wowwww | Reviewer: kendallllll | 11/4/07

some of these lyrics are very different from what i thought they were
good thing i dont go around singing this stuff haha

emotion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/07

to a musician, like myself, music, and the poetry of it, is all about communicating what you feel, expressing your emotions to the listener. i like this song very much, and others of the type by metallica, because you can truly feel the emotions of the musicians and the writers as you're listening to the song. It's definitely one of my favorties

godness | Reviewer: Andreas | 10/19/07

James and Lars are just pure godness.... I think this song is about James, because he says "that old man here is me" Maybe he became pushed around in his childhood because he wasnt afraid to show emotions and came from a religios family.I think also this song has some hate to it because "the young boy learns their rules" is that he tried to fit in to the "regular" crowd because he did´nt want to be left behind... but then he just didnt care what people said and became the most succesful musician in the world together with Lars // sorry for my bad english , i am swedish :)

How we've forgotten.... | Reviewer: mafofs | 10/12/07

the song may also be about all of us who tried to keep (which we all tried to do at some point or another)the basic and instincive reactions to life around us and then, they tortured (mentally or emotionally or both) with the behavior patters that are acceptable to our so called "Society". In the process,we lost(or learn to keep ourselves in leash) our very basic emotions those makes us human and become some one whom we never wanted to be in the first place. And for those who don't wanted to change or rejected that ideology, are ostrasized or humiliated...some stayed the way they were...some still lives in the middle and struggels...some, well, they have so completely forgotten that the things ever existed in them...ironey...

what this song is really about. | Reviewer: shawn atkinson | 10/3/07

this song is about a child newly born into the world. (new blood joins this earth.) and then the adults around him realize he doesnt fit the mold so they subdue him (and quickly he's subdued) and punish him for his behavior which they dont approve of which in my opinion is an anger problem or being violent or something. (through constant pain disgrace) and then he learns he cant be himself. (the young boy learns their rules.) this song for me is a perfect description of my life. metallica rocks!! R.I.P. Cliff Burton

never free | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/07

i love this song!actually it is the only reason why i started listening this kind of music.."never free" is the reality...

great song | Reviewer: G | 10/3/07

this has to be one of the greatest songs i've ever heard. the music is very emotionally written, and the lyrics complement it well. being a guitarist, i listen mostly to music. the guitar solo of this song is defintely the most memorable and greatest sounding one i've ever heard(all this is just my opionion of course)--its not the most technical thing ever written, which is great, because i can actually play it. the emotion it conveys in the high notes and the theme changes is astonishing.

freakin amazing song imo

WRONG | Reviewer: Alex | 9/30/07

Music should mean whatever you want it to mean. Im sure when Hetfield rereads it he thinks of all sorts of stuff about his past, its the same when anyone else is listening to it to me.

A few & there.. | Reviewer: Vic | 9/2/07

Im not gonna sit here & lie im not a rock type of dude. Yea i listen to Hip Hop..Not rap fuck that new rap shit. Im a hip hop kind of person...
& the only reason I even found this song was becasue of a friend over a game...& even i can see that this is a good song. Its really deep just makes me wonder what he went thro to make a song like some of y'all that might be an ignorant question, but like i said i know nothing about the genre. Im not gonna
front that shit was tight..liked the instrumental
if you can call it that. Anyone know where you can find that at.

w0w.. | Reviewer: sPeechless aNgel | 8/28/07

it's 0ne of my favorite s0ng bc0z its bEautiful and i know there is a dEep story behind That s0ng..

This song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/07

Is based on how a young james hetfield was welcomed into his life. Due to his parent's religion and their control, he had a very rough childhood. He also speaks of this in the song The God That Failed, meaning because of his parent's religion, though christian, didnt believe in medical science. So hetfield could never play any sports or go take science or health classes cause his parents didnt let him, and he was 'labeled' as an outcast. But when his mother came down with a cureable cancer, she died from it anyway because of her religion, hence the lyrics in God That Failed 'Left you cold' as in his mothers death and 'with him in grave' as in hetfield's past. Look up his bio's.

go work!! | Reviewer: donivan | 8/15/07

i don't know where you take the info above.. but your coments are all different..are you a kind of philosophers? i like metalica but all of you are mad!!take a job 'n don't disturb... i like son of grace too...

Mitchell | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/07

I've been told that this song was written due a boy who used to be bulied at school by the class mates revolted himself and one day he took a gunmachine to the school and shooted all the students presents on that day!!!

genocide | Reviewer: mitchell | 8/4/07

I've been told that this song was written due a boy who used to be bulied at school by the class mates revolted himself and one day he took a gunmachine to the school and shooted all the students presents on that day!!!

dunno a title | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/07

it always gives me a strange feeling when i listen to this song,, i think its really written from the heart of james it's just i don't know you can hear its written from its heart i think that it touches everyone