freedom to believe | Reviewer: Michael | 4/29/09

People have a right to believe whatever they want in this country, and that is what makes the US great. Pushing agendas based on religion (or lack their of) is wrong in the US, and I am sorry to see it happen sometimes. "Freedom isnt free, there is a heafty f-in fee," haha.
Oh yeah, before I go, to the last message, I like what you said, but as far as the father, son and holy spirit of Chritianity, thats freakin pagen, I hope you realize that. Nothing wrong with the bible, it can help people live a better life, but when you take it literal and as fact, you take away from its meaning and teachings. That goes for all religions, Im not trying to bash here at all. The world will not be a better place until we all learn to respect each other, a great teacher said that once, who also said you must treat others as you would want to be treated. Who said it? Master Kung (Confucious), a good 300-500 years before Jesus. Oh yes, to Christians out there, try reading the other gospels, I think there are 52 or 42, something like that. They are very interesting and a good read. Sorry Im a history major, I can get carried away

You're all douches | Reviewer: Dillon | 4/17/09

Brendon is an enormous douche, because he tries to cram the Bible up atheists' asses. Then again, loads of you tried to cram atheism up Brendon's ass. Jonas, you're also a douche, because if you're blaming some "God" asshole for the death of your unborn brother (which I'm sorry to hear, by the way), you're bashing Christianity. Why do you try to pull other people into your own beliefs, all of you? Why do you fucking care what some random guy on believes? Hey look, Brendon's hardcore Christian. Who gives a fuck? Hey look, Jonas doesn't buy that God bullshit. Who gives a fuck? Good for them! Whether you agree with their beliefs or not, respect their decision and stop being such a bitch about something as trivial as religion. Fuck.

And by the way anonymous guy, Christians DO believe that Jesus is God. God has three parts: the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. Fucktard.

Brendon is a fag | Reviewer: Brendon is a fag | 2/25/09

Brendon... is a brainwashed douche. Your supposed answer to everything in the bible is 'faith'. Get a real life and stop living your life like a gazillion other bible toting fags, wondering what some asshole that kills innocent people thinks about you jerkin off. Your god is one fucked up mother fucker, and you are one dumb ASS!

slow hitter | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/09

Lyrics aside, this is one song I only learned to appreciate at 35, some 20 years after I first heard it, and even then only after I finally made the effort to actually learn to play it on the guitar.
I guess it kind of sinks slow but hits hard.

Hey, Brendon | Reviewer: Jonas | 2/5/09

Brendon, I lost my brother before he even was born, he choked because something broke in my mum that was delivering oxygen to him. What's the purpose of killing an innocent family member and leaving the family broken and devastated? Sorry, I don't buy that God bullshit. It's for those who can't make up their own life, they need someone else to tell them how to live their lives. About the song, very good, old Metallica rules. Stay metal.

READ | Reviewer: Prophet | 1/21/09

Ok, this song is not putting down christianity, it is saying that you shouldnt use it as a way to make money. Dont make yourself into a false prophet and get people's money by saying that you can help them.

fag | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/08

Josh, you are a fuckin idiot. Normally I would read something like the shit spewed from your mouth, or fingers or whatever, but this time I had to respond. Christianity makes sense and has been proven right? I'm sorry you ignorant retard, it's been proven WRONG in every way, shape and form. And Christians don't think Jesus was God you dumbass. I fucking hate your dumbass, faggot

:) | Reviewer: Moe | 12/24/08

Josh, you seem to contradict yourself; you critisize other "reviewers" for turning this thread into a "religion" debate forum, and yet you say that the only "religion" that makes sense is christianity...

Its this simple: everybody believes that their religion is the only one that makes sense, that is normal, so your "review" will incite another "reviewer" to say "fuck no, my religion is the only one that makes sense", its neverending.

You said it yourself "just listen", so please do what you say. and FOR FUCK'S SAKE, EVERYBODY, SAVE YOUR FUCKING RELIGIOUS DEBATE TO A FUCKING FORUM MADE FOR THAT FUCKING PURPOSE and ***review*** this fucking masterpiece of thrash metal.

Thanks, everyone... And by the way, this riff kicks ass :)

Just listen | Reviewer: Josh Erdahl | 12/21/08

You all need to learn to listen to the fricken music. Anyone who is sayiIng that this song is about false prophets using religion only for money, you are right. There is an interview with james about it. Go watch it then shut up OK! Just learn to listen. And also there is only one religion that makes full sense, that is Christianity. Every other one contradicts itself. IT HAS BEEN PROVEN RIGHT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! I mean sure its a belief but still. And by the way people, Jewish and Christianity don't have hardly anything in common. Jews don't believe Jesus was God but Christians do. So there ya freaking go. Grow up how did a review for a great song by Metallica turn into a fight on religion!?

Chill | Reviewer: Moe | 12/22/08

Ok, metallica writes a song about those who claim prophecy and ask people to 'send me money, send me green, and heaven you will meet'. Hey, no mainstream religion tells people to transfer money to its prophet's bank account, so chill!

This thing has nothing to do with christianity, judaism, islam, taoism, hinduism or whatever... And 'messiah' doesnt stricktly mean 'jesus christ'.

Anyway, this a great peice of music so sit back, relax, listen and enjoy it! :)

READ THIS IF YOU ARE ANTI-JESUS-GOD MAN! | Reviewer: Brendon | 12/19/08

Hi I grew up a christian and want to tell some of you guys that you should really go to church and find out the truth about everything that has to do with christianity. There is an answer to everything in the bible (and dont read it and say WOW that didnt tell me anything about keyboards or somthing stupid like that :). Read the bible go to church then you will feel so relieved about everything. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE AROUND!!!! You will see everything a different way. There is a reason for everything. Remember that.

TV Evangalists | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/08

Leper Messiah is about TV evangelists in the 1980's who swindled people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's not an open assault on Christianity.

As for "Creeping Death", the guys wrote it after watching the movie "The 10 Commandments" starring Charlton Heston. James' personal views happen to be very anti-religion because of his strict Scientific Christian upbriging and because his mother refused to go to the hospital when she developed cancer, saying that God would heal her or not, and to no one's surprise, she died shortly there after. "The God that Failed" deals with that very event.

think before you talk | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/08

Tyler if you grew up Christian, then you should know that satan was in the garden exactly to tempt adam and eve, and since the "fall of men" that God has tryed to reconciliate with men and his biggest work was to send Jesus his onli son to die for you, so that you wouldn't have to suffer in your life. I know some people have twisted not just simply a religion, Christianity, but they twisted Jesus teachings, all that Jesus ever teach was to love one and another like ourselfs he never offended anybody, never criticesed anybody or hurt anyone in anyway. And metallica just bashed everything that Jesus is and said with one song.
And if one wants answers he must pursuit them and open his heart.

Wow. | Reviewer: TheDisposableHero | 10/3/08

Holy snap, why are we all talking bout religion? let's get back to the fact at hand: Metallica kicks ass, and no band beats em. it's as simple as that.

(Oh, and as my two cents in for the religion argument, James is a christian, he writes alot about stories from the bible IE creeping death <AWESOME> and i would like to believe that he believes in what hes written.>

Interpretation | Reviewer: suoM .Y nonA | 9/29/08

The song is about false prophets. If I may be so bold as to recommend a book, "The Visitation" by Frank E. Peretti is themed similarly. An excellent read, for those with eyes to see and minds to seek it.