tempo as Segar's early version. Great job, Metallica!

metallica heart | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

this is the best song for me-metallica you can do everything-you can change my sux life-you can rocking next 50 years-please do for us-i love you forever!

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/07

Metallica doesn't have a bad song
This song proves that

que bakan | Reviewer: israel olaya | 6/18/07

metallica son lo mas bakan q hy y esa cancion traducida es poderosa

deep, real, fantastic | Reviewer: Chaz | 5/6/07

This cover for the bob segar song was everything i wanted of it and more, very depressing and matter of fact take on life, one of the better songs on garage Inc.

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