GREAT SONG | Reviewer: anonymoose | 1/1/11

i love this song next two unnamed feeling this is definetly one of the tops. but bvefore i got the album all my friends said tht the only gd songs were Frantic and ST Anger but they can suck it. rock on metallica

catchy! | Reviewer: lawler the lawly | 3/21/10

i love the part when he sings :''its my world.. sucker!'' and for the cumfaces who say st. anger sucks, stop looking up the lyrics or songs to bitch them off. for the people who do this, i would say: go fuck eachothers dicks!!!! DICKHEADS!!!

Damn. | Reviewer: Joey Shaw | 10/11/09

Fuck You "Metallica Lover"
I'm 17and I've Been Listening to Metallica Since I Figured Out Which Side Of My Crib Smelled The Worse,
And They're Wose Albums And Songs [Content Wise] That Metallica Released Than St.Anger.

Metal Up Your Ass.

critics | Reviewer: colton | 7/28/09

Alot of people do say this was a mental thing for james if any one here has ever watched some kind of monster would understand its not a mental thing he came back for the band these have been playing together for 20 + years besides the death of cliff burton in 86 and the release of Dave Mustaine and when you play that long together its know longer a band its a pack a fucking brotherhood this is the exact reason why they rock so fucking hard.

Just so true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/08

simple words that exactly describe how i feel... everyone who says that st. anger was just a mental release of hetfield to comfort himself but not a good album might be right with the first part but definitely not with the second.

The Best Song | Reviewer: Metallica Lover | 7/13/07

This album is the best album .... And this song is my fav song, because it's strong in the language and in the song itself ..... The Best Sexual Language Song ....

Advise : If you under 18 Years, not to listen to this song .... and not to listen to St.Anger album !!!!!!

Good Song | Reviewer: Will Capps | 7/10/07

This song is one of my fav off the St.Anger album. It has a cool begining and it just kicks your ass till the very end. The whole album was unbelievable, but this song really impressed me.