THE UNFORGIVEN | Reviewer: mooo?? | 10/1/08

hmm ive read sum reviews that suggest things like how sumones family is controlling them and they couldnt do anything so as they became older, they became more bitter. i think this makes sense juss cause ive seen the music video and the boy/man/old man is in a.. cell of sum sort so hes trapped and cant do anything. i also agree with thaa posts that say its about a man who doesnt take chances or risks in life and he regrets it all and what not. see i think its a little of both but i cant really explain it..
i guess hes being controlled and hes obeying whos controlling him? not taking thaa chance to live life and have fun maybe? then he regrets not saying anything.. ahh i hope whoever reads this is smart enough to make sense of my jibber jabber O.O

Metallica (in their own words) | Reviewer: Ally | 9/19/08

It's about a guy who never really takes advantage of certain situations, never really takes chances. Then, later on in his life, he regrets not having done anything with his life, so he dubs the rest of the world the 'unforgiven'.- James Hetfield

I agree | Reviewer: Dawn morrel | 9/19/08

I think ur view is really good and moving wat u say makes the most sence of wat i heard people say trying to explain this song but then again this song is really how the listener views witch is y i really like songs like these that have many meanings to many people ass for the part where u say u soon turn 20 im only 17 and i have hint that point its very hard to deal with when u reach this point and all u feel is if u have lost everything

i agree | Reviewer: Dawn morrel | 9/18/08

I think ur view is really good and moving wat u say makes the most sence of wat i heard people say trying to explain this song but then again this song is really how the listener views witch is y i really like songs like these that have many meanings to many people ass for the part where u say u soon turn 20 im only 17 and i have hint that point its very hard to deal with when u reach this point and all u feel is if u have lost everything

This is my life | Reviewer: Josh | 9/4/08

For me it is about my family running my life and not letting me have a life of my own. Every since I was a kid my grandmother, mother and my sister have ruled my life with their thoughts their big BS and being so controlling. I not not suppose to have friends not suppose to go anywhere not suppose to have a life outside of them. The older I get the more bitter I become for all the fun I could have had without my controlling family.

unforgiven | Reviewer: Kaveman | 8/21/08

yea i am with the person who stated on 6/27/2008, hell with job money and fame the dark age is the best age a man could live, to live free i mean to live freely freedom and not know when death comes

That old man here is me | Reviewer: Dae | 8/24/08

For me this song means a sort of passage trough life
One is born into this world pure gets filled by ideals however finds it near impossible to fulfil them all as his elders rarely do so how can a child be expected to? /And quickly he's subdued
Soon one finds that there are ways to please others outside of these ideals (e.g. lying and such) /The young boy learns their rules
In one's life there are people that (maybe not on purpose) make him feel bad (like teachers, bosses, parents, siblings) by having many requests, not being satisfied by his results etc. and it is these people that are IMO the Unforgiven
Thus one can hardly be himself, always having to do as expected /Never free, never me
When one is finaly old enough to undertand his childish ideals he finds that he has abandoned them and finds it very hard to pick them up again (perhaps this frustration leads to becoming someone's "unforgiven")
And finaly (the battle may be long as it may be short) he gives up these ideals and simply doesn't care anymore (things like truth, justice, humanity, benevolence are just words to him) and loses a general purpose in life /The old man then prepares To die regretfully
Then perhaps when you hear this tale you realize "That old man here is me"
btw I find myself to be in the "old man" stage of my life already and I'm going to turn 20 next week

No... | Reviewer: Dan | 8/22/08

The dude below me I actually agree with everything you stated except during your *one* explanation because you contradict everything... you say you do not have control of your life? yet you say your mind controls your life as well... well you can control your mind it just isnt easy you need to know how... so that expo confused me and maybe Ive interpreted this wrong idk... but it does sound like a lot of truth in what you spoke

growing up | Reviewer: the unforgiven one | 8/17/08

As a teen i believe this song is about growing up as a teen and going through the difficulties of being rejected by your family and carrying the thoughts that your family put in your heads your entire life. That is the position I am in and this song, it just, makes me think about it, and in a way describes how i feel, Metallica has a great way of making songs that everybody can relate to. I don't know maybe that is just the way i take it, everybody has their own interpretations of songs.

Metallica music | Reviewer: CharlesTheSnake | 7/28/08

If you take some time and read all of
the metallica's lyrics and apply them
to your own life, you would realize that
metallica in a one way is talking about
some control, but if you pay a little
attention, you would realize eventualy
that they are talking about boundries
in our minds and heads,
because the REAL boundries and control is in our mind.
Sky is not the limit, our mind is, that's the real true.
Ask any "great" man, and he I'll tell you the same thing.

Pay attention to the following lyrics:

- One -
Man who hadn't belived that he could do anything for himself, well he was right beacuse of his condition, but take a look at the video, his father has taught him trought out his hole life that he is not in charge of his own life.

- Welcome home -
Control of the society,
but also man who is trying to "escape"
from that life. "They" poisoned his mind
and he is trying to "reach out",
and he dream that all the time,
but it all seem so hard:

"Dream the same thing every night
I see our freedom in my sight
No locked doors, no windows barred
No things to make my brain seem scarred"

"That dream is my reality
They keep me locked up in this cage"

"Sanitarium, leave me be
Sanitarium, just leave me alone"

"Build my fear of what's out there
Cannot breathe the open air
Whisper things into my brain
Assuring me that I'm insane
They think our heads are in their hands
But violent use brings violent plans
Keep him tied, it makes him well
He's getting better, can't you tell?"

