ShadowWing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/11

i agree with cesar. watch "some kind of monster" its epic. and it explains alot of stuff about the "St. Anger" album. But the song is also about his addition to whisky the first verse was writen and added later. the original lyrics where "written beforehand",
unknown when,perhaps during his alcaholism or during rehab.
but the first verse's coming to be is explained in the Documentary

some kind of monster | Reviewer: cesar | 6/6/10

Goddamn it people havent any of you seen Some Kind of Monster the documentary? in there they explain the meaning of the song, its not about divorce n its not about fuckin addictions its about how people use othe rpeople to get what they want at any cause like the radio station wanted them to do the commercial or else they weren't gonna play their songs

great lyrics | Reviewer: Mike | 10/23/09

a lot of people dont like the St Anger album...well thats horseshit. the album has teh most meaningful lyrics and great instrumentals. i read all the reviews, and i find it interesting how people have different opinions on what its about: alcholoism, drugs, music industry, divorce. i think thats the beauty of this song, the lyrics can apply to so many different things, so people with different problems can relate to it

awesome song | Reviewer: meee | 12/29/08

sweet amber is a great song.
it's about james' addiction to alcohol, the album was appropriately published and released following his time in rehab.
the book 'metallica and philosophy' by william irwin is a fantastic read, it discusses the meaning behind metallica songs and the mentality of the band members.
i suggest any metallica fan has a good read of it.

take care

Alcoholism | Reviewer: Danish | 9/3/08

Well, James got treated for alcoholism. He was very fond of Jack Daniels as I understand (The House That Jack Build, anyone?).
Whiskey is amber-colored - and since this song is written right after his rehab, it's safe to believe that's what this song is about. My guess anyway…

Song meaning? | Reviewer: A Metallifuk | 8/24/08

I read the lyrics, and I come to think about drug/alcohol addiction. The way the lyrics come to me I think of them as a acronym for the various addictions he has had


"Its never as sweet as it seems"

hmmmm | Reviewer: Amber | 7/25/08

a killer song, and not just because its my name. It talks about the reality of alcoholism but at the same time the complexity of a relationship. Neither alcohol or relationships are as sweet as it seems.

I think.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/08

I think it is about a divorce - in the sentence "She holds the pen that spells the end" or "Ooh then she holds my hand
And i lie to get a smile
Ooh then she holds my hand
And i lie to get a smile" but yes also alcoholisms or something to be depended on---

yes Alex the last line is the same as feel it to on my ex XD

coloured galss | Reviewer: Lyle | 1/16/08

I love this song because it is about alcoholism, the amber coloured glass holding his hand although "She rolls me over 'till im sick, She deals in habits, deals in pain, I run away, but i'm back again."

Sweet Amber | Reviewer: Art | 9/4/07

Like this song due to the fact that it talks about the truth behind the music industry... You have to Do what the Big Companies want in order to stay at the top if not they Will 'stab your back'. They Use 'what you want to get what they want'