Metal Massacre | Reviewer: Brian | 12/16/11

Hey Steevo, not sure how old you are but I heard it from Lars mouth my self that Hit the lights was there first song and it was on the metal compilation album " Metal Massecre" featuring Lloid Grant doing the solo stuff. lloid was not a member of Metallica, he just helped out on Hit the lights. Even Lars son asked him on camera, wasn't "hit the lights" your first song and Lars said yes.

James was a fan of Queen | Reviewer: Mikey D | 1/14/10

RE: David S: James Hetfield was a big fan of Queen, proven by him singing "Stone Cold Crazy" at Freddie Mercury's tribute concert and covering the song on Garage.Inc. Stone Cold Crazy also appears on Guitar Hero: Metallica

Metallica & Queen? | Reviewer: Devin S | 10/30/09

First off this is a kick ass song And Metallica is one of if not THE greatest metal bands of all time but does anyone notice this song sounds alot like a classic Queen song and James almost sounds a little like Freddie Mucury at time in my own Opinion.

bad ass song, badder ass album. | Reviewer: mtlmltia | 10/27/09

i could'nt say it better than homeboy shroom. these little bitchbands today, even bitchier dickheads dissin on older bands like Metallica, seriously, how long do all these faggot bands live? answer is they don't. how long has Metallica lived? wtf am i talkin about, theyr not done living. immortality, perfect word to describe Metallica, they are NEVR gonna die

a correction... | Reviewer: Steevo ballin' | 6/24/09

First of all I want to get this out of the way... this song kicks ass. a lot of ass. however some people are saying that this was the first ever written metallica song. That's actually false. This was the first song on their '83 album kill 'em all however 2 years earlier in 1981 lars ulrich and james hetfield were the only members in metallica. They decided to create a "demo tape single" featuring seek and destroy. just wanted to clear the air...

This song RULES! | Reviewer: Richard | 6/19/09

Nerghul, they didn't change the name because they thought it would be censored. They changed it because the record company wouldn't put out an album with that much profanity on the cover. So, it was either, change the name, or have no album at all.

so trash... so metallica | Reviewer: nerghul | 2/27/09

thoughtful or not this album was mroe focused to have this kind of effect on the people who was goin to listen metallica's album. In fact it had to be called "metal up your ass" instead of kill 'em all but they made that choice because they thought could have been censured by the media.

Kill 'Em All | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/09

This song is too fucking good.
By the way... this song has meaning and it is thoughtful.
It's meaning is kicking ass at a show and blowing every Hair band with all that makeup and hairspray out of the water with speed and anger.

Kick ass | Reviewer: Homeboy_Shroom | 7/7/08

back then metallica was the best because they did everythin harder then everbody else they rocked harder drank harder did the drugs harder and still lived so any new music of theres is good but they need another hard album to blow these punk ass bands today outta da water

MetallicA | Reviewer: GuitAR MADDNES | 6/19/08

LoL i cant say for sure coz i started listening to metallica's albums: Load, Reload, St.Anger and i wasnt deep in theyr first records like Kill em all , Black album , ...And Juistace for all....but i can say that these first albums are the point off metallica's reigns all over the wourld and these "maddnes" is what made them Gods and ruled the wourld :) still i prefer the softer music of metallica over the years coz when i listen to hit the lights, seek and destroy im full of adrenalin :D

The Beggining..Of GOD | Reviewer: Chris | 8/25/07

The first track, of Metallica's first release. It is as epic as the bible, as it tells of the beggining of God; METALLICA

More please! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/07

I'd actually LOVE for metallica to return to this type of music. Its about THEM and having fun. Not politics, not religion, just them and how much they kick ass

Hit The Lights cuz Metallica is here to stay =D | Reviewer: Dark~Side | 8/2/07

This is the first song to ever being played and wrote by metallica =D
Lol everyone has his "Punk/Rebbel/Party" days and Kill 'em all explains it

Awesome introducing song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/07

To the previous person, the thoughtful songs are all nice and well, but Metallica was all about "METAL UP YOUR ASS!" at this point. It's about rocking out and having fun. Which this song is, and an awesome one at that.

O.O | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/07


One of my friends said "Heareth, eth be REAL good", now i realize i'm more abour the "thoughtful Metallica" instead of all this MADNESS!

it's not that i can't take it, but i rather have some Orion.