"No more can they keep us in
Listen, damn it, we will win
They see it right, they see it well
But they think this saves us from our hell"

"Fear of living on"

...And so on, an' on... there are so many lyrics, and so little space :D ..."RtL"; "MoP"; "FtB"...

And however you reply to this comment, remember that every song is something else to someone else.
This is my interpretation, and I belive that it's very close to truth.

Metallica rulzz ;)

p.s. I apologize for wild grammar :D

I'm not much for introductions. Titles suck. | Reviewer: Andrew | 7/25/08

Whoever commented about the guy commenting on 6/23 might want to think again. All he did was offer an explanation of the song the way Metallica wanted to convey it. I don't want to give doubt to anyone but you're only oppressed if you make yourself oppressed.

The world is what it is whether you live under capitalism or absolute anarchy. There will always be an upper class and a lower class in any government, (or lack of it.) It's normal to envy the upper class because they have the money, power, luxury and what have you that you lack.

To ridicule them and "fight" them in terms of argument is really useless as the song explains. To truly win the battle all you have to do is rise above them. How you do that is really up to you. The way I see it is to beat them at their own game without losing any morals or values along the way.

You make it through to the end and you have your money and power then it's up to you to decide what to do with that. So long as you have your morals and values in tact you'll be able to exercise your money and power the right way, as you see fit, in the end. Thus you have beaten the system or "systim" as Mr. Anon 6/23 seems to spell it.

It's not greedy to want money and power, it's how you use the money and power that defines what greed is. No one lives for free but that doesn't mean you'll never be free if you know how to change it. To give up on it is your own problem; so, might I suggest not giving up?

It's a song more about capitalism. It's about everything. To look at it in form of capitalism is ignorant and restricts the outgoing message because it can be applied to everything, not just America. No matter where you turn your head there is money and power even if you'd least suspect it there is a toll.

I don't want to pretend to know everything but I'll tell you what I do know so take from this what you will. Take nothing if it floats your boat but at least I know how to spell. At least that gives me some integrity but don't take my word for it. Like I said, take a look around and see for yourself because if you don't you'll only be another sheep of the flock. I'm only another idiot.

great lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/08

the anonymous writer that responded on 6/23/2008 has given me a lot to think about...i must thank him for how he has explained this society to was a great explanation and after reading it i believe it to be completely true...i will take what he has said and use it to better myself...he may never read this again but i had to pay my thanks because he might be one to make me change some things in my life...i will take what he has written here and give as much credit to him as possible on my blog in myspace...thank you

as for the song...i've always viewed it as a sort of slave driven society...they live off of slaves and they take every part away from the slaves that make them themselves and turn them into mindless working beings which can't think for themselves or else they are punished...and this boy decides he wants nothing of it and tries to go against it but they overpower him and strip him of everything his mind had to offer...his will, his thoughts, his dreams...and he could never explain to the others what the evil society was doing to them and how they were forced to be someone they aren't (the chorus)...the man is turned bitter through such hateful labor and dies regretting that he could never change what he was eventually forced to believe...he will never forgive the society for what it has done to so many innocent lives

if you think real hard and read some of the other reviews...this song can actually be very closely related to america

Here's my interpretation,,, | Reviewer: anon | 7/14/08

well everyone has their own interps so you're all right, but here's mine.

I was listening to it this morning and it kinda dawned on me that I can relate it to my past relationship that I might be still bitter about.

Maybe dating in general actually.. that is until you actually find the right woman.

"New blood joins this earth and quickly he's subdued...", from what I believe to be a boy is born into this world and then he must obey all the rules(or B.S. women put on us that p*ssy whip us and change us from who we are to what they want us to be).

think of it that way and whenever they say "they" or "them" or "their" think of "them" as women. Now think of the boy and the old man(same person) as yourself or as I interp it to be myself. I've tried to please them all and I've become bitter through the "pained disgrace". I "no longer care" about pleasing them all cause I'm getting old, I regret not changing for the female species because I'm not perticularly happy about what i've done or not done in the past relationships like changing for them or molding myself to what they want in a "man", but I stand by my choices because I just cannot change for someone that ultimately doesn't appreciate you for who you are. The "never free, never me" parts i see it as how the man feels when the controlling woman is not letting him out with the boys, screening his phone calls etc. So when they label me as something.. I'll label them as something and they are unforgiven for being hard on a decent guy that may not bring world peace but would bring inner peace.

Well that's my interpretation and I'll stand by that, but I bet you it's got a completely different meaning,.. I really hate to bash women but thats how I feel about it with this song, not to bash all women, just the cream of the krap ya know? don't think it's about war or the american publics freedom so i don't know where some of you guys get those kinda meanings from, chill out on the september 11 (rap... it's probably just the life of a hard working mans life that he felt was just not good enough from his parents views or a boy that was thrown into jail or something... ask james.. he might know, hahaha.

Every life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/08

This is every man in some way. some will win the fight, some lose, and other deny or give it up... I am this man though. America stands for freedom, but if you think you're free, try walking into a deli and urinating on the cheese. we just look free when compared to the rest of the world. but it has, and will cost us. we invent diseases, delusions of the mind, we let people get by by doing nothing, trod on the ones who work for everything. the world is done for. it's only a matter of time. fight now if you have a pair, and maybe our age can step up and fix what the generations before have screwed up.

some fine COMmEnTS | Reviewer: pRocker | 6/28/08

and there is so much more criticism to add to. Instead of this, i came up with a thought: why is there no island or continent where all truly-enlightend freaks say could live. Should be possibly. At least a small resort, we wouldn't be too many of knowing wise persons. Hit me up on

FanQ and fair wewwuh to ya.