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Performed by Metallica

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Best Song and Video EVER | Reviewer: Lilith | 3/18/08

One is the best song I have ever listened to and the video is great the whole concept for the video was brilliant using "Johnny has a gun" which is not the best film ever but the clips from the film work well with the song!!!!

This is Metallica's second best song. | Reviewer: master of puppets | 3/6/08

The song is about a solider who got hit by a land mine and is kept alive by life support and he wishes to be dead but can't because he has no arms or legs to kill himself with. In the original movie the solider gets hit by a mortal shell instead of a land mine. The only better song is Ain't My Bitch.

Theme | Reviewer: Nashtak | 3/5/08

True. It seems to be about the movie ''Johnny Got His Gun'' or something like that. If you listen to the video clip, it makes more sense because you can hear the character talking between the lyrics. It's pretty good.

I haven't seen the movie but my dad says he did (he recognized the part of the movie in the clips). If i remember well, he said they attached the guy's mouth, put a mask on his face (maybe so he can't talk and see) and probably because of the mine, he can't hear and lost his arms and legs. So basically, they keep him alife for some reason but the guy is nothing more but a piece of meat who keeps on living without any of his senses.

WOW | Reviewer: James | 2/29/08

You dumbass...It is not about a damned video game....If you opened your eyes and watched the damned video it is about a guy that gets his arms and legs blown off by a landmine and is in a coma....And when it talks about tied to machines it means his life support machines so just get a damn clue before you pop off at the mouth!!


dudes youu cant honestly think METALLICa wuld sing a song abot a soldier gettin blownup*its abot a soldier in a videogame*the soldier got shot by a landmine and teh dude playing the game feelz as hurt as the soldier in the game duz*METTALICa does NOT steal ideas frm movies*you all just do not understnd what METALLICa is* you do not have the METAL*it is a videogame*think abot it*"nothingn is real" and "tied to machines" the machines is the game sistem and he is tied by the cord*all you is stupid

METALLICa is survives

one | Reviewer: J.J. | 2/23/08

this song was being talked about before the ...and justice for all album. since cliff was a classical music lover and he knew a lot of other stuff(i think it was him) he told the other metallica members about a book called johnny got his gun. james and lars were talking about if a person could live without eyes, ears, speech, and hearing. three years later the ...and justice for all album comes out with the song one and during that years comes metallica's first video for one featuring video clips from the movie called johnny got his gun(based on the book and directed by the books author).

Fuck Sakes People... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/08

Stop being such assholes and posting such annoyingly gay comments on this lyrics page, be nice if an admin would just erase pretty much all of these messages tbh.

This song is great, based on a book I believe, clips of the video are on an old movie which may of perhaps been based on the book as well.

The Lyrics are great, it's sang great, and played great, so everyone stop with all these gayass posts of what its about, because...
A) No one gives a flying f*ck what you think.
B) It helps in no way at all.
C) I doubt people will care about this post as well.
So stop will all this annoyance about the post, nothing good to say? so STFU pl0x.

statement | Reviewer: dragonforce | 2/18/08

I just cant believe some of you people.
thinking your so great because i know wath the song is about.
who actually gives a flying fuck. seriously man
Ok so wath if the song litteraly is about a soldier who got all of his shit blown of. Or comes from a book
Whe al have are free will and we can think wat we want, wath the song is about. I personally think that it is origins are from a book or movie.
But when i feel depressed. the song also fits perfectly. ever heard of freedom of speech are willpower. wankers

One nevermind anyother number | Reviewer: Kuzuma | 2/19/08

FIrst of All the gunshot/explosion are taken from a movies so is some of the parts of the video. This song is one of my top list of best songs. I liek that it has a story not like many songs. Also this is not a emo song caus I am always happy when im hearing it (that includes singing it.)

Uh... | Reviewer: Brad | 2/12/08

Wasn't there an interview done with Hetfield years back where he explained it? Pure speculation, it seems entirely anti-war. Obviously, you hear the gunshots, explosions, etc. And the lyrics explain a fate that would befall someone maimed by a land mine, left in a comatose state. Can't really be considered alive, but not yet dead. Just sorta in between.
There's no way this song is about emo culture, as it hadn't even fully taken off then, but I could see how someone feeling depressed could use this as an (overly dramatic)summary of how they feel.

And though I've been much a victim of the Guitar Hero fad, I stand by my belief that it singlehandedly ruins music. People hear the songs and instead of associating them with meaning or the artists themselves, a board with little dots on it. Novel idea, horrible catastrophe. Bandwagoners rejoice! Now you can say you've always loved a band after only hearing one song on GH. Feel proud.

Matrix lolz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/08

When I first listened to this song I thought it was about the matrix talking about machines and what not.

Why does everybody have to bo so angrey as well, "ARGH YOUR WRONG!!11" like seriously, is it that important how somebody interprets a song?

shut up this song is great | Reviewer: Sean | 2/9/08

everyone needs to settle down,this song is sweet,who cares what its gets me pumped up and i dont care if it is about emo retards blowing themselves up or about johhny and his gun. Everyone keep raggin on guitar hero because its a video game, its made to have fun so frig off even if it doesnt compare anything to a real guitar. but yeah if u think your king shit because you play guitar hero, think again nerds..congratulations that you can push a button when it comes up on the screen and it makes a noise for you..try using a real guitar and making the actual noise yourself rather than electronic noises doing it for you.

Question | Reviewer: Steve | 2/11/08

Without any knowledge about Johnny Got His Gun I still felt there was no other way to interpret the song, but that is just me. My first impression (because it strikes close to home) was that he was in a coma. Can anyone tell me if this applies to the movie? It isn't really relevant because the 2 are basically the same, I'm just curious.

Down the same road | Reviewer: TheDamnMaker | 2/3/08

To think of it, of how some of you say the writers of the song (Hetfield and Ulrich) had a specific thought for making the song and the listener/viewer catches something different, it's understandable. After all the song, on the first layer, is about Dalton Trumbo's 'Johnny Got His Gun' book and movie, message and all. Then again, the song came on the '...And Justice For All' album, their first made after the death of their Bassist Cliff Burton, so for a second layer the song might be in honor to their fallen comrade. But since I never saw a 'In Memory of..' at the end of the music video, I might as well be wrong about it.

Alright | Reviewer: K-Fran | 2/8/08

fair enough, but i don't know about anti-war. the song says, "oh please god wake me," "oh please god help me," "look to the time when I'LL live," not, "when i did live." he's lonely, no one can help him, "now the world is gone i'm just one." he doesn't even know if anyone is there, where he really is, he knows how he feels, he's helpless. "now that the war is through with me" is how he's getting over the fact that he's fubar, but he's only saying it. this song is about depression, when we are depressed we say things like "i'm okay," no? the war is inside of him, landmines are unexpected problems. he can't see anything, anything that's coming to help him, anyone. he has no one to talk to, no communication because he's trapped in himself with no way out.

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