In reality | Reviewer: Trav | 10/18/13

This song was released long ago, before James did that born again bullshit. It is obviously mocking religion for their ridiculous money scams and brainwashing. Religion lies and is a lie.

Leper Messiah | Reviewer: Review With a Passion | 6/1/13

Unlike rap or pop with inaudiable lyrics and screamo wit h nothing but AHHHHHb true heavy metal like Metallica has a meaning and James Hetfield is a religious man all songs that have names like The God That Fauled and Leper Messiah are simply about how his life has gone with religion give me money give me green get a better seat just means church leaders say I will get god to give you indulgences and forgive your sins

LEPER MESSIAH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/13

The song is not satanic or against religion at all or anything like that
James Hetfield is a religious man he has a tatto of jesus on his hand and as some of you say it is about ppl making money out of religion...

kissing the leper | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/13

St Francis said his conversion came when he kissed a leper. The song of course is about my own personal struggle and not to be used to confess the sins of others. I need to discover what my personal leper is and kiss it in order to discover my own messiah and have my own conversion. If I use the lyrics to judge others I am looking in the opposite direction and will never have this moment of clarity my own conversion.

what? | Reviewer: dis-grunt-led | 11/11/12

you think that just because a band says stuff like "need your Sunday fix" and "Send me money, send me green, Heaven you will meet, Make a contribution, and you'll get a better seat" that means all Christianity is bad? No only those whose words are deceptive and twisted to conform to their needs. The masses that send their green are not bad, just the leaders they choose to follow that "you'll get a better seat" which unfortunately there are several. the blind leading the blind is not God's plan!

The message in the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/12

The song is about Televangelists who continue to ask for donations in their TV sermons as they continue to make lots of money with their false promises. The term "Leper Messiah" is given to one who sells false promises and so therefore they are a little bit rotten.
It's not about satanism. It's not about someone with actual lepresy, it's about people making money out of religion.

arian | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/12

MetallicA ain't satanist. The song is about the Christian Religion, how some people use the religion to make money out of people, like, the Catholic church in the old days, where you had to pay some money to not go to hell. Don't know the english word for it, but yeah. The God That Failed is most about James mother, who was a religious nut.

oh god????!!!!! | Reviewer: arian | 2/15/12

Hi.Im so sad that metallica is talking to messiah like this.Im from iran and Im language is maybe i dont understand this lyrics(lepper messiah)succesfully.but im too mixed up that i see that there is sign of the cross on james hetfield hand but he sing the songs like the god that failed and lepper messiah.
help me please.Is Metallica band a christians or satanists????

metallica | Reviewer: cyrus | 6/17/11

i think this song doesnt intend to attack any religion,it attacks abusing people by religious leaders and nowadays you can see this affair in some countries in middle east,its very fantastic both song and lyrics,i love it

Mah favourite one! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/11

This song is FANTASTIC. It's my favourite one from Metallica. Aside from the lyrics (which are a bit provocative), the song in itself is really awesome! The guitar riff is incredibly good and the drum is also good. I liked to listen to Lars' voice at the beggining!

Why call it Leper Messiah? | Reviewer: B.C. | 3/15/11

I believe the song is titled Leper Messiah in reference to the fact that Evangelicals, in specific, have faith healers who claim to make crippled people walk, and to cure old ladies of their arthritis just the way that Jesus healed the lepers he came across.

It's like the evangelical minister is invoking Christ's name and telling the congregation to bow before Jesus, yet since he is ripping them all off, he really seems to be saying, "bow before me."

to add on, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/11

To add on to the last post, "Send me money, send me green
Heaven you will meet
Make a contribution
and you'll get a better seat"
clearly states how some Christians use religion to make money. Being a Christian, I believe this song isn't attacking Christianity, Metallica just wanted to point out how so many self-proclaimed Christians call themselves Christians but don't show it and also, to show how many people have a "blind devotion" to their chosen religion; that is to say they will believe anyone they trust to know the religion and won't bother checking to see if they are wrong.

/thread | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/11

The song attacks evangelical christians. They corrupt the teaching of the church in order to gain money, as referenced in the lyrics. Why leprosy? Because is a symbol of pure evil, ugliness and taint, that's why lepers are shunned, traditionally.

Thusly, leper messiah is evil, unclean, filthy, perverted. He was made this way by the equally perverted TV evangelicals. By extension, this applies to all of christendom because using the church to gain power is by no means new, people have always done that. It isn't attacking all christians, metallica's never done that. It attacks the weak, cowardly ones who control others.

Leper Messiah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/11

This song is clearly about religion, about Christianity to be specific. It's about how you need to do everything for you church so you will go to heaven, and how the church controls the Christians. I have no idea how is leprosy relates to the song, besides the title "Leper Messiah" and the line that says "spreading his disease".

Leper Messaih | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/10

Wanna know what is this song about ? About all the lies that Christianity has spoken to those lost souls that believe in them. Wanna save your soul? Do always the best you can, and your soul 'll be safe in your friends and relatives memories. There's only 1 live, its not ethernal, so dont spend your time going to Church.