WTF! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/12

all of your views are FUCKED head your head out of the fuckin trash can its all the same doesnt matter what song they're all just the personal views of the songwriters. by the way the fag theory must have been derived by that dudes repressed childhood memories of when he was repeatedly entered

my opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/11

the more you feel it the more you go deeper ... so if you listen to a song just listen to it as a song ... not your guidance of life ... you'll learn more be more stronger if you just for once get your head emptied from the bullshit you fill in by considering your self weak... you know if you're getting depressed go out grab a friend or even your brother and PLAY SPORTS ...

all you need is | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/11

A GOOD HEALTH AND A LIFE FULL OF ACTIVITIES ... you think you have it then fuck what crap you have in your mind just do something creative .. think of creative thing ... watch new stuff to expand your knowledge AND DON'T TRY TO RELATE your life with a song... you'll only grow weaker ... play SPORTS the best thing possible to keep your mind working

Re: shamed | Reviewer: Sammi | 12/11/11

I respect your vision of the song, but how could it possibly be about someone pursuing a gay lifestyle? In my opinion, the song is about a boy undergoing criticizm from everyone around him, and about society itself (hence the lyrics 'New blood joins this earth|And quickly he's subdued). Of course, you can have your own opinion, but I just don't agree with it.

shamed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/11

This song refers to when a man finally decides to give up the farce and pursue a gay life style.......

"Through constant pained disgrace
The young boy learns their rules"

Upon being "entered" into the gay community the farce which is his attempt at convincing the world he is straight is painfully disgraces and learns to respect "the rod".

"With time the child draws in
This whipping boy done wrong"

finally through being entered repeatedly he gives in and is whipped like the naughty girl he is.

"He tries to please THEM all
This bitter man he is
Throughout his life the same
He's battled constantly
This fight he cannot win"

The battle against his own homosexuality that he has fought his whole life he cannot win and pleases all of the elders in the gay community (orally)

"To die regretfully
That old man here is me"

Hetfield here is now an elder in the gay community that looks back on his life in the gay community recalling his early years when he was first "entered".

unforgiven | Reviewer: gamer3386 | 11/17/11

This song speaks about ghost that is Jesus,Amen,James,Devil and someone called Eden at same time the soul that can be at more places at same time (Osiris)separated soul)and its fighting for people on this earth its fighting Zeus(world) like God of war and Zeus represents this world this ghost is fighting him self to preserve peace and to return to his throne but he has two choices to stay trapped in this world to save people(that he created)in this world or to escape this world to be One

the truth. | Reviewer: anom | 4/26/11

the song talks about society, when a new person is born theyre free and themselves, but the suffer because of that. like when they laugh at a fat happy boy and he suffer so he cannot be himself.

then he draws in the game, he becomes thin (just an example) to please them all, he does what they tell him and he stops thinking for himself, he listen to the music they listen to even he doesnt like it, he just becomes like the others, he lives for others and not for himself. it always happens in high school for example, we stop being ourselves and we become something we think the ppl might like.

one day he becomes tired of this and then he make the vow to himself. he tries to be himself but ppl start blaming him again, everybody thats the fight he cannot win and one day he realizes he wasted his life caring about others instead of caring about what he wants to be, then he sadly prepairs to die.

see ppl youre all wrong this is the truth.
the song is not so simply about music and new bands and stuffs, its about all the invisible rules of society and the ppl that will reject you if youre different or just yourself, this song is about james life and about everybody´s life at the same time, because we all have been subdued.

all of us.

re: the unforgiving (8/2/10) | Reviewer: edward oleander | 1/11/11

I think you had the first parts right... This isn't about an individual, but the vast majority of people who have their individuality stomped out of them by the societal power structure.

The beginning is reminiscent of Springsteen: "Born down in a dead man's town, the first kick I took is when I hit the ground. End up like a dog that's been beat too much, 'til you spend half your life just covering up."

The theme in both songs is that individuals, and especially those without resources, are bombarded right from birth with harsh lessons of conformity. Springsteen then narrows his view to the making and breaking of Draft-era cannon fodder.

Metallica speaks to the broader audience of all of us. But where you see the song's victim (us) breaking out in success, i see the song saying that he never does win, never gets even that much of a chance... Society wins, and forever bottles him up. Only in his heart, in his fantasies, does he maintain the "vow" he takes... In his real life, he bitterly DOES put up with his oppression, and realizes that he has caved in and drank the kool-aid, so to speak.

"Never shined through in what I've shown"
He has never been allowed to show his true talents, because society wants him to keep his place. Society doesn't value his uniqueness, and the powers thereof just want him to act the role of a peasant and keep his mouth shut.

Then he grows old and prepares to "die regretfully." This is hideously sad, because he NEVER saw any of himself fulfilled. There is no hope, or light, or chance of redemption here... At his core, he realizes that he has failed to live as he might have wished, and he curses the powers that dominated and crushed him his whole life.

This song is pure blackness and depression. Where Springsteen tried to tell the story of Viet Nam vets, Metallica extends to the entire bulk of the lower socioeconomic classes.

I do NOT criticize Metallica for doing what Springsteen already did, because this has been a theme in music for 1000 years. "The Unforgiven" puts into one the bleakest, blackest, and most beautiful forms i have ever seen it.

grace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/10

This song speaks against religiousness... not against God or religion, but religiousness: self-righteousness, pridefulness, judgements and rules that produce condemnation, guilt, shame... all of which oppose Unconditional Love, Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness. The lyrics describe the torment and oppression that comes with the lies and accusations of religiousness i.e. "you're not good enough", "God is angry with you", "you're a loser and you suck!" etc. He dubs them "unforgiven" because they themselves have not received God's forgiveness, mercy and grace. If they had, they would have extended it to him.

