why cant it be literal? | Reviewer: ZaKK | 4/8/09

ya...basically all i got out of this song is A) its a badass song and B) being trapped under ice would suck--it probably is about addiction, but you can't deny the fact that it can be taken very literaly like i take it and the lyrics seem to support my second claim

hmm | Reviewer: sabsabsab | 3/22/09

this song is really awesome! its probably about an addiction or a really bad or unhealthy habit that you cant stop even though you want to. and you dont really have the strength to make a difference to yourself or tell anyone aboutit

dan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/09

i beleive the song is about an alien who's space ship was embedded in the earth for centuries. When he finally woke from his space slumber to destroy mankind he suddenly found that the surface had frozen over. Unable to carry out his fantasy - he remained there in agony, trapped under ice. this is just my interpretation.

Okay... | Reviewer: nosrsly | 3/1/09

those of you who really think this is supposed to be about dying while incased in ice are ridiculous. I would say the closest was "Nichole", though since many of the members have undergone depression/anxiety disorders, I would guess it is closer to that than an addiction. Seeing as I'm currently living with generalized anxiety disorder right now, I can at least say that I can relate extremely well to it. To confront it is to, per say, "touch the ice" which is painful, but it's also painful to just ignore it/wait for the ice to cave in on you once again. So you are, in essence, trapped under ice, with no way out except to face the excruciating pain of breaking the ice yourself.

This, of course, is just one interpretation, I'd enjoy hearing some others (hopefully less literal than some of the previous) if you have them.

I think... | Reviewer: Nichole | 2/1/09

It's like an addiction to something that they cannot break free of. Songs are mainly supposed to show a hidden meaning. Trapped Under Ice being about someone dying under ice? I really don't think...

freakin amazing | Reviewer: Metal Chick | 12/14/08

awesome song
this song kinda seems to be about an addiction to something (im sure james wrote the lyrics, possibly about alcohol addiction??) and not being able to kick the habit, being "trapped under ice"... but yeh, my opinion, and by the looks of things, lots of other people think the same =]
still an incredible song XD

Trapped Under Ice | Reviewer: alex | 11/3/08

My friends dad once woke up in the middle night conscious but with the ability to move any of his body parts. He was momentarily paralyzed or trapped under ice.I think this song is about the power of fear to paralyze somebody to the point of immobility.

Well | Reviewer: Sayer | 10/31/08

I think this song represents someone, who is, you know, medically being frozen. It is needed for him to stay frozen some time, but he wakes up inside the frozen condition, so therefor, he is trapped under ice. And no one stands that awake, so he is just there until he dies freezing.

Cryogenics maybe? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/08

I think that the song is about someone who was frozen using cryogenics and the process to revive him/her in the distant future wound up not working completely, and they were only partially revived, being conscious but still trapped in the cryogenic state.

I don't think the meaning of the song is that literal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/08

it's more like an addiction and ruining your life. Like drugs and dangerous life...he's trapped under the 'ice' (represents the problem) and he wants to get out but he can't...so he screams for help...my opinion at least

just so u know, | Reviewer: mullet boi | 3/17/08

hey this song actually has a double meaning: first, it is very literal, that if one were trapped under the ice in a river or something it would suck,
and second, its about being addicted to crystal meth, otherwise known as ice. think about it. if u like slayer check out my review for
'silent scream'

mhm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/07

metallica has had some of the best songs during heavy metal times, and this song proves how aweome they were, are and will be for the rest of their time!

mhm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/07

metallica has had some of the best songs during heavy metal times, and this song proves how aweome they were, ae and will be for the rest of their time!

ice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/07

the song is about a person whos dying under ice and he cant get out its like. i think it represents a horrible death. i mean who wants to die trapped under ice?

good song | Reviewer: El Queso | 7/24/07

This is a pretty great song. Too bad I dont know what it exactly stands for. I can only guess. :/