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Performed by Metallica

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The Unforgiven II | Reviewer: Jasper | 7/19/08

Metallica have the best lyrics ever made they are so deep going and in understand them all.
I like all songs of Metallica i'v got every album i can't wait for the next album. My fav songs are ( I have no favorite they are all favorites there is no nr 1 )

Fade to black
The Unforgiven
Stone cold crazy
Ride the lightning
The Four Horseman
Low Man's Lyric
And Justice for All

Greetz from Holland

you can quote me on the quote unquote. | Reviewer: WhoaHeyGuy | 6/24/08

if you wanna get the full effect on being unforgiven, then take 2 i-pod's, on one, play the unforgiven, on the other, play the unforgiven II, put an earphone in each ear, and listen for the next 5 minutes. Its pretty cool.

beautiful song | Reviewer: Zach Malpensado of | 4/12/08

Notice the title is spelled "Unforgiven II", but the name, in a way, is spoken in the song. Anyway, it's an awesome song, sort of a love song, but just plain awesome. Metallica's the greatest band ever just because they *can* do love songs, such as this and Nothing Else Matters, but they can also do songs like King Nothing and ...And Justice for All, as they can play songs like 2x4 and Ride the Lightning. And yes, I just grouped those songs. Metallica is the best metal band in history, period.

-Zach Malpensado of

To Sander and Igor | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/08

The speaker of the song isn't one of the Unforgiven. If you listen to the first song, you'll notice he "dubs thee unforgiven", meaning all those who have treated him wrong in life are the Unforgiven. So, at the end, when she betrays him, she becomes one of the Unforgiven.

NOT a love song. To sander | Reviewer: Igor | 12/28/07

It contains some love directions, but I think, the main theme is enother.
I think, the point is, that all people are hypocritical. They, or it's better to say we all, are triing to hide some parts of our personality and nature from other people and, what is the worst, from our salves. We lie to ourselves, so we are unforgiven.
He wants to open his nature, he wants to be clean, but he wants to "confess" to a clean not unforgiven human.
In the end, he finds out, that she also "plays" and liys to him and her self, and that is why she is unforgiven and he can't open to her. So he will be still unforgiven.
Last words "Never free" means, that there is no human who is clean. Every body lie to themselves, so we are all unforgiven and he can't be saved.

To Thomas | Reviewer: Sander | 12/16/07

Thank you so much! i finally understand both songs :P Theres just one thing i doesn't seem to understand... what's wrong with her beeing unforgiven, he is himself, and he even want's her to say that she has suffered the same way as him (Something she would only be able to say, if she was unforgiven too), and he is unforgiven himself, he should be able to forgive her??? well, anyway, if you see this, i realy hope u'll anwser! In the meantime, i will wondder myself, but ty so much for giving me a point of view on this song! :P

Damn good | Reviewer: Tessa | 11/13/07

That's really one of the best love songs I've ever heard. I love Metallica and I love how they put in words so many of the thoughts that I have everyday.

A Heartfelt Sequel | Reviewer: Thomas | 11/10/07

To really understand this song, you need to listen to is as a sequel to the original Unforgiven, or even an interlude. The original is about anger at society; this is about betrayal by an individual.

In the original, Hetfield sings about his life so far, how he was controlled and punished and forced to become something other than what he was, and how the real him was locked up inside. At the end of that song, he looks forward to the end of his life, an old and bitter man, ready to die.

This song takes place after the original, but before the end that he foresaw. Here, he's finally found someone like himself. He wants her to tell him that she has suffered in the same way, so that he will have the confidence to open up to her (speak the words I want to hear / to make my demons run). He has closed himself off from intimate relationships, but if she is truly like him, he will be open to her.

In the chorus, he questions himself, asking if he should really open up to this woman, or if she, too, is one of the Unforgiven.

In the second verse, they begin a relationship, and although he has opened the door to his heart, no light shines, and his soul continues to grow darker by the day.

In the third verse, he questions the integrity of her love, riffing on the old lyric "she loves me, she loves me not," but at the end, he decides that she will still be there for him.

In the fourth verse, as she sleeps beside him, he says that he finally sees the sun; unfortunately, it isn't because she has brought light into his life, but because his eyes have been opened to her true nature.

He closes by saying that he tried his best, that he took a chance, and found out that the one person he may have been able to open up to was also one of the Unforgiven. Because of this, he is closing off the possibility of ever loving again.

BURN IN HELL!!! | Reviewer: Metallica4Ever | 10/15/07

Oh you bastard, now I feel like dedicating Burn In Hell by Dimmu Borgir to you. I truly wish you a good stay at Hell Motel MUHAHAHA Hate bastards liek you who criticize Metallica without giving reasons. Lyrics are crap? Just fuck off

love | Reviewer: rachel | 9/19/07

i believe that this song is definetly a love song but it has many meanings for differetn people this song has a meaning for me i love this song and i always enjoy listening to it,someone specail started me to like metallica and im now a big fan thnx xxxx rach

Unforgiven II | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/07

This song is the only good song to come out of the Load/Reload years. Everything else on those albums are crap. This is a very deep song. I love this song.


Love it | Reviewer: Sarah | 8/31/07

It's an amazing song, and it almost strikes me as a morbid styled love song. I really love, it strikes a chord in me... it's a love story with a slightly dark twist. I really enjoy it :)

commento to Unforgiven II | Reviewer: paolo marcano | 8/20/07

i think is the best song ever, and its a kind of love story in some very good

you're all morons | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/07

oh man what a crap song, lyrics are just garble pretentiousnessless crap, i hope metallica burn to death

Italian comment | Reviewer: Gavin | 8/2/07

What was with that italian comment above? is he paying out the song or metallica, cos if he is i hope he gets hit by a bus. This song is a song that reaches out to your heart. It can have any number of meanings for each person, i respect it and it means a lot to me. METALLICA LIVES FOREVER!!!

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