Boss Song | Reviewer: Asylum King | 3/14/13

Just played this song on Guitar Hero World Tour, yeah that's old. This is a cool song and has some interesting lyrics. By the way, I haven't played in years and I pulled of a 88% on guitar medium. Song's harder than it looks.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/12

i think this is clearly about how james felt when he was younger. he has said in interviews how he was really shy when he was younger and i can relate to that.

the 'hell' he refers to is obviously issolation due to being very introverted. 'locked in this shell' meaning he doesnt feel like he can be himself.

'Break the ice, I can't take anymore' is just a metaphor for not knowing what to say to "break the ice" in conversations.

'no one hears what I say'- he feels like even when he does talk no one listens, so whats the point

'Freezing Can't move at all' -(he freezes when he goes to speak)
'Screaming Can't hear my call' -(he feels like he wants to scream cause no one listens to him)
'I am dying to live, Cry out' -(he just wants to be himself and have a better life)
'I'm trapped under ice' -(he feels so cold inside and he does'nt know how to change)

Trapped under flesh | Reviewer: Udenn | 12/13/11

In the existentialist way (even a little further away actually), it may be seen as the experience of someone from a higher level of evolution (or density, dimension, etc) trapped in fucking human, mortal shape - feeling all alone, isolated, with no scape but death, like being trapped under ice.

But captx's (7/27/10) explanation rules, no doubt! :-D

Locked-in syndrome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/11

I think this is about the Locked-ni syndrome, because then you can hear everybody, but you cant comminucate whit them, you can't move, you can't talk, you can't do anything but just lye there and accept that no one can hear you or rescue you from that state....

Hand of Doom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/10

well if you look at the line: "Hand of doom has a tight grip on me" it could be referring back to a Black Sabbath song Hand Of Doom which is about drug addiction.

but still, if Hammett says it's just about a guy trapped under ice, then I guess it is :D

it is literal | Reviewer: captx | 7/27/10

Metallica was interviewed once, the interviewer gave a long winded explanation with existentialist interpretations of what the song might mean. And Kirk literally said, "ummm, no, it's just a song about a guy trapped under ice." period. That is from the horse's mouth. I wish I could find that interview, but I have no idea where to even look. The reason I clearly remember this is because I do this to my wife all the time, whenever she goes in to a over dramatic interpretation of something, I remind her... "it's just a song about a guy trapped under ice..."

i think its literal | Reviewer: OMG A PANCAKE! | 7/15/10

i dont know why people think it's about an addiction when it says, Trapped under ice, and talks about freezing. sounds to me like they're singing about dying by freezing to death. sort of like the old movie To build a Fire. the guy freezes to death in the end while trying to find his way back to camp.

No.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/10

This song is basically themed, like most of the songs on this album, they take a bunch of horrible ways to die... and make songs about them..... and this is the result, there is no real meaning, just a kick ass song about being trapped under ice!

trapped under ice, dante's inferno | Reviewer: ldz | 3/11/10

maybe they're talking about the last circle of hell in dante's inferno? lucifer is there together with judas and some other guy connected to julius ceasar. lucifer is trapped under ice. drugs would really be a shallow interpretation..

Dude | Reviewer: OldMetallicaRules | 2/22/10

Matt, although your interpretation fits alright this song was written two years before the bus accident that killed Cliff.

I think this song has multiple meanings. It could be about a coma or about being depressive OR it could be about literally being trapped under ice.

And the people saying that this song is about drug addiction. Well, that's a valid interpretation I might say, but why does every song needs to be about drugs? To me, this makes the song kinda hollow... but hell, that's my opinion.

Trapped under ICE | Reviewer: Eddie | 2/13/10

Well this song could in theory be about anything, your imagination sets the boundaries. But if you read the title and the words of the song, there is no doubt that this man is trapped under ice. I read some comments about that being impossible. How so?

In Norway, Canada and other countries where it gets really cold during winters a lot of people die while crossing frozen rivers and get trapped under ice. If you can imagine how this would be I think you would be singing this song or at least thinking in the same way.

Let me give you an example: Wouldn't you be thinking that your death is certain: You "stare directly at death". You can scream but "no one heres my call". "Wrapped up tight, cannot move, can't break free. Hand of doom has a tight grip on me" And at the end: You become "Crystallized, as I lay here and rest"

Trapped Under Ice | Reviewer: Ziga | 2/3/10

Trapped Under Ice is basicaly about being trapped with no escape. Maybe being paralyzed (unlikely since it says "Screaming! Cant hear my call" unless your in a vegetative state, but then your brain doesent work much at all so you wont know)
I personaly just think its about, literaly being trapped under ice.... Its a preaty freaky way to go... Under ice noone will hear you, its cold etc. and worst of all, life is a few inches from you... Yet so far away

RIP Cliff | Reviewer: Matt | 1/23/10

it looks like everybody thinks this is about addiction but if yuor really think about it maybe the "ice" is a metaphor for a bus and they were talking about Cliff. i mean read the chorus that sounds more like a bus than addiction to me

comatose | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/09

I belive this song talks about someone in comatose state, brain is working good, but the body its just freeze. "no one knows, no one hears what I say" but of course like in all artistic manifestation its just my personal interpretation

Deadly addiction? | Reviewer: Even | 4/22/09

All of you who think that this song is about addiction is probably right. I'd like to add something more to it. First of all, "Eyes of glass stare directly at Death" could mean that the addiction is about to take his life. Another thing is, that at the time, James had a serious alcohol problem. Maybe this is why he wrote this song?