how gay | Reviewer: John | 12/23/08

If you can play the song, obviously your going to say its easy. im a seasoned guitarist, i can play it, big whoop. i dont think its an easy song, try to play it perfect start to finish without missing a note. its ONE of the greatest ever written. Want to know whats NOT easy? Writing a song as intricate and amazing as this, having the CD its on go platnum 19 times, making millions of a three year world tour and then have some retards bitch about it on the internet.

GREAT SONG | Reviewer: Akash | 12/2/08

Those who say it is an easy song...fine!!
Even i can play it

But it's far more difficult to create such stuff than just playing it
This song by far is the best light metal song( a little emotional) with the best guitar solo

people, people... | Reviewer: Tc | 11/21/08

Alright, look. I'll just come out and say this now. I find it funny for people to fight with other people that they don't personally know about a topic that they feel is so important. I'm not saying that this is or isn't, but you can see how frivolous fighting can become, unless you are fighting for your life. By the way, I pick instruments up fairly quick, and if someone is really saying nothing else matters is easy, then they are not seeing things from a musician's point of view. This song was created by professionals, of course it's gonna have a high level of musicianship plastered all ovePr

Ohh ffs... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/08

Ohh the badasses who can play this song, ohh man, how awesome you are, its so easy for you.

Go play something by Jason Becker, video it, post it on youtube, and show all of us how badass you are!!

Btw, Rules

1. Guitar hero =\= Real guitar
2. If you do astonishingly pull off a song by him 100%, you'll still be a fucktard, for not getting the point, IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU CAN PLAY A SONG ON THE GUITAR AND ITS EASY TO YOU.

Now fuck off back to your hentai and sad pathetic lifes.

And for this song, amazing, I love it, one of my favorites by Metallica.

not easy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/08

how can you say this song is easy to play? maybe some of you out there that say its "easy" can play the open strings and em,d,c. But are you playing the whole song? i wouldnt say that this song is a hard song to play but it definitely is not easy.

really i like this song | Reviewer: geurmai | 2/25/08

the first thangs u have to be more thinkfull the metallica and i saying ty very much about the hard work you did to get this song are ready to hear .ty very much .i listen to it in any time in day .i like it .i feel so beeter when i listining to it .and really matallica are a start and i can will saying the first nice song in the word.bcz it's calling my ty ty ty very much .and i wish you will making somthings new we miss your work .and good luck in next song .and i know you will be the first and beter.this is my msn this is my yahoo id geurmai.and im from morocco ty

Nothing Else Matters | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/08

I love this song, heard it live at Wembley in 07.

Is it that easy? I've been playing electric for 2 years now, and I can play most of Master of Puppets and things like Sandman, but this is tough song to crack!

Kool kat | Reviewer: kathie | 1/15/08

How fucking lame are people? You complain because this song is so easy to play yet you know you like it. A song shouldn't be about how easy it is to play or how fucking sick it would be because omfg you can't play it. "So yeah it kicks ass"
Every song sends a message, it is the listener who creates the message though. Lyrics can come to you in different ways..depending on the persons perspective. This song kicks ass man! So yeah.

Correction | Reviewer: Stormeh | 1/13/08

It's "forever trusting" not "forever trust in." I have the Black Album, so I'd know--it's got all the lyrics for the songs on it.

And another thing- People who don't like this just because it's easy to play, STFU. It completely rules. Metallica doesn't always have to be playing badass heavy songs with difficult riffs.

<> | Reviewer: ktulu | 1/2/08

it is not whether you can play the riffs that is important.
its whether you could write them.
and i dont think you could write riffs half as mesmorising and catching or beautiful as metallica.
thats no critisism, theyre rare, may help you enjoy the music again though!
long live metallica.