"True Christianity"? | Reviewer: Mitch | 9/7/08

There is no such thing as "true" Christianity. People have been cherry-picking verses from the Bible to justify their every impulse for centuries. And Jesus never even mentions the words "New Covenant" (a spineless political ploy if i've ever seen one) anywhere in the new testament, so stoning everyone is still fair game.

christianity | Reviewer: Danny | 8/31/08

True Christianity does not start wars. Anybody who simply reads the words of Jesus will see that any war fought in His name, He could have condemned. The Apostle Paul says that our war is against the invisible forces of the world, not against flessh and blood (Ephesians 6). People twisted Christianity so they could start wars, such as the Crusades. People also twist it to get money out of peoples pockets. Christianity down to its most basic teachings is about God reconciling the world to Himself.
Also, all the religions of the world cannot be right. All of them say things that make each one inherently contradictory. Jesus claimed to be the only way to heaven. That is an exclusive statement meaining there is no salvation outside of Him. Truth by definition is exclusive. Only one can be right in the end. If you study the evidence with an open mind you will see for yourself how it leads to Christianity being the Truth.

Blagnarok | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/08

Religion doesn't start wars. People who want power start wars, they just use religion to keep people fighting them. Religion is mainly just a tool of control. If it didn't exist, there would be a different tool of control that the powerful people would use in it's place. Every war that has ever happened would have happened anyway, religion and God's will are just the excuses for war that the elite feed to their sheep.

Anyway, I don't think this song is supposed to really be that deep. It's just someone's opinion of the situation after all.

Not exactly. | Reviewer: TheDragonOfIce | 4/13/08

The previous post isn't exactly correct (that religion is just a facade for wars). The 9/11 thing really was about religious issues. But here's the chronology:

1. We give Al Kaida weapons.
2. We set up a military base on a site they concidered sacred after repeated warnings that they would not respond well to this.
3. 9/11 happens

anonymous | Reviewer: slimm | 3/28/08

i also dislike religion but its false to say the religon is 80%percent of what happens in war, yes religon plays a role in war but merely as a fasad for wars that get created nowadays like wat just happend with the whole 9/11,iraq bullshit it was becuz of money, religon is simply a front for what the media wants u to beleive. religon does suck. but i had to correct that last statement

Common sense... | Reviewer: Tyler | 3/27/08

Well, I really don't know why I am going to waste time typing this, but who cares...

1st of all, this song completely bashes Christianity
but it does make sense, anyway, I agree with the song...

Just my thought about Religion, I grew up Christian; and now that I get older, it seems to me that all the Bible talks about makes no practical sense at all... (I've seeked answers and they only lead back to more questions)

Bottom line is, that if you think about it, the Bible seems to simply be a "perfect story" in which there is this character (God), that says you must do what he says or else you go to HELL, and if you question any of it, BLASPHEMY!!!

Anyway, my beliefs hang on a thread now, but the puzzle that the Bible makes, creates a horrible picture, because it seems to have messed up so many lives (I believe thats its purpose) including
ALL of MY family.

AND!!! If you read Genesis (From the Bible) you'll find that SATAN just happened to be in the garden (WTF??? ----- PLOT???) oh also, IF GOD CREATED EVERYTHING (which the Bible states lots) you'll understand that God created Satan/Devil...

Like F*** me, it's just obvious that IF GOD is REAL, then HE PLANNED EVERYTHING OUT (Your life and mine) SO really I don't want to Worship GOD, thats just damn ridiculous...

Well Good-day

i hate religion | Reviewer: mullet boi | 3/25/08

three things have started wars in the history of mankind:
1: Land/resources
2: patriotism/strive for independance
3: Religion

Mostly religion. Religion causes, at the very least, 80% of wars. i kill you because u dont beleive what i beleive. i kill you because you cannot follow the rules of my religion. it seems so stupid, yet men and women do as they are told because they beleive they are trying to accomplish is right.

also, i beleive that, just because you beleive in a religion, that does not mean you should bring up your children to beleive that religion. let them grow to a solid understanding of the world (10-12 yrs old), and allow them to choose for themselves.

the church... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/08

every church asks for donations... which can be taken in a form of cash, or green... checks, and of course all of your little boys, which helps priests and higher figures relieve themselves of their sins or demons... since masturbation is a sin, they get little boys to do that for them, anyway, thats my two cents!

Religion | Reviewer: corleoneking666@yahoo.com | 2/2/08

First of all, the only religions to spawn off of Christianity is Christianity (Protestants). Christianity actually stole most of its beliefs from, primarily, the Jews (seeing as Jesus was Jewish) and the Norwegians (Hel=Hell)along with other Pagan beliefs. The only thing Islam has to do with Christianity is the common beliefs shared between the three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) which is basically the Old Testament of the Bible. So, really, Christianity hasn't created any knew religions besides cults.

Secondly, if you look at almost any religion, they all follow basic principles. There is one supreme deity, with smaller gods, prophets, or Messiahs (Thor, Jesus, the Apostles, etc.) They also believe in cleansing the mind and not following extremes (especially Buddhism). So, really, it doesn't matter what religion you believe because they're all the same, just different names. I'm primarily Buddhist/Taoist, but I take ideas from Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Satanism, everything. So, perhaps its time to stop complaining which religion is right, because, in the end, none of them

what the 2 | Reviewer: muse' 0 | 12/29/07

oh and i have another bone to pick, 'superanon', evalution is a theory, not fact, not fection, theory!
and so is christianity or say hinduism a theory, and it is your porogitive wheather or not to belive in any of which, so to be perfectly frank, your an idiot

what the | Reviewer: muse' 0 | 12/29/07

ok you guys r just weird a)u cant "convert" to atheism, b)just so you know one of the reasons theres so mainy relegions out there is because of christianity, hundereds of relegions have spawed off of it, including islam 'father abraham' anyone? so thats no reason not to belive, esspetialy in christiantiy and c)to the point giving money has always been about your heart not the money itself, church's that tell you any different have things a little wrong in my perspective d) metallica rules

Religion... | Reviewer: Madeleine | 12/29/07

As I know James I know what he thinks about religion, and God. I won't share that with all here... but it's true that the lyrics is sarcastically meant in "Send me money, send me green, heaven you will meet". Just think of the whole song's meaning...

Hmm... | Reviewer: wasniahC | 11/16/07

"Another reason I don't believe in god/FSM is there are so many religions out there, they can't all be right."
That is not a reason to believe theres no god! DO NOT BE AGNOSTIC :O whatever you do!
not all religions preach that evolution isn't true.
"so it can support missions" ...
"It's about how they always say "send me money and you will get a miracle""..don't quote things people didn't say ;P

This isn't the place for a religious debate, but since you've started..
A god that created all life and the world we live in wouldn't let us suffer like this. A creature that powerful but flawed in either his power, his love, or his knowledge, cannot be a god in my opinion. Mainstream religions generally ask people for more than they give them, and this song deals with that.

The bible says: | Reviewer: AsgerJon | 8/22/07

The Gospel According to Matthew. Chapter 10, vers 8:

"Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils. Freely ye have received, freely give."

^^The apostles were indeed able to cure diseases, but they were not allowed to take money for it. What they had received for free, they should give for free.

The apostles could give those miracles unto others, but those who had received this gift couldn't give it on, so when the apostles had all died, miracles could only take place in the heavens.

religion is bullshit | Reviewer: Super anonynmous | 8/13/07

if you don't believe in evolution you are either mentally challenged, uneducated, or just wicked. The people who invented religions are wicked. Another reason I don't believe in god/FSM is there are so many religions out there, they can't all be right.

religion is just a scam for money