METALLICA!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Archer | 2/4/08

Metallica is the best rock bank ever its the only band that i mostly play on guitar Metallica has got to be the worlds most greatest band and Cliff Lee Burton was the greatest bass player in all the world. i always wanted to meet the band and get my guitar signed by them it would be an honor. Metallica 4 life

BE LOUD!!!! | Reviewer: punkuzz | 1/18/08

Man wat to say abt this band this one band make me rock everytime i love this band and metal rules because of metallica .....James hertfield one of the best singer and guitarist,kirk hammet one of the best lead guitarist,lars ulrich one of the best drummer his double bass makes us roll all the time and cliff burton the legend of all time...HATS OFF TO METALLICA KEEP HEADING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

legends | Reviewer: James | 1/15/08

the gods of metal, James Hetfield, one of the greatest lead singer, rythm guitarist and song writer of all time and my personal hero, Lars Ulrich, a crazy ass tiny danish guy but an amazing drummer, Kırk Hammet, one of the greatest lead guitarists of all time, as for bass players, Robert Trujillo is ok, Jason Newsted was great, but Cliff Burton (RIP) he was legendary.
Nothıng more to say, whatever these guys do ill always love it, cuz the RULE THE FUCKING WORLD, THE GODS OF METAL AND ROCK.

Metallica rules | Reviewer: Emily | 12/8/07

Metallica=metal incarnate.

Metallica forever! <3

I only started listening to them this year, and so far:

Metallica is teh PWNAGE. Nobody beats them.

And yes, I do realize I'm making no sense.

Metallica | Reviewer: slayer7003 | 11/19/07

ah... Metallica one of the greatest rock bands ever if not the greatest, but I do have to agree with my fellow fan on top after The black album I don't know what happened to them, even so everything previous to that rocks...

... | Reviewer: Fenyx | 11/12/07

I have to agree about what everyone said "METALLICA ROXX!!!" but seriosly, the Load/Reload era does completely suck... Idc wut yall say, it sux. Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, Kill 'Em All, ...And Justice For All, are really their only good albums, before yall outrage and decide to murder me, The Black Album is Ok at best. And by at best, i mean the B side of the tape (i.e. The God That Failed & so on). But of course, yall r too busy listening to stuff like Nothing Else Matters, & Enter Sandman to appreciate the beauty of the other side. All in all, Metallica Roxxorz!!! but Lars is a dick, and they randomly decided to sell out near the end. & FYI, harry haller, Hammet don't sing, he be da guitarist in the Black Album era. It would be Hetfield that sings. so unless u found a magical album where they decided to all switch instruments (wouldn't that be a sight?) then you got the wrong guy...

The best thing is that there | Reviewer: Arturo | 11/9/07

hey i`m from Chile in the Latin American and I am a fan of metallica and especially Lars, I play the drums

With nothing else to say to me saying that dismissal for my taste are the best band there and never lose that magic musical within themselves

Chile come to that waited much to come

Good guys who are doing well

The metal is the law

hard to kill metallica | Reviewer: miloud | 11/8/07

hey how are u peaple i'm miloud from morocco but i live in dubai so metallica is the best of the world its gave me a magical formof entertainement.i realy i love theme nothig is the matter i love uuuuu metallica waw.......

Metallica | Reviewer: Chanelle | 10/17/07

Kirk Hammett is GOD!
He is the greatest!!
I fucking love him!!!
Legendary Guitarest!!

BEST BAND ON THE PLANET | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/07

Metallica is the best band no matter what anybody says. Every album is amazing from Kill 'Em All to St. Anger. They have awesome riffs in their first four albums (their best) but all their others are awesome too, with the guitar and vocals. I'm looking forward to their new album, and I'm hoping it will be great too.

metallica is the best | Reviewer: roberto marcusi-italy | 9/24/07

hey guyz.i've just checked out the Linkin parks page in this site.i'm a big fan of both this bands, but no one can put this two in a common rank.metallica is the best,the best of the best, for ever is the best.james is my personal hero forever.kirk and lars as well.but jason has the highest rate in my opinion.robert can't fill jason's place ever.i'm waiting for new album.another magical album!live on metallica

Cliff Burton | Reviewer: Dustin Boudreau | 9/3/07

Terribly Sucks That CLiff Had Gotten Crushed By The Bus They Were On Tour On. The Bus Driver Deserves To Burn

Metallica | Reviewer: Nim | 8/28/07

Im 13 years old, and I think that Metallica are the greatest musicians in the world!!. I was at Wembley Stadium to watch Metallica perform live as part of their Sick of the Studio Tour. I was amazing. My first ever concert, and lets just say,no-one else can top that!!
You can watch some of their in studio 'muck around's' and they are as normal and fun loving people, not like other arrogant and media-loving celebrities in bands. They rule!!
I cant wait until the new album, and i disagree to all those people who say that the Load/Reload era was rubbish-how can you say that when we got great songs like King Nothing, Ronnie,Fuel. The Memory remains, Fixxxer...I could go on.
Metallica Forever!!

metallica?wow amazing band men... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/07

i love to listen on metallica songs since i was 10 years of age...specially the justice album,awesome when Lars played the one,he kicked the bass drum like machine gun...and i love jason the way he played his bass guitar and bang his head,plus the second voice at the concert..
i was so sad when he left the band...
Trujillo,not nice,like hip hop...

Amazing Rock Band | Reviewer: EcHA | 8/7/07

There is nothing that i can say than,"I'm A BIG Fan of you guys, VIVA METALLICA"