How do you get that? | Reviewer: Platypus | 9/11/10

This song is about people trying to control society. Government, movie and music industies, stupid pop-stars, those people. This is a song written when metallica was still good, before they sold out. It happens to all the bands, there's a point where they sell out and no longer care about music anymore just the money. Happens to everyone. Even ozzy sounds like shit these days.

the unforgiving | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/10

This isn't a song about hetfield. This isn't a song about any particular person. It's a song about individuality, and the loss thereof upon joining society.

"New blood joins this earth, "
A person, you or me, enters into the social fray.

"And quickly he's subdued,"
Instantly judged, criticized, taken into control by those with social power. The mainstream, etc.

"Through constant pained disgrace
The young boy learns their rules"
"We will attack you, and break you down until you do as we do."

"With time the child draws in,"
Eventually, the "child" starts to go along, against his will.

"This whipping boy done wrong,"
"Done wrong" in that wrong was done to him, and
"done wrong" in that he's become convinced that he actually did something wrong to deserve the
punishment inflicted upon him.

"Deprived of all his thoughts,"
Due to constant judgment and appraisal, he can no longer even think his own thoughts, have his own opinions, have time to himself, because he has to fall in line, and do as everyone else is pushing him to do.

"The young man struggles on and on he's known,"
He eventually struggles through this and receives social recognition and success in the world.
But he makes

"A vow unto his own,
That never from this day
His will they'll take away-eay"

He makes a stand, that he won't put up with others forcing their ways on him, that he won't ignore his will any longer.

He displays his remorse:

"What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown,"
What he has truly felt, and truly believed about his time in the world, he's never had the chance to express.

"Never be
Never see
Won't see what might have been,"
So much potential for showing something individual, from himself, but none of that will ever be, will ever be seen.

"Never free
Never me
So I dub thee UNFORGIVEN,"
He's never free, can never be himself,
so decides to reject the world that tried to control him.

The rest explains itself, from this context.

We are all Unforgiven | Reviewer: Bane | 7/15/10

I was first introduced to Metallica when I was 14. My family wasnt really into their kind of music. But as I see it I was lucky. "Black" was the first album that I had hear by them. I was entranced. This song has been "My #1" since then. I even learned to play the bass just so I could play this song. Each and every one of us will look at the words and will find meaning in this song. Thats not the point. The point is it makes us feel, makes us react. This song to each and every one of us strikes a chord within us that rings so true. When someone offers their idea as to what the song "means", just smile and acknowledge that however they see the meaning, we all feel that same chord.

Slaves Of Think | Reviewer: Gerald Encarnacion | 7/7/10

hey guys im not a expert of that kind of things but i dont know why i feel so confort when i listen that song i feel so realized and it is because i`m an SLAVE OF THINKINg just like him, somethimes i feel like void.. and i just wanna write what i feel... i couldnt see nothing in my words but everybody that read my words tried to take me as a strange bug... but i dont care about what they say, i just know that what i write is MY reality, My way of see the world and My way to look at the sky and wish some hope light who ca nsave our world of what its become... i mean i understand the meaning of that song maybe im wrong, maybe im right but the lyrics of that song for me are so reconfortant, when i listen it i realized that im not alone in that unforgiven world... Gracias por leerlo xD me salio dificil porke no domino buen el ingles ^^

death during life as well | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/10

the man who told us a bit of his life almost made me cry, and, hearing me saying that is very hard, because my life has been hard and i´ve learned that show the pain inside the soul makes you seen weak from prying eyes just waiting the perfect time to get rid of you, by the way, my father always make our life miserable, every time we want to get out this hell, he pull us back and keep us in, surelly I am not a prisoner ether, but is hard to stand against a lawless town where the priority are the men and after and if extra time their children and wives who do not believe or choose to only follow. When people who supose to just follow try to shine in a world like this one, is always oppressed by the rest, we still fighting against that hell that everybody calls life, but make no mistake, life was meant to be enjoyed, you must to forget bad memories and try to get good ones and so you make the only availabe path to get free, out of the hell, im just 14, and i have a hole battle waiting out there, a battle that i should get started when i grow up, but people like my dad made me start before, so now i don`t know what to do with my younger brother, how to educate him, how to help mom against the life, while holding to little boys, been father/mother at the same time, and dad hmpm!, he´s living la vida loca, with no responsabilities and an unreal freedom that lives him in this hell system where you grow reproduse and die, also a cute little girl, very smart but confuse, that cute girl that i love helps me to get free and I´m sure i make her feel the same way, her life is the same, same dad, same mom (the father/mother mom) and a younger sister, her smile never shuts down and that give strengh to keep fighting for freedom, real freedom , but, her soul has been pisoned too, that hurts me too and i would give my life so everybody around me could enjoy the life even if that means i have to stay a hole eternity on this hell, one of my friends has the same life and i can write about two million, three hundred thousand, six hundred sixty six more examples of people like that, but it´s not the them, it´s good to see the i´m not along on this, and that people far away feels the same, thanks Livingdeadman you indirecly give me faith, somehow, thanks

metalica\M/ | Reviewer: Dustye | 6/8/10

dude...i just love this band...i listen to metalica everyday of my i'm 13 years old and i listen them from 6 so...whatever..that dosen't matter....i wanna say that i love them and i can't wayt for them to come to romania;D i'm so exited..i already have the tickets for the and my BFF:D