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Performed by Metallica

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big hit??? | Reviewer: metallica fan | 1/15/09

not that i disagree this is an amazing song its gt a gud meanin behind it nd that but how can ppl say it was a big hit when it only gt 2 29 in the charts dnt believe me luk it up ur self on the metallica site but 2 b fair it shud ov gt alot higher in the charts

Anti-war | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/09

You've got to be stupid to think this song isn't a protest of war. This song was written for a soldier who lost all of his limbs, and for what? What did it accomplish? Now all he can do is lay in bed and beg for the sweet release of death.

And justice.. For all... | Reviewer: Calltoarms(Anti-anonymous) | 1/9/09

This is the FUCKING 80's people, i don't suck Metallica's dick or anything like that but of course this is a great song, not the best solo ever but from this to KIRK hammet being an embarrassment, you gotta be a egomaniac Dave Mustaine's dick sucker. The video is what it is, original, classic, it could been much better, but like i said that was in the 80's and for metal bands was a little harder than it is now for metal bands.

pure love | Reviewer: korey | 12/29/08

this song is large it just shows that even rock stars have feeling i dont see why not many people like this sorta music seeing as metallica made every new rock band who they are today as in linkin park, rolin stones and no matter what people say this tune kicks f***ing ass XX METALLICA ROCKS XX 0 0
( )

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/08

it's funny here, this song gets exposed to the shithouse and u get shitloads of people looking at the page. i go to the page for justice, i see no reviews at all. just shows what a bit of exposure on a stupid video game does with commercial listeners.
and btw dude that posted below me, if u think this song has the greatest solo ever, u need to listen to more music, pretty sad statement. no doubt it's a decent solo, but kirk hammet is an embarrassment, anybody who know nethin about guitar and doesn't suck the dick of metallica will tell u the same.

What i understood + kirk hammet's solo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/08

i didn't see the movie, all i got from da music video and the lyrics is that a landmine exploded (maybe) near a soldier and his wounds would normaly be lethal but he lived because of the medical stuff tied to him, he lost his sight, speech hearing, arms, legs, so he cannot communicate in any way except for moving his head, he cant live this way so he hit the wall wid his head making a morse code of "SOS" first then " Kill me kill me"... finally i would like to anounce " KIRK HAMMET HAS CREATED THE BEST FUCKIN SOLO EVER" in this song ... thats all.

Actually... | Reviewer: jim | 12/19/08

this song doesn't give me an anti-war impression at all... if anything it makes me want to fight
well, so does all metal, but still
i undestand that it might be an anti-war protest, or atleast a protest against keeping people artificially alive, hence - "tied to the machines that make me be"....and "fed through the tube that sticks in me"
the impression that i got was this song was talking about someone who should've died from his wounds but was kept alive by artificial respritory machines and/or machines that kept his heart pumping. He can't even eat and he's in a semi-concious state. He's contemplating in his head what the hell he's supposed to do, hes reflecting upon the horrors that got him here and the horror of being kept alive artificially, without his consent.

One | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/08

Thats pretty much right except that he was shellshocked by a grenade on the last day of the war.

He wanted to be killed or for him to be put on a freakshow to show the dangers of war.

Metallica wanted to buy a few scenes for the video (jonny got his gun) but ended up buying all the films rights.

re | Reviewer: steve | 10/16/08

this probably will be in all the posts here to, but just a post from me,didnt read all posts btw, cause there is so much BS between it... ill probably write some BS up to, opinions differ..
The song is about a veteran that woke up from hes coma, nobody expected he would. They used him for curgical practise, they amputated all hes limbs etc, the only way he could communicate, wos hitting the wall with hes head. after some time hitting the wall, someone noticed he wos hitting in morsecode. The code he send wos... : Kill me, Kill me. Thats pretty much the mainline, its actually true happened story and they made a movie about it: "Johnny Got His Gun" havent see it, not planning to. i care to little to listen to other opinions, these are the facts i read and heared, could be BS, could be truth.

metalica rockzz | Reviewer: eagle | 9/8/08

frst I felt it as HIS feelings as well,but read the comments,and now I feel I can relate it to lots of things,but I know in 80s,there were wars as well,in VIETNAM and others,so,no doubt u can feel its writen for a war veteran,The mission of rock-metal music is:to express human feelings that're gettin' lost in this fuckin' world which is made by politicians,or heck,any body else whoo is re-destroyin' doubt if he feels something,he doesn't feel it just for himeself,he does it for a world who listen to it,and among them are war veterans,and war-children dude

Johnny Got His Gun | Reviewer: old guy teacher | 9/7/08

While there are different ways to interpret the poem holisitically, it IS based on Dalton Trumbo's novel "Johnny Got His Gun," a novel set in World War I in which a young soldier literally loses his sight, speech, hearing, arms and legs.

The video reinforces that, of course, by showing clips of the film of the same name throughout. James Hetfield is on record that the song was inspired by "Johnny Got His Gun." That doesn't mean you can't take something else from it, but don't dismiss the author's intention either.

DOYLE KOWTAK | Reviewer: Doyle Kowtak | 9/4/08

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mullet boi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/08

this message is for "mullet boi" i cant believe you would say such a stupid fucking thing. that this song doesnt mean different things for different people. clearly you donno what the fuck your talking about and that kid is not the only one with a cock down his throat. a band writes a song and the way they write it means something for them and is up to us to take meaning from it. whatever we see in the lyrics of the thats what we take from it. everyone has different opinions about different things. and i respect your opinion on this song but that doesnt mean you should bash other people for what they feel this song is about regardless of what it sounds like to you.

epic song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/08

Ok, first of all at the end of the "darkness riff" the lyrics are
Landmines has taken my sight
Taken my speech
Taken my hearing
Taken my arms
Taken my legs
Taken my soul
Left me with life in hell.

secondly the song is about something called "locked-in syndrome", the songs character, obviously a war veteran, has lost any form of communication (hearing, speaking, seeing, arms and legs) hence why he wishes for death upon himself

metallica is fucking awesome.

My simple opinion | Reviewer: au61458 | 8/15/08


I really think the song is completely about a war veteran injured who survived but is in terrible shape (be it mental or physical). Hence the "Johnny Got His Gun" material in the video. Maybe I simplify it, but I really cant see any other point in the song or the video. Its a great anti-war song and as that one of the greatest. A classic nothing else.

What is this emo stuff people keep talking about? To me the songs nothing about problems the youth and people overall face nowadays in (relatively rich) western countries. To me this song itself reminds me somehow of Stanley Kubricks "Fields of Glory", one of the most anti-war movies ever made. Both works remind me of how futile war actually is.

Just my thoughts. Take them how you like them.


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