Harvester of SORROW | Reviewer: Replacesbr | 8/20/13

You'll love this song.. For that LOVE which turned into HATE.
You'll feel this song, when you know the pain of loss..

Of course it vastly move the Teen-agers, for their first attempt and loss.

RAGE, Anger, Misery... These things, just another part of life.. Face it to live. Metallica'ns are loving this from the very beginning of 90.

? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/12

WHY does everyone hate the latest metallica stuff? Even St. Anger has some good songs. And death magnetic is a fine album, I enjoy it more than the black album. Why the haters???
The song is also great. Justice was the first Metallica I ever heard and I loved it. Harvester of sorrow is awesome

metallica live | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/11

this song when played in a concert is brutal... and the worst album was st.anger its true.. but saying Death Magnetic sucks, is trolling for sure... The day that never comes, the unforgiven 3, all nigtmare long all kick ass songs
this song is awesome

I fuckin love this song | Reviewer: nba_life_2005@yahoo.com | 12/28/10

I saw a live perform of this song about 10 years ago in a CD of 1991 concert in rusia and it fucks my mind!
I just hope that someday metallica could come to my country...you know...in my country doing metal&rock songs is illegal...

Mega...jk... Metallica! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/10

I think this album deals with a bitter who man, who is angry at life and a result becomes an alcoholic/drug addict. He then "drinks up and shoots in" and starts abusing his family. Eventually, he murders them.

Agreed | Reviewer: Cody | 4/26/10

I agree with 'fuck you guys'. however i think the black album has some really awesome lyrics/rhythms and the song that i think comes to mind is 'The Unforgiven'. To me that is some really awesome poetry and a kick ass song. Basically everyone needs to stop being so narrowminded and open up to things that are truly amazing even though it may not be in your immediate liking.

The Best.Yeah!!!!!! | Reviewer: Bapvometh | 4/6/10

Hi, Im a girl of just 14 years, and from Uruguay, but I LOVE METALLICA!!!!. and specially this song, and all this album, I think ...And justice for All is unique, I drive crazy when I heard the guitar solo of "one", is like magic... I hope they continues for a long time 'cause I couldn't go to the show in Argentina, well.WITH METALLICA TO DEATH!!!! YEAH!!

...and justice for all/Death Magnetic | Reviewer: Seek&Destroy | 3/20/10

Death magnetic is kinda shitty!!??
they got some god songs on that album compared to St Anger...yes yes let the hate mail come,but Death magnetic is just simply as good as the others. But and justice for all...omg.It may not have the best bass,but Kirk and Lars make up for it.Let alone james and his superb poetry. One of few albums i can have on shuffle and never get tired of it.
Metallicas good for 2 more albums and they are about to be SICK!!! Just wait and see =)

God no one Apreciates music anymore | Reviewer: Fuck you guys | 3/21/10

So basically your saying you want all they're albums to sound like kill em' all? fuck you guys. you have no taste for music nor do you care for the lyrical content. theres more to metal and music in general then just drunk angst driven 18 year olds with guitars. Kill em' all was a great album but as they get older the lyrics at least up until and justice for all that was the last True metallica album for me. anyways. the lyrics on Master of Puppets and Justice for all on most if not all of the album were fucking incredible. after ride the lightning they Grew up and wanted to make MUSIC not shit that just sounds cool and has catchy cool lyrics. you guys need to loose your angst and grow the fuck up and LISTEN to MUSIC and HEAR what they're saying. the song because alot more when people actually listen to it. you guys haven't even begun to Skim the surface of for once LISTENING TO MUSIC. i bet 99.99% of you guys skip threw the acoustic intro on a metal song don't you? yeah go get a taste for something real. you fucking puppets.

Harvester Of Sorrow ... And Justice For All | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/10

Brilliant song.. so stop talkin shit haters!! I dont give a fuck Metallica are great musicians regardless what direction they have chose to go with their music!!! If ya cant find something good to say dont say it...and why look up lyrics of a song you dont like just to comment about hating it?? seriously move on with your lifes! let the metallica train keep rollin!!

Recently heard this song again after many years... | Reviewer: Jordan | 12/30/09

And it's basically a boring groove metal song that is sub-par compared to the rest of their early material. Hell, even The Black Album has faster, thrashier songs than this. By far the worst song off of Justice and the worst song of their career when it was released.

Metallica rock, BEST BAND EVER!!! | Reviewer: Jamie | 12/12/09

Metallica is the best band in the world! When I listened to havester of sorrow it blew my mind. I loved it so much that I listened to it 5 times literily! The album ... And justice for all is sick!!! If only metallica could still come up with songs like that. No offence but metallica's new album death magnetic is kinda shitty. I would love to go to a metallica gig someday. R I P cliff - long live metallica!!!

Metallica Haters | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/09

Half you people hate on Load and St Anger as if it wasnt even Metallica that made it. So they sound different. Big deal. Load is a fucking awesome album. Just b/c it isn't 'thrash' doesnt make it shit. A lot of you are pretty fucking close minded.

RodRocker22 | Reviewer: Rodney Jester | 2/28/08

Metallica Rules baby, i'm 12 years old and i love Metallica. I think the song "One" is the bomb and i am a total Metallica fan and so is my dad. I just wish that i lived back then in those days when they performed. Hopefully they can perform at Bethel Woods one day. That would be awesome!! Rock On.

Metallica forever! | Reviewer: eduparra | 1/23/08

I was 14 when I heard this song for the first time... it was hard as cold steel and full of rhythm and speed as a locomotive. Now, I'm 34 and I've exactly the same opinion. Metallica is a part of my youth, and they are forever in my blood, in my head. They rule!