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Performed by Metallica

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Guy is an idiot. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/11

Metallica did go mainstream.
When Lar$ sued Napster, shit hit the fan.
Now, thanks to Lar$, copyright infringement has taken a turn for the worse with the Digital Millenium Act with people being plucked left and right and heavily fined for downloading music.

When a band that is already raking big bucks like metallica decide that p2p and file sharing sites is hurting their income, the have sold out.

I love Metallica, but I think the bus should have fallen on lar$ not on Burton.

gonna make it in a rock n roll show | Reviewer: Guy | 12/4/08

Damn good song, I have listened to just about everything that metallica has to offer from Kill Em All to Death Magnetic. And everyonce in a while I will find a little gem such as this, and it will rock my world for a short time. Damn good Metallica.

P.S. Metallica didn't go mainstream, mainstream went Metallica.

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