Innovation | Reviewer: nagol aramithe | 4/27/07

Metallica has been one of most, if not the most, innovative rock bands ever. Although they started heavy and thrash as fuck, just because they went soft(er) says nothing about their talent, just innovation. Enough said.

THE GODS OF ROCK | Reviewer: kelly | 4/26/07

Metallica are among the gods of rock, they rock hard and play harder, there music changes peoples live's, mine one off them, there music will live on through the generations, there spirit will never be broken aslong as us hard rockers keep it alive. keeps supporting guys!! and to metallica themselves, keep rocking boys, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU XXXXX

uriel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07

yeah metallica es lo mejor nadie puede ser mejor ke metallica yeah lol soy mexicano a toda madre puro metaleroooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!

they will live longer than any fuck metals | Reviewer: genesis | 4/9/07

metallica writes timeless yet good tuned songs. no one among the global metal could do that oor not now at least!!!!!

Metallica | Reviewer: Ryan | 2/24/07

players of Metallica are metal gods and will be remembered even in the spirit world. METALLICA WILL LIVE ON.....

Say F*ck Yeah James! | Reviewer: dilly | 2/23/07

Metallica rocks, and as long as James Hetfield is at the helm, they will keep goin places. Keep the thrash metal comin. If you make it, THEY WILL COME!!!!

Wonderful. Kick-ass. | Reviewer: Clorissa | 10/5/06

Metallica is a band thats been around for quite a while now. Their music has stayed wonderful and kept its kick ass rocking sound as well. Metallica is one of my favorite bands. Ive heard a new CD is coming out soon ^.^

Inspirational | Reviewer: Luke | 5/16/06

One of the very few bands that have maintained consistency throughout their exsistence.
People may think that St Anger was an anomaly in a discography but i think otherwise, it might not be as good as what they had previously churned out but it is still good.
Hopefully this album they have upcoming for release is a good one, it'll be a bonus if it tops Master of Puppets 20 years on

The Greatest | Reviewer: LeTaurius | 10/5/05

Formed in the early 1980's metallica have consistently belted awesome songs for twenty straight years. What sets this band apart is their amazing versatility. That the same group of people can sing all of "Seek and Destroy", "For whom the bell tolls", "Master of Puppets", "Nothing Else Matters", "Hero of the Day", "Mama Said" is amazing to say the least. That is the only thing that makes Metallica better than Megadeth FOREVER. Here's to 20 more years of solid music, Ulrich-Hetfield-Hammett Style.

Metallica review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/05

These guys rock the world....the have constantly brought out amazing songs in the past 20 years (most of which are harshly underestimated) anyone who appreciates music can appreciate Metallica....there guitar solo's are unreal just like everyhing else about the band...i am pretty sure that they will live on to keep creating amazing music for years to come

great | Reviewer: will | 3/9/05

METALLICA is a great band but some song u need to get harsher and make poeple trimple under your hard guitar solo and drums your have that loud voice every one is looking for jame kepp make heavy metal and rip soem heads off with that loud music u have and peace out and roc on