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Performed by Metallica

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little corrections... | Reviewer: David B. Desjardins | 6/20/09

First, this song is about drugs, James said it in a interview.

Second, It is not the number one of all songs -_- just un rock the number one is Stairway to Heaven... everybody know that so it cant be number one of all songs XD

But its a fucking good song :D:D:D

not satan, not drugs, quite the opposite. | Reviewer: whatever | 5/29/09

satan does seduction by pleasures, not control by fear.

"veins that pump with fear"

that says it all
metallica guys are not christian, btw.

and they're talking about someone consentient controlling you. drugs are not sentient beings.

please note that, if a band has an ideology, a very-own way to see the world, they tend to tak about it on most, if not all of their songs.
that means you can hear their other songs too, and match the pieces so they all make some sense together.

also, listening to other non-emo rock bands might help, since us rock'n'rollers tend to say the same things through different means and words.

i hope that helps you guys on searching for some truths in life, or at least to agree/disagree with the song.

i won't say my conclusion because you have to think for yourselves. peace.

btw, don't be a grammar nazi^^.

hetfield vs killmister?? | Reviewer: james | 5/20/09

Ummm im pretty sure you can't compare james hetfield to lemmy killmister when lemmy plays plays bass and james plays rhythm. Its like sayin hendrix is a better musician then lars umlich.. Pretty sure thers no comparrison.

best song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/09

Did you know it's number 1º in the ranking of the bests songs in the whole world? This song is not just an amzing thrash metal song, it goes way beyond that, and not everybody sees that, they listen to the song and they go "oh, another 'too much noice' song...". Fuck them. It beats every kind of music yuo cna think, the lyircs, and the music it self. It's truley a masterpiece. No other song in this world could ever change that.



Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/09

Haha yes it is about drugs and it is about Satan
Substance abuse is a sin and it's a way he tempts humans so technically it's about both. Never really realized what the song was about till I read the lyrics
What can I say, Metallica is genius

great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/09

didn't know the subject before really. didn't read the lyrics either:p
first it was a great song, now its f*cking awesome!!!!! this is truly one of the greatest bands in history, really looking forward to see them again this summer (second time in almost 1 year =D )

Its not about drugs .. | Reviewer: marshall | 4/18/09

I agree totally with
Master | Reviewer: | 4/9/09

when he said its about saitan ..
when james shout for
I'm your source of self-destruction

self destructed by drugs .. AND .. yourself if u follow saitan using cocain or following saitan .. its a bout materialism .. zionest bullshit .. i cant deny the song is my favorite .. but i listen to the song as a guitar work .. im a guitarist .. its kicks ass ..
but i cant deny .. as a believer of moson or i dont know what they call in english ..its about saitan or antichrist stuff hided behind the lyrics for the people who dont belive in saitan ..
the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he dosent exist

brain washed people would say its COCAIN .. no offend

CLIFF'EM ALL | Reviewer: Travis | 4/16/09

I would like to say that I only like Metallica's older stuff because I like thrash metal. So if you ever seen Cliff'em all then you know that James says "How I'm fucking you" in Master of Puppets also. Screw S&M because Metallica died with Cliff Burton.

Master | Reviewer: | 4/9/09

Look, I hate adding to the argument, and I'm sorry, but this just had to be said about this:

"This is about satan controlling your life with needles, and making you prepare breakfast on a mirror because he took away all your bowls; this cant obviously be about drugs, drugs dont run through you, satan does. It also crearly says Hell in one line, so this is about satan.

The allusion about the line of death is also crearly about satan orchestrating a painful demise; it obviously CANT talk about cocaine. What you all need is to taste satan so he can posses you, then you will understand"

What the f*** are you talking about!? 'The devil took away all your bowls so you have to eat on a mirror.. ' Are you f***ing 10 or something?

To be honest I didn't think much of this song when I first heard it. I was hooked into the '...And Justice For All' album, but it slowly grew on me and became one of my favourites. The concept of it being about drugs does rub off as the most obvious, but i'm open to interpret it as religion based or otherwise (Just not the above).

Rock on Metallica.. You hold control of yet another fan :)

addicting song! | Reviewer: xxEmoEricxx | 4/6/09

i am hooked on the songs: master of puppets, ... And justice for all, one, enter sandman, ride the lighting, and well, pretty much every song by them. i like all music, but the bands Linkin Park and Metallica pretty much take the cake for me! the crazy thing is is the fact that i am only 13! but my dad got me into metallica! i will say one thing, i do like metallica better then motorhead. i mean, James Heatfield puts lemmy killmister to shame. and the ripping guitar solos that metallica produces, they blow my mind.

XD OMG PEOPLES | Reviewer: SIDNAH!!!!! | 3/23/09

Heh heh, this song rocks!!!!! I listen to it all the time.... This is my second favorite album... My first is "Kill 'em All." Oh well, better get back to science fair project... Sigh... You know how it is...... Gotta type up the final report, with the abstract and all.... Anyone feel my pain? Could use a little "breakfast on a mirror" myself... (Just Kidding, what kind of creep do u think i am???)

Some of you need to die | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/09

OK, for the person above me who posed the question, "Who would chop their breakfast in a mirrior?", I hope something bad happens to you. If you don't know what that means, skip church, and go out into the "real world". The song isn't about religion controlling you, it is simply about being controlled, and allowing it to happen time and time again. May it be drugs, people, or some other vice, the song's meaning remains the same.

Well | Reviewer: Anon | 1/25/09

themanonfire is right about the cocain lol
i also like anonymous's thing about s&m, nice thing uve noticed :D made me chuckle and b4 anyone slates him its a joke.
for those serious head round the place, when he says now im fuckin you....obviously we all know wot he means by that. with the cocain.
personally ive been a massive fan of metallica, im a guitarist and i for someone only focus on the guitar work when listening to the songs. quite recently life's been shit so ive been lookin at the band as a whole.....only just realised its bout snowbirds.

peace and keep fuckin rockin you mother fucking fanny licking ass bashing homophobic tit bandits, you cunt!!!!!!!!


spoons =] | Reviewer: radio mouse | 1/13/09

I like the line "throw your breakfast at a mirror" everytime I see a mirror I throw my wheet-a-bix at it WHEET-A-BIX! :@! damn mirrors ¬_¬ there are everywhere, I like cheerios guys, the proof is on the box, it is ON the box! I like listening to this song whilst doing things to poultry, poultry is good, right? the song IS about breakfast and mirrors, because breakfast is in the morning and mirrors reflect the truth, coming the point I think I have mental issues cya soon xxxx

fuck it. | Reviewer: cute lil blonde girl...ya im actually cute | 12/30/08

it doesnt matter whether you believe in religion or anything else. the point is metallica fuckin rocks and master of puppets kicks ass. i love all music,[country rap rock r&b]. but this is my favorite song. it is about cocain but thats just another great thing about it, it talks about the things that were really goin on behind the senses during this time. so just to sum it all up


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