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Performed by Metallica

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what? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/07

hi friends.about this album (st.anger)i can say it could be better so better.the music was not very good but the meaning was great and their goal is that say something which bothers peaople or...... and they did it well
maybe next album will be the thing we expect them
i hope so

Stop Complainning | Reviewer: Wide Boy | 9/10/07

I'm just sick of hearing people complain about recente Metallica stuff. I'll defend your right to express your opinion, but stop offending other people by saying things you don't understand! Yes, Metallica is not so heavy anymore, they're not making the same kind of trash metal as in the beginning... that's called evolution, every great band does it! Load and Reload showed us a side of Metallica we didn't know, so they are worthy of listening if you claim to be a true Metallica fan! St. Anger is not great, it has a bad production, but it's what they felt was right in the moment. If you are Metallica fans, support them on this, will you? I don't like some stuff either, but I'm not stupid enough to say it's crap if it will offend people with a different opinion! If it's crap for you, keep it to yourself!

saint anger | Reviewer: ryan | 9/10/07

even the band hated this album, this is probably the best song on the whole album, i saw an interview in which james said that they were going to go back to the old ways of recording and have fun instead of schedual and having someone else run the recordings.hopfully the next ablum wont suck.

Metallica worse than ever?? What the ****!!! | Reviewer: Pat Fox | 9/8/07

Hia guys and girl,

I hate those people that are complaining about some albums from Metallica. I know some albums are worse than other, but every band has a worse period. But afer all the guys aren't that young. And for oldies I think they blast the concreate out of the music halls and stadiums with they're live perfomances at they're age. And I think they're last albums aren't that worse. And about St. anger, That song is great!!

See ya,

Pat Fox

alternica | Reviewer: billie | 9/5/07

this song sucks so hard.after the black album they sold out with a fucking country this fucking shit.and hetfields voice is so shit now.they don`t deserve to be one of the biggest trash metal bands of all time.and i hate lars sooooooooo much.this is a dead band,so i say to everyone:get their five first albums,hear them and don` care about their music more.

St. Anger forever. | Reviewer: Emir | 6/29/07

Probably the best track of Metallica after No leaf Clover, in my opinion of course :)

Doomed | Reviewer: Namless | 6/30/07

You who say this is metal, you who accept this trash as an actual CD let it be known you are the death of true metal. These songs are nothing but the same empty meaningless drivel they spoon feed on the radio, this is a travesty of true metallica "Metallica is finally back!" is what I hear, but to me this only proves that lars is useless, James can't sing anymore and that they should bow out gracefully. The kings are dead...LONG LIVE THE KINGS!

hard as ever | Reviewer: dimebag darrell | 6/28/07

The have rocked , will rock & continue to rock as they have ALWAYS did.What others say ?FUCK'em & SO WHAT ?? I lorock their songs !! ST.ANGER is one of them...

nice stuff | Reviewer: metaldude | 6/26/07

i think this song is cool!i like all the metallica music and will always think they are great!i cant wait for the new album!!!!!!!!

maly in anger | Reviewer: metaldude | 6/26/07

i hate people complaining metallica for they new music!first they are complaining load-reload(that are good albums)for sellouts and not metal,just bad rock.then some idiots think and S&M are bad to.and when they come with a metal album they complaining they worse than ever!i like all metallica music and i always will!st.anger is a great song!

St.Anger | Reviewer: hula | 5/14/07

This song rocks...i just like it...i think it's the best song on the album...just wanted to say...i hope they will do many more albums...hh

St. Anger rules!! | Reviewer: Justin B. | 4/27/07

Man this song always gets me started in the morning. It's absolutly amazing the beat the lyrics drums guitar you name it it's there. I just love this song!!! ONE of their many great songs to say the least.

Metallica | Reviewer: metallica | 3/30/07

Hey st anger may not be their best album but i just LOVE this song (some kind of monster is also a good st anger track)

It ain't poetry but pure anger | Reviewer: alex athan | 2/23/07

This is what METAL is. St Anger is no poetry but pure & prime Metal. THIS IS THE WHITE PAPER OF HEAVY METAL. PERIOD.

Cracker | Reviewer: Luke | 5/16/06

How people have the audacity to say that St Anger (the album) is shit, it maybe so compared to their prior released material but by no means is it shit. I don't care if it is their opinion, the people who tell me what i have written would never in a million years achieve what Metallica have done, so to the critics, i say FUCK OFF.

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