Great remake | Reviewer: Jamie | 8/25/10

This is an awesome remake, I guess you guys do not realize it's a reissue. Originally done by Skynyrd about a couple's breakup due to his bands constant touring. Oh and on the Fatso (b/c that one had me wondering too). "Jim Martin formerly of Faith No More, credited as Fatso "

Blown away | Reviewer: Elisabeth | 12/10/09

When I heard this song I was blown away by the awesome harmonies, great harmonica solo and the sad and almost depressing lyrics. I loved this song the first time I heard and I listen to it every day now. It's like it's part of my daily list of things to do ... homework, housework and then listen to "Tuesday's gone" by Metallica.

More Music that Moves U! | Reviewer: Thanos | 11/12/07

I found this song online over the summer, and have played it at least twice a day since then! I have a 35 minute commute to work, and this morning I played it the entire ride in. The tune is captivating, the lyrics poingnant, and Popper's performance is haunting. This song is a must have.....

Amazing | Reviewer: Scooby | 10/2/07

Great song to just sit and get stoned to.

To answer the question above, the other vocalist in the song is Pepper Kennen from Corrosion Of Conformity

Only Metallica member in this song is Hetfield, I can't remember who else plays in it apart from Pepper and Les Claypool plays the banjo

Lovely~ | Reviewer: Julyanne | 8/9/07

first time I heard this song was yesterday ;)) a friend of mine played it at the guitar and I fall in love with it. Hope I will not fall in love with that guy, too...

"Thanks, Fatso" | Reviewer: Hazeon | 7/5/07

James is calling John Popper "fatso" here, for his awesome harmonica solo...

He is big, and plays a mean harp!

Whos' with Metallica on this song | Reviewer: jeff | 4/24/07

The second verse of the song is sung by Pepper Keenan from Corrosion of Conformity. You hear James say "Pepper" and then he starts singing. I think toward the end the singer is John Popper from Blues Traveller. He does a harmonica solo and then sings a verse. According to the Garage Inc liner notes the other musicians are Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney (Alice in Chains), Les Claypool (Primus and almost Metallica), Jim Martin (Faith No More), and Gary Rossington (Skynyrd). I don't think any of them sing lead though. I was curious if anybody knows who James is calling Fatso in the talking at the end. I thought it was funny. I was thinking maybe Jason Newstead since James constantly busted his stones.

FAntAstic! | Reviewer: ste | 4/12/07

The first time I heard this song I was sitting with my girlfriend. I listened the beginning, I restart the song and we loved it. Then, when I went home, I read the lyrics... And it seemed our story!! (Excuse me, I'm Italian, I'm 17 years old, this review sucks!!XD)

Who's with him? | Reviewer: Minja | 4/8/07

hus that singing with james?, at first i thought it was johnny van zant but it dont sound like him, anyone know?

Beautiful | Reviewer: Martin | 3/12/07

This song gets to me every time, the ultimate chill-out song for me.