song from self | Reviewer: eckosf | 7/24/07

this song is definitely written from within, about self, otherwise the chorus would not have 'I' and 'me's.

1st verse with an intro to the suffering and the 2nd verse about living his mid and senior years " longer caring", "..tired" and then preparing to die regretting every minute of life, and the last line confirms the comparison to self: "this old man here is me"

this composition is very moving and rings through the whole body if you relate and listen to the words as if you were hearing the story from this old man shedding a tear.

the guitar solo - i think shows the bitterness and incisiveness of a controlling and manupalitive man while creating a harmony to promote sympathy.

express yourself, even if you are your own critic

my thoughts(if u want the detailed thought) message me nickastud101 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/07

the song is about a young boy "james" growing up and doing what he was told and how everyone he knew parents and family controlled his life instead of thiers the blood that joins the earth could be taking either he trys to kill himslef or it could be talking metopholica and stating the "monsters" blood but its about how he was controlled and never really able to live his live the way he wanted "What i've felt
What i've known
Never shined through in what i've shown
Never be
Never see
Won't see what might have been
What i've felt
What i've known
Never shined through in what i've shown
Never free
Never me
So i dub thee UNFORGIVEN"

so what he knew and what he felt was never really shown tho how he acted because of the people around him and never know what could have been because he never lived his life really

the unforgiven | Reviewer: Ahmed Elbasiouni | 7/15/07

many people misunderstand THE UNFORGIVEN. the song is about a boy, james, who was raised in a extremley religious family. their parents worked to plant their beleives in him and never gave him the chance to decide. he had to work to please everyone and to follow the rules or otherwise he will be labled unforgiven

The right meaning.. | Reviewer: Pieter | 7/13/07

James wrote this about the divorce of his parents when he was young, and how it changed him and his life..If your parents-like mine-are divorced you recognize a LOT of these feelings in the song..
Oh btw..'TallicA rules!

Dig deep and you shall find | Reviewer: Specsy | 7/8/07

The unforgiven touches every human being, makes you wonder if your what you wanted to be? What's your goals in life and have you made the right choices? Have you let yourself down!? Be true to yourself, because if you don't live a life you want, then theres no one to forgive you.. And you live with doubt

It rocks!!!

awesome. | Reviewer: justine | 6/28/07

I think this song is truly about a man against society or one of it's figures. They break him down until he's no longer able to stand up against their tyranny. It's the perfect portrayal of the classic "breaking out of the norm of society" ballad. I love it.

not so bad | Reviewer: mR. | 6/27/07

I never liked metallica, but I must say this song sounds good...
I like astronomy, nothing else matters and unforgiven (I)

lee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/07

the best band ever. and one of their best songs. its so epic! love it.

Metallica z Mother of Metal Genre | Reviewer: Masrawy | 6/14/07

Oh god i almost heard this song more than 3 hundred times i really find no words enough to express what i feel when i listen to this awesome song ..

its you who yourself decides wats unforgiven & nobody else ..........just you | Reviewer: kanishk | 6/2/07

this song signifies that man in this tale was a saddist so kept goin towards darkness but never realized the silver linin behind the dark cloud."DARKNESS IS ALWAYS THERE TO BRING WAY TO LIGHT | SO ALL U PEOPLE OUT THERE SEE THE LIGHT .............ITS THERE INSIDE UUUUUUUUUU"

Review about The Unforgiven | Reviewer: Brites | 5/29/07

I actually think that this song talks about a boy wich people thought he was a thing that he wasnt, and he had no way to not "be" that thing because they wouldn't change their minds, thats why jaymz wrote: "you labeled me" on that song...


YOUR WRONG | Reviewer: blahblahblahblah | 5/24/07

solo #2 isn a solo...your wrong its called a fill!!!!! DUH

Hell Yeah | Reviewer: the man | 5/23/07

dude, this song is one of my favorite songs of all time......and holy crap! i saw it live in 06 and it KICKED ASS!!!!

raj j | Reviewer: raj jadhav | 5/23/07

metallica is a band from where kickin rock begins. like da way james yells which is something like a mental dose to the head..

just a mexican fan | Reviewer: jesus | 5/23/07

i really, really enjoy this son, is almost my life.
so i just wana mean is great no to sad just the really thrut