WOOT | Reviewer: Squeebitch | 8/26/07

METALLICAAAA... Which I like to pronounce Metal-lee-ca... is great. Well, let me rephrase. Kill Em All, Ride The Lightening, Master of Puppets and ...And Justice For All are great :)
And therefore this song falls within those catergories so I shall bow down to the greatness.

Metallica 4 life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/07

for whom the bell tolls is 1 of metallica's best song from there best album Ride the Lightning

Metallica Keep on rockin !!

Metallica -For Whom The Bell Tolls | Reviewer: Shadow | 7/21/07

God this song is one of the best I know!! I still like Unforgiven and Fade to Black...


Amazing Song!! | Reviewer: equestrian0708@optonline.net | 6/12/07

i love this song!! it's amazing!!! it definitely kicks the noob metal bands to the curb and leaves 'em in the dust!


ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGS EVER | Reviewer: William Vogt II | 4/24/07

This song is in my top 10 favorite songs of all time. I love the intro very much. METALLICA ARE THE GREATEST HARD ROCK METAL BAND EVER. I really like this song very much. THIS SONG ROCKS!!

great song | Reviewer: Christoph | 3/10/07

indeed its an amazingly well written and performed song (especially live, i am of course referring to the august 1985 performance featuring the legendary cliff burton). i find it especially intriguing that this is based on an ernest hemingway novel, which derived it's title from a john donne sermon/poem, meditation XVII.. the actual quotation, "and therefore never send
to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee" has spawned such great things, such as this righteously kick-ass song

Metallica Is Amazing | Reviewer: Cooper | 2/9/07

dude this song kicks so much ass it ain't even funny...my band covers it and everything...and i don't shred the vocals into pieces like a normal 14 year old ^.^...this song is really easy to play...lead and rhythm...but i can't play the lead and sing so i gotta do rhythm...still fun as hell

GREAT | Reviewer: Antonio Fernández | 11/24/06

This song is great! I love the intro very much!

By the way, this song is based on a novel by Hemingway, which is about Spanish Civil War ;) That's one of the reasons why I like this song.

Best Metallica song Ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/06

This song is my favorite Metallica. Not bad for being based off of an Ernest Hemingway novel!

This song - so good | Reviewer: FIGJAM Kai | 9/25/06

I play this song in dropped D tuning, it makes it so much easier to play, especially the fast, chunky bit that links the intro riff to the verse riff, around a minute in to the song. The lyrics are awesome too, and this would have to be one of my favourite Metallica songs out there..


Another excellent masterpiece | Reviewer: Kimberly | 7/14/06

this song hype rrrrrrr!!!. The intro maddddd! memba . Another excellent composition by Metallica, the lyrics are the perfect order and composed in a way that makes it good for a pretty execution song. Im a metallica freak and a rock addict so metallica a di maddest. Im from jamaica so ignore the caribbean slang
peace out!!!!!!!!!

Another masterpiece | Reviewer: MaT | 12/25/05

Another brilliant performance by Metallica,from their second album Ride The Lightning. This song provides an interesting variety of lyrics with some great riffs and verses,with an awesome guitar and drum performace. A perfect song for any Metallica fan. Peace Out. MeTaLlIcA fOrEvEr

What more can I say.. | Reviewer: Alex | 2/20/05

An amazing Intro, beautiful lyrics and some down right brilliant guitar playing (the drummings pretty awesome aswell), what more can a rock song need? Ask me and I'd say it was one of the best I've ever heard.