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Performed by Metallica

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Your missing the details | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/07

The lyrics aren't about war or werewovles. Metallica and many metal lyric writers have a big thing for nature writers. Wildness is the preservation of the world is a quote from Thoreau. Feeling I have been and most of the regression style lyrics harken to Quamnen, Muir, and Emerson. They often spoke of transcendence and a return to nature. The animal man dualism is the point. No war, no werewolves people. Gotta love those literate metal heads, Metallica

Missing the reading | Reviewer: Matt | 12/2/07

The song is a big nature writer tribute. The entire theme of going back to more animal like ways in order to transcend your current state is an old nature writer favorite. For God's sake people he directly quotes Thoreau's Walking by saying "In Wildness is the preservation of the world." So sorry guys no werewolves or wars. Just a bunch of metal gods that love nature. So get out there and seek the wolf in thyself.

heavy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

These lyrics arent cheesy at all - its brilliant! Its got a very high caliber of literacy engrained in a beat that really puts images of snarling ravenous packs of wolves running thru harsh snow-nights into my head.. when i replay it in my head at a given time of day or in a given situation i feel adrenaline burn thru me and im ready to rip out trees or get over any obstacles like I was a ninja! Hats off to some high quality stuff! Check out the S&M version it rocks!

Of Wolf And Man... | Reviewer: Zoe | 11/5/07

This song is one of my fav songs by 'Tallica. My point of view is that we need to look back to our animal ancients so the world could be a better place, wolf and man are very alike, if the man was more like the wolf the world would be a so much better place, surely. Back to the nature! -- Zoe, the Wolf Therianthrope.

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

This song is about all things primal. Everything from the opening riffs to the chorus speaks to everything basic about ourselves. Or its about daisies and rainbows.

Werewolf | Reviewer: Sabriel | 10/25/07

It is about becoming a Werewolf, Metallica play the RPG Werewolf: the Forsaken where you roleplay being a Werewolf. I do really like this song being a big wolf fan myself. :)

war ? calm down my friend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/07

Saying that those lyrics refer to war is little bit exagerated. Well, my dear peace-and-love-friends, i would suggest another idea that, i hope will seduce you ( if it doesn't, well, it's just one more stupid
idea in this world...ha ha ha)
It seems to me that there is a reference to the myth of the werewolf (we can see in the text this man to wolf transformation ).One more thing is that as " man is a wolf to man" , this song deals with the awakening of the beast wich is supposed to be sleeping in ou heads ( and our bodies....)
In other words it is a kind of metaphor of the society...( not that hu hu, i hope you guys are going to respond to this
So have a nice day and...beware of wolfs around you ( sorry for my mistakes...i hope you'll understand anyway)

roaming the land | Reviewer: Dead Boy Scream | 9/15/07

the song in my opinion is quite blatantly about becoming a wolf, as if you were a wearwolf. i think the SHAPESHIFT part kinda gives it away... sick song though.

lyrics | Reviewer: tasty | 9/13/07

i always though this song was about wolf and man. its about going back to the meaning of life, about surviving and killing prey, living off the land. the lyrics are marginally cheesy. seriously the word cheesy doesnt even come to mind, there are lot more cheesier songs.

military? war? | Reviewer: manmind | 8/7/07

Military? War?
No, I can't find anything military in this song.
Isn't war a very "misty" thing these "new days"?
Eaten or be eaten.
Mankind haven't survived to render effeminate.
300 pound humans are fallen lambs.
Evolution get screwed by mankind and "wildness is the preservation of the world".
Klar soweit?

NO SONG BY METALLICA IS "CHEESEY" | Reviewer: metal cat | 6/29/07

im an insane metal fan and Metallica's band members are absolute geniuses!
james hetfield is quite possibly the greatest lead singer ever!
whenever im pissed off or depressed i can listen to any Metallica song and feel so much better i dont want to kill my parents anymore.
my two favorite songs are by Metallica: Enter Sandman, and Of Wolf And Man.
i love the howling part of this song too :)

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

I completely agree with the last reviewer. There is a definite military theme to the song. Not the patriotic perky stuff either. This is the true heartbeat of war here. Wild yet deliberate, frightening but exhilarating. It is wicked awesome, and I almost never say that.

No nonsense powerful hair raising creativity | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/07

The lyrics to this song are not cheesy. The are powerful and if you listen carefully to the 'ghost notes' in the song, they make the hair on the back of you neck stand up, particularly just after the guitar solo! The song has an immense 'untouchale' beat to it which you can walk in time to it, and makes you feel confident. now how many mcfly songs do that to you hey?

what a song could be! | Reviewer: Raudy Gathmyr | 6/11/07

just listening to this music, enough to make feel so sad and happy at the same for me, it has sort of magical, deep, and yet thrilling meaning!

Cheesey? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/07


"I hunt, therefore I am!" Cheesey...or landmark reverse cliche?

"So seek the wolf in thyself?" It's a Hetfield rendition(therefore harder) of can it be cheesey?

Oh well...this song is impressive none-the-less!

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