the unforgiven is real | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/08

lol it's not bout pain , struggle..
it's about a normal day of life.. everyday something somewhere with someone goes wrong...

why do we live actually?
1)Birth, School, Work, Death?
2) party all life
3) dunno, we'll see..
4) completely useless
5) you decide your own goal in life..
why do we have to follow the rules..
so we get in prison MAYBE, so what.. we still got years infront of us.. if we all did what we really wanted.. then life was great, now it's a piece of shit. do this, n do that.. and why? so we get money... and why we need money? to buy a house.. you can also build your house witht he stones you got from someone after you gave something in return... money makes life shitty.. look at the dark ages.. yu think those people were bored and sitting behind a fucking computer whole day, fighting their boreness?
i hate this world where we live in, and I don't see what's so fun about going to work, till you're fucking old, and then retire.. then what.. you can't practise any sports without having complaints, you can't fuck anymore, you can't do this anymore you can't do that anymore..
great to look out for he, if you know that's your future.. good going i'll say..

III | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/08

May your not-existing god bless the the strongest bourgeois machine of repression that you label as embodiment of freedom. Go to hell with your neoliberal bullshit, nobody is free in capitalism! Even the ruling class aint free, their chains are made of their own greed and unabillity to conceive their human being, as well as the world around them...

The capitalist sistem completely destroys our individual personality, cos we have to fill the roles that it has prepared for us. We are born to be slaves... From the moment you are born, you are sistematicaly being subdued, by your parents (they don't do this by purpose, their individuality has died long ago, and they just play their roles), school, surronding, mass media. All this things are purposely made to destory your human person, your free will, and make you a slave of capitalist sistem, being completely unaware of your own existing... You have to go to school, if you want to go to high school, you have to high school, if you want to be able to work, you have to work if you want to survive, and all your life you are being a slave jet unaware of your own position. You will work hard all your life urged by the capitalist myth of success, you will just be a hardworking slave, while the privileged elite - the buorgeoisie will be gaining fortunes on your back...

This is a song about a man in witch a child has not died - his individuality has not died, he vows that they'll never take his will away. He lived in a world in witch he could never fully express himself, he was never free, he could never be himself (chorus)... He fought all his life against them, against the sistem, against everything that surrounded him (maybe just in thoughts, maybe literally). In the end he realised that he could never win, old man prepared to die regretfully, so he "dub thee unforgiven". It is one of the saddest songs I've ever heard...

Arise ye workers from your slumbers, arise ye prisoners of want!!!

Its America...growing up our dreams | Reviewer: Ginasusie | 5/21/08

We all born into this world the same, FREE..however from the moment of birth our entire world is molded....our parents, our families and our teachers and other major authorative figures in our lives, we can't CHOSE them and yet THEY are the guiding forces in our lives....THEY are the ones that mold the person but ultimately not the personality (he knows enough to dub them Unforgiven as he lives his life their way yet his mind craves a different life). He's desperatly trying to please everybody, but everybody is using him, hurting him, abusing him, beating that creativity down. He realizes that he can't have power over them, no matter what he does. So he lives his life to their rules. A young man's struggle in this world - he realizes that he can't have power over them, no matter what he does.. "You labled me, I'll label you. So I dub thee unforgiven" - It is a very very sad song.
God Bless America and Freedom of Expression.

Unforgive roks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/08

its pain and agony conqured every moment of our lives. Mistakes looking at us from skies and feeling foresaken for all fallen need and desire still we do struggle and survive...... and we dub the unforgiven.

Unforgiven Rokz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/08

its pain and agony conqured every moment of our lives. Mistakes looking at us from skies and feeling foresaken for all fallen need and desire still we do struggle and survive...... and we dub the unforgiven.

Insane! | Reviewer: Unknown | 4/15/08

I'm sure its about a old man who says at the children what is the life and all misery he need to pass...

1-New blood joins this earth...

2-And quickly he's subdued
Through constant pained disgrac
The young boy learns their rules...

1- The young boy...

2- The Pain, the experience he acquire or learning...

But i think the old man he always says what its the life in general and all that things we need to live...
Like our parent, they always says, Don't do that, its not good...
Don't do this, u will go in jail...
But we don't really understand and we're doing this anyways...


But we all describe this song with our life so its different...

Have a nice life all =) And DON'T DO THAT ITS NOT GOOD LOL!!
See Ya N' Take Care All !!!

help please | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/08

i love this song and i need help. Im doing a report on this song and im having a hard time analizing this song. Is he a slave, in prison, or a little person in a big world??? Im confused. please help. e mail me at thanks.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/08

i like this song a lot
their music sounds so
heavy, well after all
they're heavy metal
i love listening to the beginning
of "I Disappear" in a low volume
and when 30 seconds have pased,
i turn the volume all the way up

Poop | Reviewer: Boob | 2/9/08

I think, personally, that this song is about the many pains, and struggles, one has while grunting a giant, steamy, triumphant dump. It perfectly describes the many struggles, and pains one will encounter. And in the end, he dies from hemorrhoids. Truly a touching song, teaches you a lesson too. Thank you Metallica. Your bathroom experiences will help everyone for ages to come.

My Thought | Reviewer: #54 Baby Pud | 1/2/08

id have to say this song aint talkin about slavery, or some that other crap i think its talkin about a young boy coming far and not even gettin noticed for his hard work and dedication to something

thank u | Reviewer: claudia lopez | 12/16/07

well 1st time i hear this group my brother told me about and i like this story but its kind of confussing with a little help now i know so thanks.=}tha best

I | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/07

....... song of an old man realizing he has just wasted his life beeing just a little part of an giant civilisational machine which has forgotten it's purpose.....Racism?......don't think so.

My View | Reviewer: Darrin | 12/12/07

I think the song is really about a child who is born into this society, and forced to conform and become one of us. Doing wrong = punishment (Jail, Death)

"What i've felt
What i've known
Never shined through in what i've shown"

Means he has realised this world for what it really is, a Society of corruption and fear, where people are forced to conform and get jobs and live a minimal life (Work, Wife, Kids) so he can live for a false cause to be in this world (Capital) Held back by a barrier, (Taxes, anything money related holding him back from complete freedom because he is still in debt (Another Brick in the Wall)) But he is saying he lived as one of them, but never shown it in fear of being "shunned" or "disposed of". And these people, who run the society, who feed it in the cubicles punching numbers for orders of the next Ipod or anything else are The Unforgiven, who have ruined this worlds balance and created a plague of humans. Once he is finally through his barrier (done living life) he sees that. They Labeled him, (Fill in Job Position) and he labeled them, The Unforgiven. As soon as he gets through the barrier, he sees that they are not deserving of whats behind and shuts them out forever.

What I think the meaning of the song is | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/07

I think the song is talking about racism. The song seems like its talking about a young boy who was taken as a slave at the start, then the chorus is the boy singing. He gets older as the song goes on, it seems.
"You labelled me, I'll label you, never free, never me, now I dub thee unforgiven" could be saying "You labelled me a slave, and I won't forgive you."
Thats just my thought anyway.

AWESOME | Reviewer: Zack! | 11/20/07

True, I agree with everyone here Metallica is a awesome band and their lyrics express how they feel which is another thing i find interesting. This song is one of my favorites because i can relate to it(Kinda Cheese i know :P) but i am glad i found this song it has changed the way i c things. :) KEEP ROCKING