Great Song | Reviewer: Alex | 11/12/10

I always interpreted this song as speaking to the people who follow those giant churches you see on the Church channel. He's definitely referencing Christianity because "need your Sunday fix" is part of the lyrics.I always thought this song addressed those people out there who follow the Robert Tiltons, Benny Hinn and Joel Osteens of the world. These people build up mega churches- like a circus act and take them out on the road. The constant theme of their preaching revolves around money (whether they speak about it or that phone # on the bottom of the screen to donate money) and these guys take advantage of the people by using religion and the threat of damnation as a way to get money-if you support our cause with your money, I will save you from damnation.(Send me money, send me green
Heaven you will meet
Make a contribution
and you'll get a better seat) Pretty much I see this song as James making fun of these people that don't see this obviously ploy and also attacking these corrupt "evangelsists" by calling them Leper Messiah's. The End.

The song is about... | Reviewer: Music with meaning | 8/27/10

the song is about all religion, cults, clans etc.
How you devote yourself to them completely with no reasoning, then give them what they want. They give you the false impression that they are doing you good even if they are rotting from the core (leprosy). The song is simply about religion being obviously tainted with greed and power and people still worship without a second thought

Another interpretation | Reviewer: Magneizolator | 6/3/10

There is another interpretation of the song, wich says that 'Leper Messiah' is actually Parental Music Resource Center (PMRC), 'cause PMRC had a great campaign against heavy metal back in 1980s. Arguments for this interpretation are lyrics 'circus comes to town, you play the lead clown', 'Send me money, send me green, Heaven you will meet, Make a contribution, and you'll get a better seat' etc. This interpretation may not be correct, but it is written in a book 'Sound of the Beast: The complete headbanging history of heavy metal' of Ian Christe, an awesome heavy metal 'biography'.

Metallica | Reviewer: Ricky Hiltz | 5/13/10

Leper Messiah rules!!!!
This is one of my favorite metallica songs
and justice used to be my favorite album but i started listing to the puppets album and a got fuckin hooked, but my favorite 3 songs on this album is 1)Leper Messiah, 2) The Thing That Should Not Be 3) Orion

RE: Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/09 | Reviewer: SierraWhiskey | 5/1/10

Dude, 'The God that Failed' was about that. Leper Messiah is about blind idiots following a self-titled Messiah who is suffering a disease (probably Leprosy).. who is infecting people with it for personal gain. And blindly they fall into place.

Great, but not the best | Reviewer: Dr. Blah | 4/9/10

Leper Messiah is a great song from a great album, however there are definitely better songs on the album. Still, just to be on what is regarded as one of if not THE best metal albums of all time makes this song pretty good. Some of those on Master of Puppets which I prefer are... Ok, most of them (I was going to make a list). Its still a good song in my opinion. It's improved by the faster riff that kicks in near the end, I like that part the most (in the same way that the heavy riff from One is so good because it has such a long, quiet build up)

Great song! | Reviewer: Orion | 2/25/10

This is an extraordinary song; the riff is so powerful, dark and heavy that it feels like a whiplash on your brain. It is well created, elaborated, a fine piece of art. It has both slow and speed parts perfectly assembled with an extremely virtouso solo; KirkĀ“s one of his best works (though the main thing to me about this song is the particular heaviness of the slow riff, the one of the first half of the song).

I love the Metallica of the 80s (from 83 to 90); though I experienced my teens when all the grunge stuff was hitting hard, I always identified myself with the thrash and heavy metal bands (Slayer, anthrax, sepultura, metallica of course, etc.) and was pretty easy to me, as a musician, to recognize the superiority of the good 80s bands and, now, I am about to see Metallica live in the Republic of Guatemala (March 05). I guess they will not play Leper Messiah, but I do hope they play their other great songs from the 80s. The Death Magnetic is a good one, at least better than St. Anger, but as someone said, old Metallica rules!!

As for the religion debate, I think the great thing of rock music (metal included) is freedom, with no limits or boundaries on anything; so all of us are entitled to believe or not in anything, including the topics of god and religion, respecting each other as human beings, because besides we like Metallica and specially this song (otherwise we were not here writing shit) "being human beings" is our other common link. So, christians and atheists: There is Metallica for all!! Stay metal.

Leper Messiah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/10

First this song is kick ass. the story behind it. im not really sure i saw metallica live for the first time in Tampa it was fucking amazing. but the old reason im writing this is to correct the guy that was talking about james' life. Im sure this song has something to do with his life but it wasn't his sister that got sick it was his mom james dosent even have a sister. James' dad left his family at 13 and his mom died at 16 with cancer he went on to peruse his dreams and now the world has the best heavy metal band ever.

So much retardery... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/10

First of all, this song is awesome, and Metallica is awesome.
Second, nobody gives a fuck about religion here, and if you come to a site like this to BAAAWWWW about religion, or to try to act smart by quoting Atheists from Youtube, you should really get a life, hell, maybe even a girlfriend.
And btw, the guy who said jesus was a hippie is retarded. You dont get high from cactus water. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

Leper Messiah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/10

In regard to Anonymous | 12/29/09. It was James' mother who died of cancer not his sister. She was a christian scientist so she didn't believe in medicine only that god would save her. Which he obviously didn't. Religion is for fags, if you don't like it, don't listen, go protest on the street to more people who don't care.

Indulgences | Reviewer: Logan | 2/6/10

This song is about the sale of indulgences for the most part, like what Anonymous said. The Catholic Church was corrupt in earlier times and used to sell indulgences (less time in purgatory for you and your loved ones). This replaced the old, more moral way of getting them which was to be a good Catholic person (or so the religion states). This was the main reason for the formation of the Lutheran and other protestant religions in those times.

I am not a member of any religion, and I try to be unbiased. That is what the chorus is about.

you fucks | Reviewer: Dale Joseph Whaley | 1/5/10

I gave my full name to not hide my opinion. you guys get all hyped up and let lyrics from a song get you all pissed off. well dont live by a song, relate to it. nobody gives a fuck that ur athiest or christians. i as well agree with sidnomis. it is a fucking song if you dont like it than dont listen to it or review it yo dumb fucks. you dont have to critisize what other people listen to because it doesnt agree with your outlook on humanity. the world doesnt revolve around any of you. or any thing besides the sun for that matter. grow up and review the song. its an amazing song by the way. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! METALLICA RULES

jesus was a hippie | Reviewer: athiest fuck | 1/5/10

besides this song. jesus was trippin the whole time. when he walked through the desert to reach the promise land he had to survive some how. he drank cactus water. cacti hold a substance known as paodi. paodi makes u trip nuts. so jesus drank it seen god. and brought some with him. gave it to sick people who tripped and seen some fucked up shit and thought they were all saved.

...... | Reviewer: kyle | 12/29/09

i like what sidnomis said.typical fucking christians giving shit on one religion but cant take what they fucking dish out.almost everything in american is christian based so dnt get mad if one song is regarded as anti christian

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/09

its about Christianity...see James used to be in a Christian family...his sister died cuz his family wouldnt take his sister to the doctor when she had i think cancer...his parents would only pray for her to get better n seek no medical help...they believed that Jesus' powers would heal her through only prayer...he is discriminating all Christianity in his song...they should have paired prayer with the help of doctors and medical professionals