To John Petingalo | Reviewer: Yasmine Ahmed | 4/3/09

I absolutely despise people like this asshole John Petingalo (if thats his real name, who can't spell anything right for shit you stupid canadian bastard). Metallica brought metal to life. Made many people turn heads and APPRECIATE real good music. Nothing else matter was the first song I heard from Metallica and i want that played at my wedding (IF there ever will be one) and ever since then i became so much more open to music. One of my favorites is "To Live is To Die" from the album '...And Justice for All' AMAZING music it gives me tingles all over my body. METALLICA IS THE BEST METAL CAME EVER LIVED AND EVER WILL BE. I just don't know what happen with St. Anger.. But it still rocks my socks off ;) *BANGS HEAD*

Metallica | Reviewer: John Petingalo | 1/29/09

I hat these people as well as the jews, people shouldn't create people that are black, they ruin the earth, im missing and noone wil fid me, try too america. I live in sault ste marie ontario. You are all homos for listening to metallica. Im not using my computer, so you wont find me here.

metallica is the best | Reviewer: alis | 12/12/08

i love metallica and it is my favourite band ........turn the page, one , master of puppets, unforgiven1 2 3 , the day that never comes, whiskey in the jar, st. anger, sad but true, invisible kid, etc are my favourites..hey metallica keep it up...... u guys r the best

Greatest band of all time? | Reviewer: Supertallica | 12/7/08

they are truly the greatest band EVER!! One was the first metallica song i heard and that was the start of my love for metallica nd metal!!! And now i cant live without it!!! U rawk metallica!!!!! Okay maybe Load nd Reload werent the greatest but the still rawked my pants off (cnt say the same for st anger), S&M is my all-time favorite album the intros for fuel and for whom the bell tolls are freaking awesome!!!!!! cant wait for the unforgiven IV ;) lol

almost too much awesome to handle | Reviewer: metalajax | 11/4/08

i pretty much agree with everyone when they metallica rules... but, however, not only do they rule, they will continue to rule for as long as metal (the genre) shall live, and for eternity afterwards... lol (long time)

the albums; load, reload and st. anger, may not have been the "greatest" in many people's opinions but they are still from metallica, does that not say enough? they are the most awesome band in the whole entire universe, those 3 albums i mentioned 'afore may not be their best work but they are still *u*k*n' awesome... so those people who dont like them can go suck my balls

current metallica success | Reviewer: nirdogg | 8/10/08

i just saw metallica at ozzfest 2008 and was in awe to hear their new song ''cyanide'' from their new album death magnetic. it is a combination of their old thrash and their newer vocals, and the kirk solos are back! its perfect unlike their new album st. anger with no solos at all. to sum up this new album will be expected rock the charts, and regain lost fans because i got compliments from metal heads who thought they sold out because of the napster conflict.

metalsinceiwasborn | Reviewer: metallicat | 7/22/08

metallica is the greatest band ever known and that will be
they can do all different kinds of music apealing to all listeners
metallica is what got me started since the fucking 3rd grade
and its all i listen to still

oh and btw "metallica rox my sox", cliff burton is the greatest bassist dont confuse him with newsted, whom is pretty good
but the best comination is ulrich,hetfield,hammet,and burton.

kenny g | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/08

metallica is n'sync with what my terms of music are. some of their music can apply to my life situations. even though ALL of it may not, there is still a vast portion of me that understands their trials. with that being said, when i hear their soft symphonic vibrations, it reach's down and clutches the core of my soul...when i hear their hard rock, it lights a fire in me. they are my masters. james, lars, kirk's the man, rob,
and former j.n., dave and burton. ( r.i.p.)rock with the gods. i love METALlica. i tatted them on my back... ROCK ON!!!

metallica RULEZ!!! | Reviewer: ben | 5/23/08

i dont care if their balls fell off in the 90s metallica is still fucking insane. the great albums they put out early on more than make up for their blunders as of late. kill em all is probably the most underated album theyve made and its probably my favorite. then of course you have classics like ride the lightning and master of puppets. and then theres and justice for all which isnt astounding but always worth a spin. and the black album is really great it shows alot of versatility. that of course was before they expanded and became too versatile. either way METALLICA RUUUUULLLLLEEEEZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!

metallica tour dates | Reviewer: josh | 5/21/08

k i dont no if the manager for metallica would read this but when is metallica coming back to australia!!!!,weve had really sh*t bands coming the best one so far has been iron maiden but please oh please come tour australia,u guys would be sold out in like 1 hour.anyways i love ur stuff can wait for the newer stuff and the previously released stuff like 'hero of the day'.anyways i hope metallica tours australia soon.

p.s. i love ur riff of enter sandman,and seek and destroy,not to mention blackened,but hey i hope u guys live on for my son to see you guys live.

The good and the bad | Reviewer: Metal Man | 3/20/08

Metallica makes the best music out there, however, Ulrich and Hetfield are egotistical dicks. The popularity and money got to their heads and afterwards started suewing everyone in sight.... W.T.F!!! I have to agree Newstead was a cool basist however Robert does bring a lot of intensity to Metallica. I can't wait for the new album to come out!

shitting diamonds since 15.07.2007 | Reviewer: Sami | 2/23/08

Fuck yeah! thanks for the lyrics ^^ I have been a Metallica fan since i can remember ^^ still i hate to see how some assfuck shitheads try to make people think Metallica is a "sometimes-i mean-you know" bitches favorite band (in finland we call those people Teinix, pissis or whores yms whatever you wanna call em) but luckily we have managed to shut those bitches up ^^ keep listening to Metallica and dont forget why you do listen to them ^^

metallica rox ur sox!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 | Reviewer: danielle elizabeth n | 2/18/08

OMG!!!!! all i have to say, is i only listened to Metalica for the longest time!!!! i love jason sooo much!!!!!! i completely understand him quitting, though i wish he wouldnt have. he is the best bassist EVER!!!!! one of my cousins' goal is to become just as good a bassist as him, though no one could ever be better!!!!! im in a band myself, and we warm up with enter sandman,and nothing else matters. i <3 metallica, always have and always will. they are the reason to be a metal head!!!!!!!

metalica rox ur sox | Reviewer: Danielle | 2/18/08

im in a band myself, and we warm up with enter sandman and nothing else matters! we <3 metallica, always have, always will!!!!!!!
jason newsted was (what am i saying, he still is) the greatest bassist EVER!!!!!!!
i think everyone will join me when i say "U ROCK METALLICA!!!!!!!!"

Metallica <3 ForEva | Reviewer: Ville Niemimaa | 2/13/08

Every album is brilliant but Reload. I hope that new album is the best album from Metallica! Someone says that st.anger is like shit! But I think it doesn't anything bad! I only started listening to them last year! I love all most track but worst track from the Metallica is St.Anger: All within my hands! I love specially track called Leper Messiah.
When new album appear? :D

ps. Sorry if my english is bad. =)