My Opinion On the Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/09

I think the song is about the catholic priests from the early ages... they would say the only way to achieve salvation was to pay them money... The chorus says
"Send me money, send me green
Heaven you will meet
Make a contribution
and you'll get a better seat"
That's my opinion on the song...
by the way I'm not saying Catholics today, I'm talking about years ago in Europe before the protestants left for the New World...

listen | Reviewer: Steve | 9/17/09

This song isn't atheist, it's condemning exploitation of elected or appointed officials, priests, holy leaders, etc. that are liars. They are not insulting Christianity with this song but only those who would exploit it and its followers for personal gain. There are lots of churches where the biggest donation means the biggest reward.

The same people who say this song is anti-christian would have to condemn Jesus for flipping over the tables of the money changers in the temple.

Christianity?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/09

The song is about televanglism and the absolute filth it represents fooling people into thinking they will gain something by sending money for "prayers"

It has nothing to do with Christianity as a religion, but the exploitation of it's believers. Re-read the lyrics from this perspective.

get real... | Reviewer: sidnomis | 9/1/09

Damn, ya'll are a bunch of sissies. Looks like a bunch of you got your feelings hurt over a song. Wow... really? Typical christians. Take the blinders off ur glazed-over eyes, and, for christ's sake, quit wearing your feelings on your shoulders. This just further proves my point, christians are like women and military officers, always offended, and never know what the hell they want.

Now that that's said, I will leave a comment about the song, as that is the reason this "comment" box is here. This song rocks! I hadn't heard it in years, and it wasn't one of my favorites of theirs, but now that I've gotten older, I have to say it is now. That solo is amazing. I find myself rewinding to it over and over again.

-peace and chicken grease, folks

and remember, if you're feelings are hurt over a song, that's a friendly reminder that you need to go put your "big girl" panties on... pansies.

Why? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/09

Why is this a debate about Christianity, instead of a review for a song. If it was sparked by the lyrics themselves, they are criticizing the hypocrisy and blind devotion practiced by many of Christianity's followers. They are not criticizing our beliefs. On the topic of religion, just because I do like to debate, and I do realize this does make me a hypocrite, while there are many Christians that do fall under the context this song refers to, not all of us are that way, and those of us that are not that way, do not like having their religion insulted because some of the group we belong to are idiots who can't pracitce what they preach.While I will admit, followers of our religion have done some bad things, and acted in horrible ways, but the religion itself teaches peace and love, weather or not you believe in a god, the message in the bible is supposed to be one intended to help people, not one aimed to cause pain, which unfortunately, some of us do. So if you're going to aim such comments at someone, aim them at the Christians, and not the beliefs.

And this song is fucking awesome.

this is just a piece of crap | Reviewer: the man | 7/9/09

wat i cud see in this page was not comments on the song but criticisms to christianity by atheist and anti christian professers...
To u guys i wud say, read bible to understand, not to criticize. There is ur mistake...
Then u might feel different.
I hear a lot f metallica but i found this song anti christ whatever u guys say.

To James and dillon and Jimmy. | Reviewer: Chris haaaannnnnssssooonnnn | 7/7/09

You are right. This is a lyrics page for metallica's leper messiah. But I would like to point out that I, nor any other reviewer speaking of religion besides the first, was not the one to lead the conversation astray. And in fact I do get alot of gratification in finding a flaw in something someone called flawless. Also, I did not use google search to find flaws. I grew up catholic and through my parents' and church's hardcore drilling of "truth" into my head, I know quite alot about Christianity, that includes the origin of the world. Through thought I figured out that if god created all and lucifer is a fallen angel that by Christian belief exists, then god created the eventual devil and root of all evil. I have also read the bible, which is why I knew the two contradictory quotes. And I would rather not without scrutiny and criticism of others. It is through criticism and scrutiny that we learn. It was through scrutiny and criticism that I became an atheist, and I am much happier today for it. But you are right and this is not the place for a religious debate.
By the way, this song rules. Metallica old and new rules.
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡VIVA METALLICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Freedom of speech trumps all, peace

yeah true | Reviewer: jimmy | 7/3/09

I agree with james 100%. And what the FUCK? I quote 'christians don't think jesus was god' I don't know where you got your facts from eienstein but I think you deserve your nobel prize in religious studies stripped. Christians believe that god is 3 forms, the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Oh please, for all that is rights sakes.. Tell me your not claiming to be a christian with a quote like that. And I hate to semi-contradict myself but isn't this a REVIEW for a metallica song? Why can't you save your religious debates for a forum with that topic.
I agree peace out.

