'Civilization' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/14

In general, it can be relatable to anyone who has grown up within the machine called 'civilization'. This is about being subdued from the time you are born by being constantly whipped into a certain type of mould with rules that fit in with society and mostly everyone participates in it because they're also indoctrinated in the same way and think it's for your own good so at every turn your own thoughts are deprived because they don't matter and will even be turned against you as if you've done something wrong if they don't fit into the mould of society. The song is about a guy who knew this at one time and told himself they wouldn't do it to him -let them take away his will- but then changing to trying to please people and do what it takes to get along and fit in because he gets tired of the fight where every time you attempt to be individual you get knocked down by the majority and in the end regretfully realizing that's what happened and he did let them repress that part of him so that he never got to see what might have been. We all know what that's like -especially if your looking at this from a computer I'm going to assume you haven't been spared of this by living your whole life in a remote area outside of 'civilization' because it only takes a taste of 'civilization' to know what this feels like.

Great Song | Reviewer: Blackened | 4/7/14

Im a colombian guy, its funny because i never seen the liyrics before but now i understand the real sense of the song, i feel so much inspired with this lyrics and this song its similar to my life so thank u for upload this nice song

the song | Reviewer: çağla | 11/12/13

boy just listen to the song..everyone has a right to get the song in the way he wants...so shut up this is a meaningful song.if you dont think so,then just listen to it for the melody,right?????

One of my favorite songs | Reviewer: New Jersey Metal Mom | 1/6/13

I am adopted this song is about me. I was taken out of my natural element and expected to adapt to the family I was raised in. They loved me the best they could but my whole life has been like trying to shove a square peg into a round hole it isn't going to work unless you sand off some of the parts of the square. When people continually do not accept you for who you are you get bitter because you have always accepted them. For my 45th birthday I got an Unforgiven tattoo on my forearm. I can relate to so many Metallica songs and James in particular that is why they are my favorite band.

What this song iz about. | Reviewer: Cyborg174 | 1/2/13

This is about a man(specificly James H.) whao was born in a christian family, who dont belive in medicine and stuff like that,only god. But the man spends his whole life trying to please the and his thoughts and dreams keep getting destroyed by them so much that he becomes bitter and regretful that he spent his whole life trying to please them amd not himself. Then he commits the unforgiven, which is probably to be able to "Die Regratflluy".

The meaning of this song. | Reviewer: Eddyo | 12/17/12

I think I can tell you what this song is all about.
After all, I am 41 years now, and living the song myself.
It's about somebody who is lonely, and never understood.
From childhood on.
He tried to, but they never cared about him.
And as this person is getting older and older, people see that at a curtain point in his life, he doesn't care anymore.
And then it's too late.
They're trying to say:
Before that happens with somebody, please try to understand each other a little bit better.

Thank you.

Shut up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/12

i always thought this song was about the religious struggles as well as the things you are forced to do throughout your life without questioning them however it doesn't matter I like the song and it makes me reflect on problems similar to my own

Great song | Reviewer: Aenimick | 10/30/12

It's a dark song yea but the message is things are what u make of them. I'm in the Us and this is a great country run by great people. People will alway find things to complain about. Look around u, and appreciate what u have. And don't forget to vote for president obama

You got to be kidding me | Reviewer: seriously | 10/23/12

Are you all retarded...do some background on the band itself before you assume anything. Metallica is a hard core rock band full of guys that go around banging chicks after each show...So tell me why a hard core rock band would sing about a faggot....answer? They wont...goto the offical site and interview...its about the struggles of life

Surely.... | Reviewer: Bob the printer | 7/28/12

Songs shouldn't have one set meaning
Songs can have any meaning you want them to have
For me, I can heavily relate my life through what James is singing. I have been on the autistic spectrum all my life and through my life I've always felt I've been doing things wrong but I can't control them. The lines 'never shined through in what I've shown', 'never seen what might have been' and 'you labelled me, I'll label you' shine through for me personally. Now, I know this is probably not was in mind when this song was written but that's what it means to me.
Of course it can be about homosexuality. It can also be about fighting against poverty or racism or biogotry or whatever. Whatever it means to you is important.

Funniest Shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/12

I know this might piss off everyone here, but the gay meaning of this song expressed by anonymous with the title shamed is the funniest interpretation of this song if he meant it to be humorous. Everyone has their own views, and no offense to the gay community, but since generally society does make fun of things that should not be made fun of, the statement of "finally through being entered repeatedly he gives in and is whipped like the naughty girl he is" comes across to me as a creative and humorous way of interpreting this song. Taken in a serious way it has meaning if you compare it to bullshitting a class on philosophy and interpreting the meaning of things in creative ways lol. This song probably doesn't have anything to do with gayism, but I found it humorous.

explaining songs | Reviewer: Hans | 7/1/12

Please stop trying to explain what songs are about, it's useless. Our interpretations are all different.
The real art is finding it's meaning for yourself.
The artist gives us their interpretations of reality and emotion, we become artist in 
listening, looking, and interpreting what has been presented by the artist, in our own 
language, experience, and emotion. Devise your own meaning 
of the art presented and for what it means to you.

just shut it | Reviewer: metallibasher | 5/29/12

why does everything have to have a meaning? why cant you just look at what an artist does n respect it for what it is? no try to find some meaning that will make you seem sooo deep man. and its definitely not a song about some faggot

Life of a human being | Reviewer: Milan from Belgrade | 5/8/12

I really don't know if Metallica was refering to "GAY" sexuality and even if they did, that's their view. You should observe the song as a whole generic story. To each it's own. I don't like gays, but I don't talk about them nor do I care, live and let live.
In my oppinion, this song speaks of how, since the moment we are born, we cannot be ourselves(free) but we are put in the bonds of society, where we have to follow the rules and do with our life what is expected of us to do, not to be able to follow your goals and dreams just so that we could survive. Otherwise we are considered as outcasts from the society. "We all have to fit in." that's what the message is, they force us to live in a pattern.
And all u idiots and bigots who are constantly thinking just about a boy who is gay, well plz see a doctor for that
Peace out, I'm off to Metallica's second concert in Europe today in Belgrade, fuck yeah!

Opinion what song is about | Reviewer: Jeff H. | 4/18/12

Here's the meaning between each stanza (only the first ones that show because it repeats it):
1. Boy getting mistreated because of he being different and is forced to learn new rules by him recieving pain.
2. Time goes on and the boy gets whipped for doing evil and he can no longer think for himself which makes him struggle in life and realizes that he has to bve on his own and he can't let his freedom be taking away from them.
3. What he felt and hes known never having freedom, never being what he wants to be, never been positive.
4. Deidcated to their lives, battling constantly to be free its no use and he is bitter.
Sounds like a person was to weak and scared to stand up for themselves... I did like the homosexuality to this but techically that wasnt the sole purpose of the song. Rock bands focused on Women and their own ego not men. Email me at jsholmes45@live.com if you truly like my review