hammet rules | Reviewer: harry haller | 8/4/07

Hammet`s voice is fantastic!!!I just adore him!And the song "Sad but True" is the most painful song in the world(for me,because I`ve dedicated it to the man who could be my best lover instead of being perfect...)

metallica rules!!!!! | Reviewer: lucia | 8/2/07

hey everybody! i think that metallica is the best band ever! i´m 15 years old, so it´s weard that i like metallica the way i do (at least in my country) URUGUAY but my god! they are the best, i really love them. the way that man sing the battery ,guitar all is perfect.
well, if someone wants to write me my e-mail is: metal_lica_4@hotmail.com

Band with full of energy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/07

Last three years am listing Metalica songs.its gave me a magical formof entertainment.Matalica showing hows dedication and energy make magics.i like you all very much.thank you

everything's already been said | Reviewer: ben | 7/23/07

no need to say anything seeing as how there aren't any douchebags saying crap about metallica. as soon as they do though, i'll have plenty to say

!..! metallica 4ever and ever !..! | Reviewer: metal_drummer | 7/17/07

God i love them so much,and can't wait for the next album.i've a feeling that it will be great,excellent.
MetallicA is my favourite band,and i love play metallica's songs more than anything...
just keep on metallica's fans!!!We're brothers!!

king of metallic age | Reviewer: sumit | 7/18/07

metallica is undoubtedly the king of the metallic age... they rock the heads of anyone..they bang the heads that doesn't bang... they will last forever.....coz this monster lives

not what they used to be | Reviewer: Rick | 7/16/07

It's just fucked up that METALlica is widely considered a rock band. Not that it's the fans' or medias' fault, it's the bands'. I believe they're sell-outs myself. Only they can truly know for sure though. If they really love making the crap they've been making recently versus the stuff that got them famous then they're not sell-outs. They've never had much regard for their fans, especially they're original ones, and they've been a very greedy band, that much is for sure. I'm not denying their talent, I just don't think they've been putting it to good use. They don't have anywhere near as much as they had in Kill 'em All, but then again nothing does compared to that. That has always been and probably will always be my fav. album of all time even when I'm an old man with a hat. There's just something about Hit the Lights, Whiplash and Metal Militia (my fav. song of all time) that drives me fricken insane, in a good way I mean. It forces you to let out all your aggression and any built-up anger all withing a period of a couple minutes and you feel so much better afterwards. Listening to that and then hearing their soft-rock with a seemingly country influence crap just really pisses me off. Changing your style is one thing, but completely changing genres is another. I just miss the days when METALlica actually played METAL.

awesome | Reviewer: metallica4ever | 7/6/07

metallica is after my opinion the best band in the world!they are just wonderful,and i like all they`re music(st.anger ain`t that good)i cant wait for the next album!i have a feeling it will be a classic!

Rock on | Reviewer: adam | 6/28/07

i think that Metallica's music will live on long after there gone. they could continue to make albums for years to come and i hope they do. they are by far the most creative and talented band in the world.

cool | Reviewer: dan | 6/27/07

this band is damn great.i have heard all of their songs and they are like gods of heavy metal....i specially like kirk hemmet who i believe is the best guitarist in the world..rock on metallica..

metallica rules!!!! | Reviewer: wesley | 6/19/07

metallica is the best band in the world !!! kirk hammett is the best guitar player in the world!!

Metallica | Reviewer: GaLa | 5/27/07

Metallica is the best gruop in the world Kirk hammett is the n#1 :D

Begging.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/07

Please keep coming songs like One, Fade to Black, The Unforgiven, Wherever I May Roam, Whiskey in the Jar... James, you ROck!!

Awesome! | Reviewer: Sherilyn | 5/12/07

I love metallica Im a huge fan and i love all there stuff!

Metallica simply the best!!!!!!!!!! un grupo bien cool !!! | Reviewer: Flor bunbury | 5/3/07

All of Metallica's songs are so cool, my second favorite group, yeah baby!
Heroes del silencio and Metallica!!!!!
much love!!!!