well said. | Reviewer: james | 7/3/09

I agree with dillon just down the page a bit. Who gives a fuck what everyone elses religion is, until the end of days man is going to fight over which religion is better/right. Does it matter? Obviously its dumb to say none of us have anything in common, obviously we all like metallica hence why we're on a lyrics website reading there lyrics. So honestly, what moral well being do you feel out of verbaly abusing or fighting someone of a different religious belief over the internet. What started as you searching for a great bands lyrics turned into a religious clash. Do yo actualy go to bed at night feeling better about yourself for making a mockery or slapping together a few facts you found on a google search of the imperfections of anothers religion? No one or nothing for that matter is perfect, especialy no religion. Let everyone believe there own beleifs and folow there own religious pathways without scruitny and stick to your own without the criticism of others.. Only then will you find a small difference in our world today.
peace out.

To Josh: | Reviewer: Chris haaaannnnnssssooonnnn | 6/27/09

You said all other religions contradict themselves and that Christianity has been proven to be the truth. I'm paraphrasing but it is what you said. And in response I offer a few contradictions of Christianity. A) the bible states "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." It also states turn the other cheek. I'm not really sure, but that sounds pretty contardictory to me. B) god is benevolent(good), omnipotant and all powerful. That means he knows all and sees all. Even the future. He also created everything, including lucifer, the angel that would one day become Satan. Being the all-knowing deity that he is, god created an angel that he knew would one day be the scourge of the earth and the gateway through which all evil would enter the world. He knowingly and willingly created the one thing that would lead man astray from him. God introduced evil into the world, god inderectly led men to hell, the benevolent, all powerful, all seeing, all merciful god, decided to watch men fight, to create a way for men to go wrong. That also seems pretty contradictory. C) Why did he do it?? Well our tiny brains could not possibly handle that kind of information so he won't tell us.
I don't know how the he'll you think you're gonna back up that it has been proven, but it doesn't really matter because it hasn't been and it never will be. Your religion is not perfect. It takes itelligent minds and feeds them crap, it slows down the progress of mankind by acknowledging a made up story as the one truth behind life. You have the freedom to believe whatever your dumb ass wants but as for the rest of us, we're gonna try and find the real answer. So have fun in heaven asshole, cuz I'm gonna party with Satan in hell.

To Jon | Reviewer: Travis | 6/16/09

I agree with every thing you're saying because nothing has changed with Obama. He is giving businesses all this money and yet they're buying private jets that they don't need. Businesses should be able to fail to make room for other businesses. But Obama just keep giving them money to "help the economy". And every one is still chanting "we need change, we need change" but what the people don't know is that they're not going to get it. Oh yeah and Jim thanks for proving my point.

Jon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/09

The song, even though is 23 years old, seems to apply to the 'hope and change' thing about Obama, he has not changed a thing, just poured more of our money on businesses that don't have a good strategy. He is anti-gay marriage. So far, not alot of change by the looks of it...

Hang on a sec. | Reviewer: Jim | 6/7/09

There's a world of difference between Christianity and "Christian Science", let me clarify.

Christianity understands that God put doctors on this earth to help heal the sick. Christian science is the belief that, "I don't need medical treatment, God will heal me." and they're pretty staunch about it. So if Hetfield's mom didn't want to seek medical treatment (for cancer, a disease there is no cure for, might I add), then it was the person, and not God, who is at fault.

So please, learn the difference. If you don't then don't get angry at me when I make unfair generalizations about you and what you think or believe. Turnabout is fair play.

Metallica | Reviewer: Travis | 5/31/09

This song has one of the best solos ever !!
Also I hate religion because what it does to people(just reads the other reviews). I read somewhere that its about James' mother because she was a Christian/Scientist or whatever and refused treatment for her cancer because it went against her religion. So another reason why religion sucks.

reaper | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/09

To prophet, it isn't about people coming to make money, it's about people preaching to lepers, which could be taken as a metaphor to people in a weak/hopeless situation, and preaching them to god and taking advantage of their weakened hopeless state of mind. Because remember Lepers use to be banished and forced to live with their own kind. So preachers would come and preach to them to give them hope. hence leper messiah.

But of course anyone who is that hopeless will turn to anything they can to give them hope. Nothing wrong with it, it's what anyone would do.

Me personally, i think it's wrong to exploit your beliefs into a weakened mind, but its nothing new and i can see why they do it.